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TheAnswer 16th Feb 2007 17:32

I pm'd you :D

Commander1 17th Feb 2007 15:08

What is the assessment like, what kind of things do they ask you to do, any maths? My maths isn't that good to be honest.

Anything i should watch out for?


Vectors Req'd! 17th Feb 2007 21:14


You will need to brush up on currency conversions, and general sums etc.
The Maths and English tests are quite soon into the assesment day. So long as your prepared its not rocket science. Calculaters are provided. We lost around 9 people due to their lack of ability on my assesment day.

Good Luck :)

Commander1 18th Feb 2007 10:42

Currency convertions, how the heck do you perform them? lol

What kind of maths is it, basic adding etc?

luis76 18th Feb 2007 16:10

:eek: hi everyone!
i'm in deep s**t.
i'm gonna have my assessment day on tuesday,but i didn't know i had to learn something about the company for the ability test.something what?policy,story,flying policy?
would somebody please tell what the hell i should learn about it?
something that should be in the test.

luis76 18th Feb 2007 16:19

:eek: i know that might sound stupid and very frustrating but to send another message,but i really need some suggestion....
please!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :sad: :{

esy 18th Feb 2007 17:02

I suggest to read carefully information on their website

c_ouame 19th Feb 2007 01:10

next easyJet assessment day
Hello everyone,

Some friends of mine and members of my family said I would make a good cabin crew. As a reply, I filled the online application form. Nobody believed I did send it. But I was very proud to show change my email from easyJet recently. Indeed, I am invited to attend an assessment day at Luton in the end of February. So what's next ? I don't know.

I found this forum and noticed people are rather nice. A lot of questions came in mind since I got this invitation.

First : find a round-trip flight to Luton for the recruitment day.

Second : find a hotel for the night before.

Third : how will I get dressed ? Any suggestions ?

Fourth : Are they going to eat me ? Or just ask me questions ? What kind of questions ? Is my English good enough (I am not very confident with that) ? Will I be tortured ? I am not really used to attending assessments. Is there a link between the work location I wish and their need ? Are there many French speaking cabin crews ? Will anybody here be invited at the same place the same day (wednesday 28th - then please email me) ? Shall I know the easyJet website by heart ?

Fifth : Can someone help me for my questions ?

Thank you in advance and please, keep going on with your enthusiasm.


CS-TNP 19th Feb 2007 10:29

Well, let's see if I can help.

As soon as you arrive to EZY academy you register at the reception then wait a bit for someone to call the group. Don't mind if you're nervous, remmenber the other people that are with you in the room are nervous too. But try to relax, they won't eat you, they're friendly. But first thing to have in mind: be punctual!

Then all the group is taken to the first floor and wait at the corridor. 2 each time are called to check some details, passport, etc. Then you go to another room to fill a simple form. Think about 3 reasons why you want to work for EZY. And try also to break the ice, because all the group will be seated in a meeting table.

And so the real assessment starts. All of you go to another room, with tables placed in U form. Some presentations are made, of the recruiters and the company.

First test: maths. Increadibly easy, nothing to worry about. You have 10 minutes. A dozen questions and you have a price list and a currency conversion list (Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs and Danish Krones). Multiple choice questions. They provide a calculator so it's impossible to miss. Try to concentrate.

Second test: english. No so easy, it's a bit tricky, but the only thing you need is real attention. Multiple choice with True, False, No info on text. Some texts and 4/5 question for each text. Concentrate.

Then you go for a break and the first people say goodbye.

Second stage: group test.

They divide you in groups and then give to each group a laminated card with some info. It's a streat with 5 houses, and each house have a particular colour, each owner have a particular job and pet. The group must find who has the fish. (the german has it)

Second test is the old sinking boat (that never goes down:} ). Change of groups and again a laminated card. And each member is given a small laminated card with a thing that you must take to the island and have to convince the others that that thing must go with the group. I Was the alcoholic. How the hell they founded?:cool:

Another break and then all people return to the room. Then they say that will split the group. They say some names and ask to take all personal belongings. It's the same as to say bye bye. You go to another room and they say you don't have the neccessary competencies.

The third stage is the 2-2-1 interview. I don't know nothing about that because I don't have the neccessary competencies to work in orange. Probably that's why Air Transat invited me to work with them. Probably I'm too good.

Advices: be relaxed, they're nice and most important, just be yourself, don't need to act. If you have any question just speak with one of the recruiters, they're really nice. Abouth dressing code: simple. For a boy even jeans are good, a shirt and a jacket. For girls, even trousers aren't problematic. Just dress comfortably.

About travel and accomodation look at the internet, London have too many choices, you have to look according with your preferences. To Luton there are many transportation in case you're accomodation is not there.


