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bucket_and_spade 2nd Jul 2010 23:07


You having a giraffe?

B&S :ugh:

antes56 3rd Jul 2010 08:32

@the ace of spades

I hope for yowu too...:ok:


what does it mean??

Halfwayback 3rd Jul 2010 09:15


Right over their head!:confused:


kingofkabul 3rd Jul 2010 11:22

Does anyone know about the salary prospects when cadets start flying for FlyBe and TCX?

...Only ask as repaying a 81,000 debt off a starting salary of c.27,000 at FlyBe would probably count me out!

When cadets go to TCX do they start at the bottom of the rung (c.38,000) or do they go straight onto year 3 of the salary scale?

Thanks in advance, kofk

assymetricdrift 3rd Jul 2010 15:41

To be honest, it would be incredibly unfair on the current BE guys and girls if the cadets were paid more than they were. It would certainly cause a fair deal of resentment - I think quite a lot of us accept that the BE salary is a bit on the low side, and it would not help to have guys coming through who are earning nearly twice as much and only staying in the airline for 2 years...

Loan repayments are possible on the BE salary though, it just means that life becomes really quite tight (I hear a couple of years of pasta for dinner!!) But 81,000 of loan is a very significant amount to pay off. I don't envy that one...

FiiS 3rd Jul 2010 19:41

colourblindgeek, Ace, B&S ... :ok:

LEG-ENDS (that is to say, ends of legs. Feet.)

markp123 4th Jul 2010 13:00

81,000......balls to that :)

FANS 4th Jul 2010 16:05

It's no sponsorship.

Are TCX seriously encouraging its future pilots to take on nearly 100k of debt in the current climate.

Unfortunately, the pool of real applicants will be very narrow due to this constraint.

Equally, the information is pretty limited around salaries, which is kind of important when taking on this amount of debt. And before some joker pipes up that you just need to research it, previous schemes, e.g. flybe have been very clear about all of the financial details.

How come you TCX buy 10 places and no discount is received, or do TCX just make a nice turn?

Coffin Corner 4th Jul 2010 16:57

The starting salary is irrelevant to Flybe pilots, purely because these "cadets" salaries are paid by Thomas Cook. Flybe receives these people free of charge hence the attraction to Flybe.

One thinks this is the start of the slippery dip at BE as well. Time will tell.

spaceman18 4th Jul 2010 17:03

81k is indeed alot to pay, but is less than the CTC/Oxford scheme.
This scheme also has the airlines involvement from the start, seems miles ahead to me. I actually think its a step in the right direction away from current schemes, particularly given the acknowledgement it gives to the big training leap that is involved when first going onto 'big jets' after training.

barker987 4th Jul 2010 19:39

do you think the cadets will be put straight into a job or in some type of holding pool for months?

Coffin Corner 4th Jul 2010 19:53

Depends on the demand for pilots, if Flybe aren't paying for them it's likely they'll be thrown out on the line.

CABUS 5th Jul 2010 10:13

I believe if Tcx are taking guys on they will be covered by the Pilots Policies and procedures which means they will be paid according to Tcx payscales. If this is the case the cadets will be paid a starting of 25k rising to 28k with Be then staying on the second officers salary scale for at least two years with tcx with a top cadet salary of 37k. Then once the ' cadet scheme' is over and the guys are fully online they will no doubt qualify for senior fo which means a step up to 49k. Also on top of this cadets will earn their allowances which equates to roughly 500/month summer short haul and 1000 long haul but this is going to be taxed soon, bugger! Also when they join tcx they can opt for day off payments at the roster stage which means you can earn anything from 318-850 for working a day off.

I would like to stress this is my opinion on what might happen if the cadets are taken on under the PPP however the major floor in my statement is that I don't think they could be taken on under the tcx scheduling agreement so that may all be total b:mad:s,this is while they are at flybe anyway.

B&S, do you reacon this is realistic or do you think they will become eligable for the PPP when their cadetship is over?

lander66 5th Jul 2010 10:37

Right, 81K, that's it, I'm out of the picture. Sounded promising but now a lot of us won't be able to do it because we can't get loans (and don't want 81K of debt). Why can't a european airline do a Cathay-esque sponsorship?

clanger32 5th Jul 2010 11:36

Why can't a european airline do a Cathay-esque sponsorship?

It's no sponsorship.

No, it's NOT sponsorship. One could even argue that it's not even that good a deal. But then what are your alternative routes into the industry?

[contentious point alert] - EVEN if you go modular, you should factor at least (IMHO) 50k for your training (alright, it can be done cheaper, but for the general person, who might need one or two extra lessons). Then there's no jobs out there, really there isn't. So factor another 30k for a Ryanair Type rating. Thats' IF you can get past screening. And if you pass the check. You're already at 80k

The point is, this is a silver to a TAF of "OVC001 TS +RA" for newbies right now. Thomas Cook are one of the more desirable outfits to get into. I would cut my own arm off if I were a newbie and so desperate to get into this game, rather than self sponsor. And yes, if anyone from TCX would like to offer me the same terms, we'll have to talk a bit, cos the lack of arm might have class 1 repercussions, but the offer stands!

Make no mistake, the major selling point of this is the job offer (all things being equal) at the end of the training. Believe me and the hundreds of other low houred unemployed fATPLs out there....that is worth a huge amount and you should NOT underestimate the value of that alone, regardless of the mentoring - just having a job to go to is worth it.

It's not a perfect offer, no. But it IS a hell of a lot better than any other scheme out there that I've seen and it IS out there.
Kudos to TCX....they are doing something very few others in Euroland are and I find it appauling that anyone is dumb enough to think it should be ignored because of the cost (on the basis they believe they can avoid an 81k bill for flight training anyway), or criticising TCX for doing it.
Wake up and smell the coffee people. Jeez.

barker987 5th Jul 2010 15:28

i was looking to go modular (btw im still at school so have got a couple of years before i want to train), but how long does it take to pay of 81,000? on fo wadges as i know they are not that high but 37 000 at thomas cook doesnt seem that bad

lander66 5th Jul 2010 17:22

I think as long as you have an FO job, paying off the debt is not a problem. You should be more worried about the possibility of losing your job and being dumped in it. Oh and getting the loan in the first place, I mean who is going to loan out 81K?

hazholmes 6th Jul 2010 18:10

Applied. Best of luck to everyone.

andrew152 8th Jul 2010 16:56

has anybody had any response from TCX yet?

hazholmes 8th Jul 2010 17:02

Applications still being accepted until tomorrow so you'd think they'd wait until at least the scheme was closed until giving any feedback, in my opinion.

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