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RegDep 2nd Aug 2011 18:22

Heikkis' Silhouette Challenge
Here we go: Open House prevails.

Edit: Here you can find the original SC http://www.pprune.org/aviation-histo...ml#post6614906

Lightning Mate 2nd Aug 2011 18:33

Well done Reg with the new thread. :ok::ok:

Didn't we always stick to the image size rules?

Here's to the next million. ;)

We understand you Pop.:ok:

RegDep 2nd Aug 2011 18:41

I believe we did.

Cheers Mate! Here's to the new thread http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/...p/f_bubbly.gif

Lightning Mate 2nd Aug 2011 18:43

Pour another one........:ok:

RegDep 2nd Aug 2011 18:49

Why don't you take the Open House Mate? Let's kick the big wheel spinning :).

Lightning Mate 2nd Aug 2011 18:53

This is not a challenge.

Identify the helicopter.

..the helicopter...the helicopter...the helicopter....


Lightning Mate 2nd Aug 2011 19:04

Take a cold shower Reg. :E


skytrain10 2nd Aug 2011 19:37

Ok, clearly an Ekranoplan...the AquaGlide?

Edit, and congrats for setting up SC2 Reg:ok:

RegDep 2nd Aug 2011 20:25

Thanks Mate and skytrain :)

Hitting the sack now. Take care!

HappyPass 2nd Aug 2011 21:24

I'll drink one too...
See ya tomorrow.
SC is archived, long live SC! :ok:

Lightning Mate 2nd Aug 2011 21:34

the AquaGlide?

Of course.

Ken has the thread. :ok:

SincoTC 2nd Aug 2011 21:42

Coo :ooh: page one, what a lot of space :cool:!!!

I'm sure we all understand and appreciate the Mod's decision and thank them for allowing Silhouette Challenge to grow to the size it did, but equally, I think that it was a very popular attraction for the Forum judging by the number of views it achieved!

That said, it would be nice if the old thread could be "Stickyfied" for a while, so that lurkerrs can still browse it, also, so that it can be referred to when checking against Mel's list to verify information. This is not so easy with the old "What Cockpit" threads (I-III) now they're deep in the Archives, seems like only recently that they disappeared from the tabbed listings!

Here's to the next million!!!

Well done for kicking it off Reg :ok:; now give us one of your famous predictions for the arrival of Page 100 :E!!

Good Night, Afternoon and Morning to all Silhouetters and Lurkers worldwide. Long live Silhouette Challenge II :D:D

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 06:45

Good morning Mate,

As my question/comment to you

That's from your days in The Saudi Kingdom, Mate.
became the Famous Last Words of the one and only original Silhouette Challenge, can you enlighten us here where the picture was taken.

And good morning skytrain!

skytrain10 3rd Aug 2011 06:54

Morning all. Sorry being on UTC +2 I had hit the hay last night so duidn't see LM's response.

Anyway here is my next offering...will be monitoring on and off today so I won't promise any instant replies.


And morning to you Reg:ok:

Lightning Mate 3rd Aug 2011 07:17

Morning Reg. :)

can you enlighten us here where the picture was taken.

It's an Omani Air Force Jaguar photographed at Muscat, Oman.

All were flown by RAF or ex-RAF pilots. There were no low flying rules, so hooliganism was always the order of the day.

Google U-tube videos for Omani low flying Jaguars. :ok:

skytrain10 3rd Aug 2011 07:19

Morning David...I said it was Oman!

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 07:26

give us one of your famous predictions for the arrival of Page 100 :E!!
Based on past performance over latest 500 posts, the ETA is 3 September 2011 :8

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 07:43

Skytrain, I think yours is Helicop-Air L.50 Girhel prototype of 1959

skytrain10 3rd Aug 2011 07:52

Helicop-Air L.50 Girhel
That's the one Reg...well done:ok:

Your control.

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 08:18

Thanks skytrain!

And the next contestant is


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