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nickyboy007 14th Jul 2010 08:51


Correction Thomas Cook


As I was told at FTE....For starters Thomas Cook will need to get there 14,000 which you receive as 1000 per month throughout training, not to mention the two type ratings. Cadet's wont start on 40k when they join Thomas Cook.


greyb33 14th Jul 2010 11:32

Hi All,

I know a Thomas Cook pilot who gained a place on the sponsorship course the company conducted in 2005 with OAA, and he said to me in his first year after training he earned 44,000. So it does seem that Thomas Cook pay you well from the moment you start.


FL370 Officeboy 14th Jul 2010 12:23

Whilst flying at flybe, cadets will be paid a flybe salary by TCX...so don't get too excited at visions of 40K+ guys!

Monkeyboy748 14th Jul 2010 14:30

Have you been told this?

clanger32 14th Jul 2010 15:42

Fly high,
Just so you know, I'm NOT shaping up to apply for this scheme - I'm already qualified. I'm trying to impart information based on reaching the final round of a previous cadet scheme (which guttingly I didn't quite get).

You may wish to take a look at the OAA forum today, where their chief moderator has just noted that in one previous scheme the sponsoring company noted and looked unfavourably on people choosing an avatar of a different type to the that which they operate....Trust me, you will be against hundreds of people for this opportunity - use ANY chance to improve your own hopes.

As noted above, this scheme was not applicable for me, hence I didn't read the Ts&Cs *(although I would assuredly apply if I weren't already done), but you may wish to check this out:
Thomas Cook Airlines (UK jobs, payscales and entry requirements.)

The "cadet" salary grade is there for a reason and I believe is very similar to the salary paid to previous sponsored cadets. I would base MY decisions on these numbers and treat anything further as a bonus.

Stu_88 14th Jul 2010 17:18

That link doesn't seem to work........

hazholmes 14th Jul 2010 17:21

(Clanger, you beat me to it)

Try this one Stu...

Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

Stu_88 14th Jul 2010 17:40

Yeah cheers mate that works. I actually work for Thomas Cook anyway, just being nosey and seeing what my mates get!! ;)

Tana-Airlines 14th Jul 2010 18:16

Really interesting website! Thanks hazholmes. :ok:

Polarhero 14th Jul 2010 19:21

I would take anything from PPJN with a pinch of salt, it's not always correct.

From what i understand the cadet pay scales start at aprox 25-26K and top out at 40k after a number of years.


Stu_88 14th Jul 2010 19:28

Haha Ron you caught me out mate!! Not that we have the most inconspicuous names haha

Stu_88 14th Jul 2010 19:30

By the way Ron, Lisa is sending out the Stage 3 invites as of tomorrow :ok: good luck matey!!

flyme19 14th Jul 2010 19:33


I olny got sent the phase 2 questions on Monday and i'm sending them back tonight as you have 3 days to do them.

I hope i'm not too late :rolleyes:

historyftw 14th Jul 2010 21:27

Indeed fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

Not getting my hopes up too much! My childhood dream hangs in the balance...but oh well!

samd89 14th Jul 2010 22:46

Hi Guys,

I checked the status of my application online a few days ago and noticed that it says "Skills Assessment Scheduled" but I haven't received the email containing the questionnaire :confused: any ideas what might have happened?


Tana-Airlines 15th Jul 2010 08:06

Hi Samd89,

As they deal with hundreds of applications I would say just wait a bit before ringing or emailing them! Maybe they are still processing some Stage 1 applications.


nicky86 15th Jul 2010 11:52

Hi all, I sent the questionaire back on Friday night and I haven't heard anything yet.I will continue nail biting Anyone else heard back yet?

flyhiigh 15th Jul 2010 13:29

not heard anything either, it might come today or tomorrow it seems...:bored:

good luck! :ok:

flyhiigh 15th Jul 2010 13:42

Since the tests will be soon, you should have received the questionaire.

Give them a call, or send an e-mail. Its not bad to do so, it only shows that your interested! :ok:

But also check you "spambox" etc. You should really check it up!

Wish you the best!

flyme19 15th Jul 2010 13:52

Hi everyone,

I presume that we should hear From them in the next few days as the next phase of the application process is not too far away!
Saying that, I only sent my answers back last night as I was only sent them on monday, so it might take a few extra days until we hear anything.

Best of luck to everyone who has applied :)

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