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Noyade 6th Jul 2012 06:31

Gave up on AviaFrance mate - loading pages too slowly.
I'll try for a Cauldron?

skytrain10 6th Jul 2012 08:26

Good morning. Looks like the Block 800P?


Karlark 6th Jul 2012 11:16

Yes Ken, the Bloch 800P is correct. :D.
Also known as a SNCASO SO.80.

Bloch 800-P - Transport postal - Un sicle d'aviation franaise

MB 800

Skytrain10's control

skytrain10 6th Jul 2012 19:47

No guesses? To help you a long a recent (2000's) design. Not a homebuild.

Edit, challenge withdrawn.

skytrain10 6th Jul 2012 22:33

No interest today and not around much over the weekend so challenge withdrawn.

Open House.

Noyade 6th Jul 2012 22:41

Evening Ken. :)

No guesses?
Plenty of guesses mate, but none will be close. My problem I think is my brain hasn't moved on much from the mid-80s regards light aircraft. I see your image and still think in terms of Beech or Piper. In fact my first thought was the Aerotec 122, which it isn't.

Sorry mate, need a lot more clues. :(

Karlark 6th Jul 2012 22:43

I thought Beech 23 but I know that was wrong.

Noyade 6th Jul 2012 23:06

Edit, challenge withdrawn.
Happy to have it back if you want mate. :)

Well, in the meantime, just for a laugh...my youngest son recently went to see Battleship...
Battleship (2012) - IMDb

Since then, much to my disgust (:(:)), he now builds warship models. The latest Revell kit he built has this illustration in the instructions..


What do you think the seaplanes are?
And what's the warship?


MReyn24050 6th Jul 2012 23:20

USS New Jersey with Vought OS2U Kingfisher perhaps, if not the New Jersey then the USS Missouri.

Noyade 6th Jul 2012 23:24

G'day mate, sorry, but no.

(This seaplane is already on your list)

Here's my 'ghosty' silhouette of the model piece. Eat ya heart out David. :)


Noyade 6th Jul 2012 23:32


Noyade 6th Jul 2012 23:33

then the USS Missouri.
Just saw that mate. Yes indeed. :ok:

The seaplane?.......

MReyn24050 6th Jul 2012 23:47

Curtiss SC Seahawk?

Noyade 6th Jul 2012 23:53

Curtiss SC Seahawk?
I believe that's what it's meant to be Mel. But I guess with scaling around 1:540, aircraft get distorted.


MReyn24050 6th Jul 2012 23:54

That is true Graeme. It must be Open House I am afraid.

Lightning Mate 7th Jul 2012 07:36

Morning/evening/g'day all.

Here's my 'ghosty' silhouette of the model piece. Eat ya heart out David. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif
I'll try to improve Graeme!!

Is this better?....


SincoTC 7th Jul 2012 11:28

A'rtnoon LM,

Apologies for absence, just back from a business trip!

That looks like the Focke-Wulf F 19 Ente, the prototype that took the Wulf out of FW :ooh:!!

Lightning Mate 7th Jul 2012 11:48

....and good 'artnoon to you TC.

That will be the one - all yours. :ok:

SincoTC 7th Jul 2012 11:54

Thanks David,

This one should be fairly straightforward


Lightning Mate 7th Jul 2012 12:01

Things often should be straightforward!

Is it Polish?

Appears on first inspection to be a two-seater, but I have my doubts.

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