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Cargolux details requested!

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

Cargolux details requested!

Old 9th Aug 2017, 09:48
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Originally Posted by Jetmga View Post
Hi guys,
Does anyone know if there is an ATPL test during these 3 days? If yes, how many questions?

Nice week for all!
About 20
If I remember correctly was 1 or 2 questions from each atpl topic. If you use 'ace the technical interview book' or Google They have similar questions.
Good luck!
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Old 24th Oct 2017, 20:11
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Seems they cannot find the right people anymore:


Caveat emptor:

"The additional manpower is needed to cover the projected network for the next years and support the diversification of our operations."

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Old 3rd Nov 2017, 10:08
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Cargolux new joiner

I'm looking for "concrete" informations about the lifestyle and work conditions in Cargolux.
They are hiring First Officer, and I would like to apply.
But, after reading the 73 pages of this post, I'm not really sure if it will be a good idea.
Some of the posts on PPRuNe can be very negatives as they are written by non-motivated pilots, but always argumented by other pilots happy of the company.
What is the stand by time or distance to be called ? I live at a distance of 90 minutes drive from Luxembourg Airport.
Any informations about the roster, rest outstation ?
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Old 5th Nov 2017, 19:08
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It all depends on your personal and family situation.
Also on your previous flying. Different perspectives.

We have new joiners who were used to being at home every night in their previous job. Guess how they (and their families) feel about flying longhaul?

How do you or your family cope with the permanent roster changes?

How do you cope with 24 hr rest periods, i.e. reporting for the next duty when you are tired again?

Cargolux is no longer the airline it used to be.
Still for some it is a good gig despite the fact that most of the great layovers we used to have are gone - forever.
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Old 16th Nov 2017, 16:30
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I've been invited to do the Mollymawk as part of the screening for Henan Cargo Airlines as DEC... Are there any places online to practise this test apart from the Mollymawk website itself?

Also, does anyone know if the entire screening proces for Henan is the same as if I would be applying for Cargolux? That would help tremendously with the preparation.

Please reply or DM me with any information.


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Old 17th Nov 2017, 07:50
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Doppio....have they offered you to fly as DEC with Cargolux until Henan starts up ?
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Old 17th Nov 2017, 09:15
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No they haven't; if they do I'll probably refuse. I do not wish to get stuck at Cargolux when Henan fails to start up...
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Old 18th Nov 2017, 08:58
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Doppio....since there is no confirmed start up date for Henan, and considering that the start up has already been postponed a few years, what are they planning for you until they actually do start up ?
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Old 2nd Dec 2017, 15:31
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They will not fly at CV.

Most likely they will be boroughed to another chinese 747 operator like Yangtze River Express until the operation gets started in 2020 (if at all).

They are still facing a lot of problems and haven't even applied for an AOC yet.
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Old 16th Dec 2017, 14:20
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Hi everybody,
has anyone conducted recently the second stage of the assessment in Luxemburg for Cargolux?
If yes, could you please give some info on what to expect in the group exercise/role play and interview.
Would be very much appreciated for some info!
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Old 8th Jan 2018, 07:23
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I recently flew with a few "new guys" that joined CV in 2017. My advice after these conversations is, read the f****** CWA all the way to the end, before you sign the contract (and especially before you cancel your previous employment, if any).
Those I'm talking about, apparently didn't do so, and were quite surprised afterwards, how unpleasant the day-to-day operation turned out.
With the so-called "spool-up" conditions, where you don't get a Rest-before-Off day (RBO) at first, plus a week less vacation or so, the overall flying is quite a bit more intense than for us senior guys (which is though already). You are just too long available to Crew planning in a block, so they will push you around with changes upon changes, until finally your next block of fixed Off days comes along. It's a bit like flying long-haul-ad-hoc-executive. To a degree of 50-90% the trips initially assigned are wildcards, mere placeholders to be replaced with anything, usually one day before departure (Crew Damage Control can't plan any further ahead at present).

Still the job can be interesting for many of those, who are currently slave-serving for some early-captitlism outfit with truck-driver pay-scales and no social security, like I hear about EW Austria i.e.

