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flyme19 20th Jul 2010 10:07

hi scott,

From what i have read, phase 4 of the application will be at Manchester airport on the 16th and 17th August.

Still waiting to to hear from phase 2, the questionnaire at the moment though! :bored:

Best of look to everyone applied :ok:

flyme19 20th Jul 2010 10:11

Hi all,

Just a curious question, but does anyone know if spatial reasoning will be part of aptitude testing?

colourblindgeek 20th Jul 2010 10:37


What are you all doing about loans? I think I'll go for a career development loan of 10k and the rest cash, as I don't want the stress of servicing debt when I finish (if successful!), but just wanted to see what others were doing?
FANS - you are showing off. I like that - the rest in cash. I can just picture you delivering 71,000 in crisp notes as if you'd just withdrawn it from the hole in the wall.

In fairness, your sentiment is correct though. Servicing an 85k+ debt is unthinkable. Even at 26k salary - taking a grand off a month doesn't leave much.

smangnall 20th Jul 2010 11:46

Can I second the request for the original job description from the TCX website as now they have taken it off there the information has become blurred in my aging memory!

Thanks guys.


hazholmes 20th Jul 2010 12:08

Anybody else wondering if the call is actually coming at all? Still keeping the faith here!

jgearie 20th Jul 2010 12:10

I hope the call comes soon. Still waiting though.

flyme19 20th Jul 2010 12:16

yes i'm still hopefully waiting for a call aswel.
Looks like not many people have had a call at the minute though so not to worry people :)

PGSingularity 20th Jul 2010 13:49


Have you received the email yet? how long did it take to come through?


FANS 20th Jul 2010 14:18

Geek - not showing off at all.

i) I've got no information on salaries,
ii) the deal will no doubt be caveated that no job is guaranteed and therefore a bank won't lend me additional funds.
iii) Only other option is extending mortgage, but again they need to know future earnings, and because it's been so badly organised I don't know this f cking vital information, and can hardly refer the bank to pprune rumour mill.

This only leaves me with the career development loan which is relatively straightforward. Hence, genuinely interested how other people have secured funding in principle?

Spike001 20th Jul 2010 15:30

Info directly from FTE (I wanted to get this confirmed personally), I was asking about if one applies for the Cityjet or Thomas Cook scheme and if you have any flying qualifications:

It doesn't matter what flying qualifications you have, you have to start "the full course from the very beginning".

But they may be able to count some hours that you currently have towards the hours required, depending upon the CFI's decision.

So not really the news I was hoping to hear. :(

I don't think I'll be proceeding with these schemes, I'll stick to the modular/cheaper route.

historyftw 20th Jul 2010 17:14

If you have to secure your own funding without any further support what makes this scheme different from just applying direct to FTE and funding yourself via whatever means.

flyhiigh 20th Jul 2010 18:00

I think the big differens is that you will get paid 1000/month, aswell as the type-rating paid by TC.

I also beleive it will be easier to get a loan since you have a "gurantee" job afterwards. Ofcourse a small risk, since the repayment might be, as earlier stated posts in the thread, a gran/month +...:hmm:

Hm...no reply yet., guess if lucky it will be last minute flight

good luck

hazholmes 20th Jul 2010 19:47

The main difference of this course to that of a normal FTE course is that (I'm presuming) there will be a conditional offer of employment upon successful completion of the course. Now if your turn up to FTE normally with a cheque for 81k, I'm sure they will help prepare you for an airline career but there are no conditional job offers.

Also, throughout the 60 week course, you will be paid 1000/month which is repayable. Again no sign of this 1000/month if you go to Jerez off your own back.

Thirdly, you will spend two years with Flybe where you will presumably be typed on their Dash's, or possibly Embraer's??? (see here Embraer Trumps Bombardier With $1.9 Billion of Orders - BusinessWeek )

After this you will then be typed on either Boeing/Airbus and continue your career with Thomas Cook. All of this costs, so your getting a bit thrown in, albeit it for a significant initial outlay! (I stand to be corrected on any of this should anybody know better.)

I'm not too sure what 'further support' in securing the finance you are after?

All of this information is out there if you'd only spend a little time searching for it, it's not asking too much is it?!

FANS 20th Jul 2010 20:27

hazholmes - the only "further support" I'm after is the salary details, which given't that I'm applying for a job that costs me 100k isn't unreasonable, "is it?!"

How are you planning on funding it?

Struggling to understand why:

- no discount on course price, when even cityjet manage that
- scheme not organised like CTC whereby loan repayments are taken pre-tax, saving a fortune

hazholmes 20th Jul 2010 20:44

FANS - My response wasn't aimed at you, but apologies nonetheless. After re-reading it maybe I was a little harsh!

Regards my personal financing I'd be financing some of it myself and borrowing the rest.

Both of your other points are interesting ones.

FANS 20th Jul 2010 20:48

No problem - apologies if I came across overly aggressive.


historyftw 20th Jul 2010 22:07

Don't get me wrong - I did know all of that you put down. I've exhausted every source of information I can.

My main point was this: All in all despite the benefits of such a scheme the big matter is the 81k. The job description did specify they would help you gain support for this. I am in the situation where I have no source of funding other than to get a loan and I wonder how the credit system would work on applying for a loan of 81k. I have a fairly good credit rating but not 81k worth... So I was wondering what it seems everyone else is. How can we realistically afford it. If you already can afford it then this sort of scheme doesn't make a huge difference to the rest of your life as you can go to the training and find a job afterwards. According to FTE they have a good employment record. However, if like me, you can't afford it and need help with sponsorship and getting the loan or whatever means to pay for the training this scheme is vital to your dreams.

Not sure if that made sense but just to reiterate I have read every SINGLE bit of information on here/ the web about this scheme. I do appreciate everyones answers and don't want people to think that I am just asking questions and demanding answers without looking my self first.

sicky 21st Jul 2010 00:26

If you read FTE's enrolment information, there's a pdf with more info on the loan, you can reduce the repayments by 25% for 2 years, which means about 750-800 a month. This coincides with the 2 years on a potentially lower flybe salary...

It also mentions the fact that the loan is a secured loan, usually against a property, and there are fees to pay to secure the loan as well

I think if you have previous flying experience the course is reduced, but not like-for-like, for example i seem to recall a figure on similar integrated schemes of 20-25 hours reduction if you have a PPL

Understandably and compared to when i was more active on here a few years back, it seems like the job shortage and recession has really got people thinking 'what if...' and not as many people are as comfortable with the debt/confident about securing a job anymore!

historyftw 21st Jul 2010 00:32

Yeah, I've read the information about that loan all seems pretty straight forward. I wonder if TC are using that same source of finance as their recommend avenue of funding and whether TC's support changes anything to do with it.

sicky 21st Jul 2010 00:53

I'd like to see an airline step up and say 'yes we're running this scheme, we're committed to it, you're going to take on a lot of debt, so in return, WE (the airline) will secure the loan/act as guarantor

Sadly, it's too much risk for them, if someone were to fail halfway through and refuse to repay the costs they have incurred, that burden would then fall on the airline.

You could always put a clause in of some sort though

All if's and but's, sometimes you've just got to take the risk. If 81k of debt doesn't drive you on to get 100% across the board, nothing will. Personally i'm driven with or without the debt and i think it's the best sponsorship/mentorship available, so well worth pulling out all the stops to get onto.

Good luck to all who have applied

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