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Cargolux details requested!

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

Cargolux details requested!


Old 24th Dec 2018, 00:30
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Food for thought:

CEO envisions that CLX aircraft will be parked in 2020 due to recession.
Cargolux China project is stopped indefinitely.

However we need way more people to join CLX who are willing to work under the B-scale conditions!
Please join and make my rosters stable again! At the moment my schedule changes on an hourly basis (no kidding).
Same time new guys are leaving again which puts more strain on the training department.
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Old 30th Dec 2018, 06:16
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The Molly ask prep is provided and is not difficult, you just have to dedicate time to doing it. Multiple flights
to findel however are very expensive, as are the hotels, they will offer a company rate but the hotels will be full so you have
to pay full rate somewhere and that is expensive. You will need to stay close or have rental car expense also expensive to go
to your medical.
As mentioned previously no one is offered a job at the end of it that I have heard of and that is 12 people in the last 2 months
7 of whom type rated and current ( maybe more) this is only the one I know about and have emails from.
8 of us are back on type with other companies the other guys returned to 767 757 737

so think carefully if you really want this job before you waste YOUR time and YOUR money on what appears to be a futile
exercise, so they can report back “ there are no suitable candidates applying, we need a pay rise so we can offer money money
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Old 30th Dec 2018, 06:19
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Should say more money
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Old 30th Dec 2018, 19:48
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Originally Posted by flydog View Post
there are no suitable candidates applying, we need a pay rise so we can offer money money
Sorry flydog, but I don't get your point here....
Who might be the person/-s saying that there are no suitable candidates and ask for more money? Did you ever see a management that offered more money to it's employees voluntarily?
Maybe you could be so kind to elaborate a bit further......
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Old 1st Jan 2019, 03:50
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He is referring to the SIM instructors intentionally failing candidates, to show management that there are no suitable guys and gals
Therefore more leverage to ask for pay rise.

He is warning people to not waste their time and money on applying for this job, since it would be a fail anyway, regardless of their performance.

If I understood that right
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Old 3rd Jan 2019, 09:00
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True Statement? Doubtful!!

Originally Posted by Aeroshizzle View Post
....SIM instructors intentionally failing candidates.......

He is warning people to not waste their time and money on applying for this job, since it would be a fail anyway, regardless of their performance.....
I don't believe that this statement is true.....
Actually I would see the people (not necessarily Cargolux instructors) involved in the selection process being closer to the management than to the pilot group, therefore their interest would clearly be in hiring as much candidates for the current conditions as possible.


But it is -apparently- true that the "Magenta Line Generation" is facing some problems during the selection process, as, so I've heard, the assessment is focusing on raw data/needle flying.

A payrise would be nice though and in the meantime at least 15 years overdue.......
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Old 4th Jan 2019, 19:48
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Confirmed in what aeroshizzle says.

for couch potatoe, pay attention ....pilot pay rise means instructors even bigger pay rise.....the assessors are PILOTS, and if a whole bunch of others pilots current and qualified on type ....all operating safely elsewhere can pass everything Cargolux can throw at them over 5 days EXCEPT the sim assessment.....coincidently the only part of the assessment done by PILOTS ..........where does the problem lie.

5 other companies and 7 other aviation authorities have approved those applicant pilots ability to safely operate the B747 but Cargolux assessors say NO they are not. Either they think themselves elitist OR it could be that they are saying their own training department is not up to the task of training those people to Cargolux standard!

You decide, do they think they are really something special that the rest of us really cannot make the grade or are they not special enough that their trainers are not able to train current qualified pilots with proven track records. There is a problem somewhere within Cargolux because the people showing up are motivated or they would not have put themselves through all the time and expense required if they were not serious applicants.

i will stick with the original theory, that they are being failed at the end on purpose,as previously stated the law of averages says some should have made it.

the comforting thought is that eventually they will have to hire some people and those people will grab the type rating and then realize they have a long haul job with many roster changes and they will leave as soon as they can get another job. They usual Whitney ass ...I want a quality of life and to be at home more!
this will cost the company a lot of money, when they could have had pilots who have previous experience of rosters lasting 1 day...the day it is issued, being away 6 or 7 weeks at a time due to roster changes, days off almost always down route somewhere., flying aircraft this aircraft without an auto pilot or maybe without FMS and to remote areas of the world you only heard of that day. Where No one does your figures for you etc etc etc.

but hey, all training expenses are tax deductible, right!
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Old 5th Jan 2019, 08:51
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ehm flydog, Iím pretty certain your reasoning is completely off the mark. Then again, you seem to be an expert candidate in selections as you seem to have applied for plenty of airlines in the last years.
Seeing your reaction here it was perhaps a wise decision they did not hire you. The people running your sim look at many more things than your raw data skills, (and have been doing so for a good while) and simply found something which made them think you wouldnít be a good addition the team.
Did you ask them why they didnít offer you a contract?
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Old 6th Jan 2019, 06:48
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Originally Posted by flydog View Post
...the law of averages says some should have made it.

.....this is a holy truth !!!
Flydog is not the first one "suggesting" numbers don't match. This subject was touched before not too many pages behind.....
Even focusing on something else I come to the same conclusion and must agree that something is "strange" to say the least....

The on going recruitment has been open for nearly 2 years now. The first invitations to the Mollimawk must have started in the first quarter of 2017.....and nearly 2 years later pilots are still being invited for the process at the rate of what....4-5 per week if not more ? For a need of how many pilots ? With a fleet of 23 or 24 ? Sounds a looooong time to find suitable candidates. It takes much less to NASA in finding suitable astronauts !!!
Major legacy airlines all over the world with much biggers fleets are capable of satisfying their needs of pilots in few weeks / months when they start to recruit.....often by the time you hear about it the window is shut.

So, let's be realistic.....something is not right.
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Old 7th Jan 2019, 09:06
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You might also find a problem in the pilot group. Some think they are entitled to much more than they really are. Wrong, you need to earn that over time.
Companies have changed a lot from 'past times'. Working for a well-known name and under union contract doesn't mean a dream job anymore.
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 18:07
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anybody know something about the Atpl test?
Is Ace enough , as I have short notice.
thanks in advance
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