Ciccio78 19th Feb 2007 15:22

Hi "c ouame"

could you please tell me how long did it take to receive an email from Easyjet with the oucome of your application?

I sent my application 23 days ago.... still non response :(


johnezy 19th Feb 2007 21:40

ok guys, just to say something important here!!

I am a recruiter for Easyjet, the following should be very seriously considered by anyone attending an assesment day for us:


Just because easyjet is a low cost operation doesn't mean we dont like poeple to look smart we are getting a new uniform which will require you to wear suits therefore our uniform standards are going to get a little more strict! ties are optional but please for your own sake no jeans or trainers and another gripe while i'm on here no chewing gum we really hate that!!!

the answers to the group exercises are irrelevent as it's the team work we want to see!

We don't "eat" anyone and you will enjoy your day with us, we do try to make it fun! sorry if i sound a little harsh but i hate to see really goo people not get offered a job, because they are dressed too casual, sends out the wrong message, and never forget that although we want you to relax it is still a bussiness meeting!!!! there enough of the moaning!! good luck all who have interview days, see you there!:ok:

c_ouame 19th Feb 2007 22:12

Thank you for your help
Thank you CS-TNP for all the information you gave. :)
I feel a little bit better thanks to you. At least, they won't torture me !:=

Is the EZY building easy to find ? I booked a room in a hotel in Luton. As Paris is a quite big city, I compared the distances between the airport and the hotel with Google-Earth. I don't think I will be late at all. The hotel is less than 2 miles from the airport. It is approximately the distance I walk every morning to go to work. I understood I should keep being myself despite I would be nervous. I'll try to get comfortably dressed and will go to bed early the night before.:zzz:

Ciccio78, I sent my application on Feb. 3rd, and they automatically replied a confirmation email of registration the same day. Afterwards, the recruitment team give themselves 14 days to reply (sic : 'We try and acknowledge all applications within fourteen days of receipt.'). I was given an invitation on an assessment day on Feb. 14th. Hence, it took them exactly 11 days. I don't want to be pessimistic but I believe they mean what they say. 14 days is 14 days. I'm afraid one week of delay doesn't seem to be a good presage for you. But who knows ? Maybe they had a lot of candidatures those last days and they are a bit late, AND/OR their software for recruitment is not working well. Keep confident. A lot of people who wanted to work in orange finally do the same job dressed in another colour.

By the way, I'm opened to meet people in Luton or in London the day before (Feb. 27th). Especially if they do or will work for easyJet, or if they are invited, like me, on the 28th. You may email me.

Cheers and thank you again for your help and support.


c_ouame 19th Feb 2007 22:28

Thank you everyone
Thank you to everyone for your pieces of advice and all the information you give.

I understood : be myself, that is to say, be a team player. No trainers but street shoes. No jeans but trousers. Tie is not necessary. No chewing gum. Ok, that's all me ! So I shouldn't be worried out of that.

To answer to Ciccio78, I had a invitation 11 days after I sent my application form.

Thank you for your help and your support. I'll have to manage with it anyway.

johnezy 19th Feb 2007 22:31

ciccio78 what base did you apply for?

Ciccio78 19th Feb 2007 23:03

Hi "johnezy"

i applied for London Gatwick...

do u know why that take so long?


johnezy 19th Feb 2007 23:16

yeah i think so, we are very short of full time recruiters, (these are the one who dont wear uniform for those of you who have been to an assessment day!) they process all the applications and acually do the assessment days with us, they also deal with all the pilots! so they are busy people and at the moment they are really busy! if you think your application has been in for a while and you haven't heard back then phone or email them it wont hurt to ask how it's going! good luck :ok:

CS-TNP 21st Feb 2007 10:27

Hi c-ouame, just take a deep look in what johnezy wrote, the secret is there. About the group exercises talk normally and let the others talk, present your ideas and listen to others ideas, and is you don't agree say you don't agree in a polite way. The recruiters put us all so comfortably that I even forgot I was on an assessment.

About chewing gum I think it's relaxing too much and not very polite. About jeans, I don't think it's the end of the world, but anyway, and like johnezy said, after all it's a business meeting, so we must pay attention to what we dress. And EZY is not Lauda Air, for anyone who remmember their uniform.

Cheers and all the luck

TheAnswer 21st Feb 2007 14:33

To Ciccio78
CALL THEM and ask where your application is or at least whether you've been successfully considered or not.
I believe, though they may be busy, that 23 days are quite enough time.
I got an invitation after 6 working days I had submitted.
Best of luck

boygeorgefan 21st Feb 2007 22:36

I was unable to make the one on the 15th due to circumstances but easyjet are kindly letting me pick a date for my next one.

Virginia 22nd Feb 2007 10:13

easyJet is a good airline to get some experience, that's what most people see it as.

I'm not planning on staying long! :}

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