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Spike001 11th Jul 2010 22:30

It would be very silly to redo the PPL/Night/IMC/ATPL theory, if you already have those, given the time and extra cost to the company. It's far cheaper to get an instructor to put you through your paces and ensure your up to the standard they want before they move you onto the next phase of training.

Having those shows extra commitment and motivation, but equally someone with no flying experience may fit what they are after.

Give it a shot and wait and see.... :ok:

Tana-Airlines 12th Jul 2010 04:13

Hey Rwoodz,

You could find this information on the FTE Jerez website but the webpage is not available anymore. And if I remember well, those 1000 are repayable once we get the job, right?

If anyone knows how to reach this webpage again... Because there was some other useful info too!

There will be loooooaads of applicants, I live in UK but am from France and I know already quite a lot of French guys who applied too.

I will personally send the questionnaire back tomorrow.


ndllx4 12th Jul 2010 10:35

Does anyone know when the assessment day dates are if you get through to it? And Im assuming there are personal interviews at some point in august if successful?

andrew152 12th Jul 2010 11:50

I am finding it extremely frustrating that so many people have applied for this scheme and not even bothered to read the information provided by thomas cook and FTE.

If you had read all of the information provided by TCX and FTE then you would not have to ask questions such as:

"Does anyone know when the assessment day dates are if you get through to it? And Im assuming there are personal interviews at some point in august if successful? "

If you get passed the first stage of selection between 24th and 27th of July in Peterborough then you may be invited to an interview in Manchester between 13th and 17th of August I believe, with the course starting in November. You will be paid 1,000 a month which is repayable.

If you are applying for this scheme and take it seriously then you should have the common sense to read all of the information which is readily available. I think alot of you guys really need to pull the finger out and start doing a bit of leg work for yourself and stop expecting everyone to provide you with all of the information.

flyhiigh 12th Jul 2010 11:53

Stage 1 interviews are between 23-27 July, if successfull I think the second tests are in the mid of august.

If selected, startdate 12 november! :ok:

Good luck!

New FO 12th Jul 2010 15:28

My nephew is applying for this scheme. I fly but went through selection a long while ago now. Anyone know of anywhere you can get some training or support for the selection?

abhishek_5sep 12th Jul 2010 17:27

does anyone know if there course fee includes the accomadation also

hazholmes 12th Jul 2010 17:39

As someone posted earlier it doesn't take much effort to find these things out for yourself if you're taking this thing remotely serious.

But just incase, here you go FTE Jerez: Integrated JAR ATPL Course

abhishek_5sep 12th Jul 2010 17:50

thanx mate got the required info........

Tana-Airlines 12th Jul 2010 17:56


23rd to 27th July --> Phase 3 - Interviews in Peterborough if Phase 2 successful
13th to 17th August --> Phase 4 - Assessment in Jerez (if I remember well) with PILAPT, maths etc etc...

If some people still ask questions, I think it is because the information about this scheme is not available anymore on FTE Jerez website. They explained everything about the programme. We don't have much info on TCX website unfortunately.

Has anyone been invited for Phase 3 yet?


flyhiigh 12th Jul 2010 18:03

This is a thread, questions are allowed..otherwise what would we do on this thread? Theres info of almost everything in the net, but lets state that "no questions are bad questions" and keep the attitude up aight! :ok:

Its easier to find out this way for some ppl i guess..


Im also waitiing for reply. I think we shall know this week!

Good evening!

markp123 12th Jul 2010 19:43

Contacted them today and was told PPL and ATPL theory would all have to be re-done. Bit ridiculous but I know where they're coming from. Not quite sure what "re-do" actually means, surely I aint going to get another PPL issued, and why the hell would i have to go to Gatwick or wherever again to sit the exams again when already passed them. :ugh:

Bit of a shame but nevermind, no way I'm paying for something i've already done, talk about a massive waste of money.

bucket_and_spade 12th Jul 2010 19:50

Its easier to find out this way for some ppl i guess..
No, it's lazier to find out this way - why would you accept what some anonymous poster on here says over the actual info from the source? Especially when you're talking about such important topics as funding/accommodation, etc. Mind-boggling!

'andrew152' has it spot on.

'No questions are bad questions' is utter rubbish and an overused phrase - if the answers are 'hidden' in plain sight!

Right, I'm off to lie down in a dark room with my best mate Victor Meldrew... grumble, grumble...

Tana-Airlines 12th Jul 2010 19:51

Hey Mark,

Thank you for the information. I believe it is like most of Cadets schemes, they have an agreement with the FTO for a training programme and a price... The only thing you will save you get through is probably time... But definitely not money!

Good luck anyway!

Spike001 12th Jul 2010 21:44

To be told that I need to do everything again, wasting 10yrs of effort will just slightly piss me off (I will reserve that for being told that personally during the interview I guess). I for one won't be willing to get into extra amounts of debt just because being done through FTE. ... it's sure cheaper for me to get the last bits done at FTE the modular route full time instead and then pay for a TR with Ryanair!

I should ask them for a refund on my current training if this happens.

I did send them an email with questions before applying and they just ignored them and directed me to the application form.

I'm currently treading wisely on this one.... :ugh:

hazholmes 12th Jul 2010 22:07

I think its problem that we should worry about if we ever make it to the latter stages of selection but I too will hopefully have my PPL before the course start date, and I'm not intending on re-doing it! Once you have the license, you have the license, surely! Common sense will hopefully prevail. Some extra hours will be nice though.

It does state on the FTE website (see previous post for link) that students with a PPL will be entitled to a discount on the course price after a positive checkout with the CFI. Every little helps! Regards your atlp's I have no idea.

I'm purely speculating of course so could be way out. Like I say I'm more worried about actually getting to phase 3 over anything else!

jgearie 12th Jul 2010 23:25

Just been sent the email with the questionnaire. Does anyone know what type of tests would be involved at the stage 3?

Tana-Airlines 13th Jul 2010 00:09

Hey guys,

How long is the questionnaire completed for you? Does it have to be short and simple (as they have many applicants, so many questionnaire to read), or do we have to develop the answers properly. How many words or lines do you approx have per question?

Im just wondering I did write too much, Im a bit scared they won't even read it through.

And when do you reckon we should get a call or an email then?


the ace of spades 13th Jul 2010 00:36

i completed it at just under 2000 words.... everyone to themselves though.... this thread has really gone down hill since the questionaires were mailed out. its full of the 'i'm new here' 's and they are really bugging me now with their stupid lazy questioning. if you are any way serious about this you would not be asking the basic questions which answers to are found easier than posting here!!

but i suppose the questionaire might eliminate a good few of them (well hopefully anyways) and then we can get back to an inteligent exchange of views, opinions and real gen....

be good or be gone.... :ok:

t a o s

Tana-Airlines 13th Jul 2010 00:51

Thanks mate, indeed my question might sound stupid for you because it is actually the first time I'm applying for a cadets scheme and I've never done any questionnaire of FTO before. And unfortunately, I could not find any answer to this question on Pprune.

And by the way, you feel really confident, I really hope you will go through and you won't be part of the "good few of them" who will be eliminated! :ok:

Let us know anyway!

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