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nickyboy007 9th Jul 2010 09:38

Just got an e-mail for stage 2, got to submit answers to the questionnaire within 3 days.

Good Luck to all.

richw626 9th Jul 2010 10:21

Same here, stage 2 questions...

Good luck all! :)

nicky86 9th Jul 2010 11:13

Got the same email, to fill in questionnaire and submit within in 3 days.

Good Luck to everyone too.

greyb33 9th Jul 2010 11:55

Just had the questions emailed aswell. Fingers crossed!!!


historyftw 9th Jul 2010 13:10

anyone not get to stage 2?

nicky86 9th Jul 2010 15:20

Anyon think its just us? :D

rleungz 9th Jul 2010 16:35

I have...But I can't afford to fund the course :ugh:

historyftw 9th Jul 2010 18:26

The way I understood it was that they sponsored you and thus you could get a bank loan for the amount required and you get paid during training then a guaranteed job afterwards? So you dont really need any money now.

historyftw 9th Jul 2010 19:05

I think everyone should check their candidate file


I checked mine and even though I got the email offering stage 2 my candidate file states

"Thank you for sending us your online job submission. Unfortunately, the information you provided do not satisfy the minimum requirements for this position and we are unable to consider you for employment at this time."

I will check this tomorrow.

the ace of spades 9th Jul 2010 20:00

i'd hate that.... not sure if they want you or not.. ;)

if you think that you are sponsored.... and that you go get a bank loan.... and that you dont need any money behind you because they are giving you a grand a month while training and that this will all be fine and dandy, then, the best thing you can you can do is go by what it says on your canditate profile thingy.... :ok:

nicky86 9th Jul 2010 20:41

Hi Scott,

My profile says skills assessment scheduled????

You should def check it asap.



flyhiigh 9th Jul 2010 22:18

"The BBVA loan scheme requires that security on the loan is provided. If you cannot raise security on the full amount FTE may assist you to raise the level of security required".

To put your parents propertys as security feels really sad and selfish...So does anyone know what the statement above really means??

Since TC is a little different scheme, is it really required to leave a security bond? If it is, does anyone know how much FTE could assist with?

Let say you apply for a loan at bbva, 40.000, does anyone have any clue of how much the ev. security bond then must be to get the loan accepted? :ooh:

Lets speak finance, I guess most wonder this part.

(OBS! I have tried to reach H-Recources, but figured out maybe ppl here knew)

Thanks! :ok:

MFB 10th Jul 2010 15:35

"The BBVA loan scheme requires that security on the loan is provided. If you cannot raise security on the full amount FTE may assist you to raise the level of security required".
Excuse the ignorance but what is the BBCA loan scheme and who are the FTE?

Does anyone know if there are any high street banks out there who would help out with the 80k loan required?

Also, there seems to be a significant lack of information in terms of total cost to the cadet, salaries etc. Is this actually on Thomas Cook's website and I'm missing it?

flyhiigh 10th Jul 2010 17:26

FTE Jerez: Finance

here you go

the ace of spades 10th Jul 2010 19:00

did you make it to phase 2 of selection?

historyftw 10th Jul 2010 21:32

Anyone else get the phase 2 email but have something different on the TC candidate profile page?

Tana-Airlines 11th Jul 2010 00:08

Hi Guys,

I have also received the email for the Stage 2 with the questionnaire. Indeed, the finance thing scares me, but first we need to get through! Which is not gonna be easy to be honest! To many competitors for a few places...
Good luck to y'all!

markp123 11th Jul 2010 14:34

I've got my PPL and done the ATPL theory exams....does anybody know if this scheme would require me to do the whole lot again from scratch? I'm thinking they'd try and make me do that.........which i reaaally don't wana be doing!


flyhiigh 11th Jul 2010 16:23

I think you will have to redo the ATPL theory and some PPL too. I think you could get 20h reduced on the PPL training, but the rest might redo.

barker987 11th Jul 2010 17:27

if you get 1000 a month during training couldnt you use this to pay for you accomodation monthly, becuase then the course would only cost 66,000, which means you dont have to get as big as loan?

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