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the ace of spades 12th Jul 2010 23:56

your question was a good one.. it was something i wondered about myself when filling out the questionaire.. it is all the rest of the posts here over the weekend that are killing me slowly.. this is my first time to apply for a cadet scheme competition too and good luck to you..

ps. how many words are you looking like doing it in? pm..

Tana-Airlines 13th Jul 2010 00:25

I have 7 pages in all... which is quite a lot! Its basically about a question per page. And I feel that I'm concise for most of the questions! :ugh:

Anyway, it's done now, let's wait for their call or email!

Good luck mate!

New FO 13th Jul 2010 07:33

My question went unanswered ysterday! However- to pass on to anyone who is serious about this application. I found a mentoring company last night who helped no end! I signed up at FL500. com and within the hour was on the phone to a current TC pilot who graduated FTE. Got loads of real good inside info, which naturally I'll post on here.

Tana-Airlines 13th Jul 2010 09:16

New FO,

That's brilliant I did not know there were this kind of companies in UK! I had a quick look on FL500.com, looks interesting. But what kind of information do they give you? Is it more about the selection process? or about FTE? or about the programme itself?

Bealzebub 13th Jul 2010 09:22

All of which you can probably get on this site for nothing if you ask the questions you want answers to. However I do like the idea of trousering £10 a pop!

New FO 13th Jul 2010 10:01

Hey, I know it's easy to be pessimistic! However, a tenner is nothing compared to what I would pay to help Jim get through this selection!

To give you a bit more info. I signed him up for a tenner a month. There's no min contract. In return we have access by pre booked phone call and email (no max) to a mentor who is a current operational FO who is well read in the arena of traning and of course their prospective airline. Our mentor is a TC pilot who graduated FTE. He's happy to talk about anything and if there's anything he doesnt know, he will go away and find out. The interview prep is vital I'd say.

I believe there's also a discount card on the way which looks as though it'll save us more than the tenner anyway. The TC guy said hes been innundated with new club members since the announcement.

I fly myself and am up to scratch with airline proceadures but well out of touch with the FTOs and how to best succeed at these highly competetive interviews.

Good luck!

flygirl88 13th Jul 2010 10:25

Hi there! I can add to this. I speak to John, FO mentor at FL500 nrli every week. He calls me so I don't use phone bill. He seems to know a lot of inside info and leads! I now have a list of potential questions and model answers. It's been interesting to find out the commercial aspects and pressures on pilots and I think even a respect for that and understanding that fuel decisions and flap decisions have an impact, will be useful in the interview. For what it's worth, I've just booked a couple of trial lessons through them as well at a decent discount. If anyone wants to ask anything - don't hesitate. Looking forward to the selection process!

Jetdriver 13th Jul 2010 10:48

That is excellent news flygirl88. It is also fantastic that you not only share the same opinion as New FO but you also appear to be sharing the same computer!

So enough of this shameless self promotion. Advertising needs to go through the correct (to be paid for) links.

Caveat emptor.

flyhiigh 13th Jul 2010 11:15

The Ace Of Spades
Well, when ppl ask questions in the forum, they usually seem to get answes and links (url), which is gr8. Why wouldnt someone help?

Haha, pilots are famous for being a little lazy :ok: aswell as hardworkers!

KandiFloss 13th Jul 2010 12:21

Haha, pilots are famous for being a little lazy http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif aswell as hardworkers!

I think you've just contradicted yourself in the same sentence :rolleyes:

I hope that you don't have that attitude when ... IF ... you get into a RHS

flyhiigh 13th Jul 2010 12:29

Pilot Chick
Haha..yeah your right, a little wrong on that one, but heard a friend whos actually a TC pilot stating that (as a joke) and I loved it :)

But ofcourse, becoming a pilot is not easy @ all.

Good luck!

clanger32 13th Jul 2010 12:53

You may do well to remember that these forums are most likely monitored by if not airline management, then at least senior crew in the airlines you comment on.

I know (or at least hope!) you were joking, but if I were looking to apply for what is likely to be an enormously competitive cadet scheme, I would be very very very careful indeed to show myself as nothing but hardworking, dedicated and capable of finding the answers for myself.

nickyboy007 13th Jul 2010 13:40

I have just got back from selection with FTE yesterday in Jerez I am pleased to say I passed. I had my debrief with the head of training Derrick Earp. He did mention unlike the Flybe schemes where the applicants just sit the FTE selection test, in addition to this Thomson will be carrying out there own Psychometric testing, which is still to be clarified. According to Derrick the amount of applicants for this scheme has been through the roof. Only the top percentile of candidates will be considered. You really should be aiming for 85-100% in the multiple choice exams combined with high Pillapt scores. Overall I was very impressed with the operation at FTE and the feedback I got was excellent. The students seam happy, and a great place to spend 14 months.

Best of luck with your applications. Please PM me if you have any specific questions.


flyhiigh 13th Jul 2010 13:44

Yupp, as stated, a joke! :)

You are right in every point though clanger. Ofcourse it will be very competetive but I beleive a relaxed and happy or "jokeable" approach to everything releases the pressure a´bit. Do not take everything TOOO seriously, then you only make it hard for your self. And if you come to the assesment day, thinking that its very hard and competetive, it will probably be as you think.

Or you come relaxed, well prepared and know there are other opportunities in worst case. :ok:

This sheme is indeed fantastic, and so are most pilot educations I beleive! If you can´t have a laugh for some statements and be relaxed but still focused for it, you might put to much pressure in you self, and if you fail, you might get depressed.

Good luck on the preperation,
have a nice one

flyhiigh 13th Jul 2010 13:48

Big congratz to you buddy! :ok:

historyftw 13th Jul 2010 15:18

No surprise that recruitment consultants and senior managers would check sites like this perfect way to scout future employees!

I sent off my question answers earl this morning, i wonder how many people they are taking to the next stage?

Also many people on this thread have been very cautious about the scheme TC are offering if it's not as good as they say why is it so popular? And aside from the job at the end of it what separates it from just applying to the FTE yourself? It was my understanding that they help you gain funding my sponsoring your finance application. Before I get criticism as alot o people have posting on here - I've read everything I could have in regards to information about the scheme.

historyftw 13th Jul 2010 16:20

Apologies for the spelling and grammar above was posting off my phone.

EGCC4284 13th Jul 2010 18:10

in addition to this Thomson will be carrying out there own Psychometric testing, which is still to be clarified

You said Thomson, did you mean to say Thomson??? Did you mean Thomas Cook

FANS 13th Jul 2010 20:31

Don't worry about the loan
As you're a TCX pilot you'll go straight onto their salary band - so on £40k+ when on your secondment period.

This means you don't really need to worry about loan repayments, which is only fair enough when that's the company employing you and given that TCX want you to spend your career with them, they aren't interested in saving the pennies when you most need them.

Polarhero 13th Jul 2010 22:50

Two things to point out after dipping into here out of curiosity.

Clanger is correct the walls do have ears, so try not say the wrong things. It might just be the one thing that differentiates two applications ( oh and try not to call them Thomson, does not go down well calling them by the oppositions name)

FANS i don't think cadets start on £40k+.

Good luck.

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