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TheAnswer 22nd Feb 2007 09:52

Well.. never say never ;)

Virginia 22nd Feb 2007 22:11

I'm leaving end of probation!

Airbourne-Adamski 26th Feb 2007 13:06

Hi Guys

Just to add to my recruiting college JohnEZY's comments, the advice I would give is try relax (easy for us to say I know as we are recruiting you guys) but we try make the day relaxed and enjoyable. Please be yourself, it's nice to see your personalities. We are not Army Drill Sargents, so don't panic. Also during part of the day you get the chance to ask us cabin crew questions about the job and easyjet, so if you are coming to a assesment day you might want to think of good questions you want to know the answer to.

For those going for easyjet I wish you luck and I may see you on your assesment day.

ianbeale 26th Feb 2007 16:14

length of time to reply ?
Mrs Beale went for her interview approx 9 days ago , and has yet to hear how she has got on. This would be for direct entry seniors at LUT.
She got through the interview process , and was 1 - 2 - 1 interviewed that day.
Anyone out there shed any light on how long the reply normally takes ? She was told 7 days but its been a bit longer !

Any info most appreciated !

ian n mrs beale

Airbourne-Adamski 26th Feb 2007 16:37

Hi ianbeale

Sometimes it may take longer for us to get back to people. Our recruitment team have been extremely busy recently. What I would suggest is email or phone recruitment and explain how long you have been waiting. You will find the phone number and email address on a form that you would have been given at the end of the interview.

Hope that helps, and good luck.

TheAnswer 26th Feb 2007 18:29

I guess it was easier to get personally the Queen on the phone..
I was forced to call EJ after 16 days otherwise I guess I could have waited centuries :ugh: :}


psychopathbabble 26th Feb 2007 21:27

I applied on a whim to Easyjet a couple of weeks ago and found out today that I have been invited to an assessment day :}

I am quite excited as this could mean a major change in my life and yet my fear of this open day is overriding it! :uhoh:

Can I just ask if I should be a little pleased with myself for getting this far even if I don't make it any further?

Getting accepted would be fantastic but I am fully prepared to not get accepted too. I am the queen of negativity. That way I won't get disappointed ;)

ianbeale 27th Feb 2007 06:08

thnks adamski
Adamski ,. many thanks for the prompt reply . Sent an email yesterday , and that hasnt been replied to either ! mrs Beale now quiet worried !!! Its a shame as she would be grear senior (Imho) for EZY , having worked for the majoe one !
Lets hope we here back soon !
cheers n thnks again adamski
mr n mrs beale

psychopathbabble 27th Feb 2007 11:45

ability tests...
They recommend we read the website as preparation... I have printed off most of the About Us pages to read and read and read again. Is this sufficient? I'm worried about how much detailed information they would like us to remember!

TheAnswer 27th Feb 2007 12:14

I did as well as you but damn I wasn't asked! :} :ugh:
I did it becuase I thought I could be asked at the interview.

Ability test concerns about easy questions in multiple choice style.
You really don't need to learn so much about the company!

Airbourne-Adamski 27th Feb 2007 15:05

Firstly to psychopathbabble
Calm Down, firstly I can't give away to much as I recruit at easy, however I would like to help were I can. Ok regards to the website, Yes it is usefull to read through the site and pick up info on easyjet, Your not expected to know it inside out. There used to be a easyjet test but there is no longer (unless things have changed in a week since i was last there) However please do still look through the web as picking up on easyjet facts will be a help for the day. Also look at the routes we do from your prefered base which you are applying for. Again try not to get to worked up and bogged down with revising the web site but do read through it for usefull info.
And yes do be pleased you got to the assesment day, there is a tough screening proccess so well done.
Questions in the maths/english test are multiple choice but its worth just refreshing yourself on general sums (Its not GCSE).
So I hope that helps, Oh when is your interview? never know it could be me :E
Next To Ianbeale
Please bare with recruitment they are really busy at the moment, our team are also recruiting in europe and scotland so staff are out the office, Iam sure you will here soon.

psychopathbabble 27th Feb 2007 15:43

my assessment day is 9th March although I haven't received confirmation of my place yet, I only replied yesterday!

Ok thanks for the help, I just hate failing things and have a phobia of the unknown :ooh:

Airbourne-Adamski 27th Feb 2007 16:04


Ok one last bit of advice, be yourself, try not to besomeone you think easy wants, we look for genuine people and like to see peoples personalities.
We try make it relaxed as possible for you.
Also there is a point of the morning were you get to ask us cabin crew who are also recruitment assessors, questions about the job and easyjet so it maybe worth having a good think.

Good Luck and keep us posted on here.

Any other question please ask

esy 27th Feb 2007 16:16

ok, as we have a recruiter here...:)
Could you please tell me what is the main reason of requiring 6 months long face to face customer service experience.
Is it because a person will gain an experience in dealing with problems or the airline will be able to check that a person has good references in a previous job(no misconduction).
Some companies require it, some not.

Airbourne-Adamski 27th Feb 2007 16:38

Hi esy

Ok its as you thought, 6 months face to face experiance is a advantage as you have gained some experiance in dealing with situations. Either dealing with complaints, problems i could go on as there are so many situations you could of dealt with and I am sure you get the drift.

Yes easy DO check references, mainly for your ID's and security. But they of course can make sure you were not sacked burning down the office or whatever.

With regard to referances PLEASE try get them correct on your online application straight away, eg dates, names, contact details, it makes things so much easier for everone.

Oh and please done ' BLAG' referances (LIE) NOT saying you will but people DO get found out.

I hope that answers your question.

P.S whats your situation with easyjet?

johnezy 27th Feb 2007 20:32

hi adamski, not been on here in a while so though i would come and say hi, i am recruiting tomorrow, (are you?) so i always like to come and have a read on here (get in the mood for it lol!)

If anyone has any more questions while there are 2 of us here then feel free to ask aways!

Ianbeale has mrs beale heard anything yet i think i was on her recruitment day (always remember the Luton ones as thats my base!) if not then i would give them a call!

ianbeale 27th Feb 2007 20:51

thanks to adamski for the positive thoughts and comments , and also to johnezy for the help so far ... fingers crossed for us ... living in hope for the orange future :) mrs b

johnezy 27th Feb 2007 21:16

lol going off what i remember Mrs Beale, with a big personality like that you'ld be just what LTN needs. I love to fly with seniors who have great sense of homour and big personality's really makes your day!:ok:

psychopathbabble 27th Feb 2007 21:30

thank you for your help, I got my confirmation through when I finished work so I might see one of you next Friday :ok:

I will very much try and chill and take a million deep breaths :}

One last question... I am having to drive as I actually live in Lowestoft but luckily have family near Stansted so only have to leave an hour or so earlier, instead of 3! The email stated only 45 parking spaces available... do these fill up quickly? Am I better to find a car park near the airport instead of trying to get in the one mentioned? :)

johnezy 27th Feb 2007 21:37

hi, yeah there aren't that many spaces but try and get there early and see if it's full, paking for the whole day at luton can be expensive. or you could get a bus/train from stanstead. But personally i'd try and get a space at the accademy you should be ok as long as you get there for about 8ish

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