But, unless you are desperate to find any job asap, I would suggest the following:
Go for the test, and if you pass, get access to a copy of the current CWA and study it thoroughly before the interview. Then take a good second (and third) thought, if the conditions for new hires after 2016 will really be sustainable to you (given the extreme instability of the rosters, which they may not tell you about in the interview).
If you have any doubts afterwards, state politely at the interview, that you will be more than happy to work for Cargolux under conditions like the senior guys do, but feel unable to burn yourself out on what is presently on the table for new hires.

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Old 8th Jan 2018, 09:22
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You'll be flying a full month more (and earn less) than we do.
I don't think the sometimes extreme roster instability will end anytime soon.
When you have a trip with Floating Off Days afterwards it's best not to plan anything on those Off Days to avoid disappointment.
One colleague was supposed to be Off for Xmas, got a back to back and was home again after NYE.
Imagine how this must have been for the person involved and his family.
Not trying to be negative here but that's just the way it is...
Sure hope the ALPL will be able to get rid of this ridiculous b-contract but I doubt they/we will succeed.
It should be their first priority!
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Old 9th Jan 2018, 08:04
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Sad to say, but all of the above is 100% true.
It used to be a great company to work for.



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Old 10th Jan 2018, 09:47
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I am trying to leave this Company after more than 10 years because u will simply die here before retirement! It is a shithole! Stay away and go for a more healthy and social 5/4 roster on a more valuable Rating like the Airbus. And remember that you`ll be kicked out of the Company when you are sick too often. Even we had people who suffered from cancer, Luxemburg law allows to simply fire you when more than a year seriously sick.
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Old 10th Jan 2018, 17:55
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" Shithole" is an understatement
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Old 14th Jan 2018, 21:48
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Given that many seem to be leaving now, what would the time to command be for a new joiner? Not interested in even trying at the moment even though I admit I am looking for new opportunities.
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Old 15th Jan 2018, 19:58
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About 15 years.
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Old 17th Jan 2018, 11:54
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The time from entry to upgrade is always hard to predict exactly, and I personally believe that 15 years might be slightly exaggerated - in the end it all depends on future development of the company, plus their willingness to hire at least the amount of people that they can provide training for themselves.

As a matter of fact, I haven't seen anybody hired 2001 or later who managed faster than 10 years. On the other hand, a big number of captains who joined CV from 1997-2001 is now in their 50ies and will retire within the next 10 years. Flight Ops Crisis Management yet has to come up with a concept how to ramp up training volume in order to replace those.

But then there is another problem, that they almost completely removed the horizontal move from FO to Cpt pay scale (for new hires from 2016 on). Which means, that after an upgrade after 10 years, you will approximately earn 1000Ä net more, that's it.

If that is worth the extra responsibility or offers an interesting perspective, I leave up to you.
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Old 16th Feb 2018, 12:31
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Originally Posted by Aeroshizzle View Post
Apologies for being off topic, report the comment to the mods if it needs to be removed.

Anyway,if anyone knows an accountant familiar with both UK and Luxembourg tax law (loopholes), can you please pm me. Thanks.
High Aeroshizzle. I lived in Uk and worked in Lux for CV few years ago. Short end is, donít try and loophole it if youíre living in the UK and working there. If thereís one place youíd be mad to try and loop hole it is properly living in UK and working in Lux unless you like being harassed. HMRC are aware you earn in Lux as you will have to declare it. What really stokes their fire is you have to hold a Luxembourg bank account to work for cv.

Unless itís changed, we have one of the worst bilateral tax agreements. Unlike countries like Germany you still pay any tax due back in the UK, minus the tax you paid in Lux. So nett result is you pay the same amount as if youíd earned it in the UK.

Solution that keeps you away from HMRC is do it safely and live in Europe or have an apartment there that is your full time home, somewhere like Trier nearby. I think in Germany if youíve paid tax in Lux, they donít hit you for German taxes, unlike our robbing lot (letís ignore the Cayman Islands and pick on the little guys)
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 17:23
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Can we say the union is crap ? (Going with the BS-contracts )
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