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seacue 11th Jul 2007 10:34

Which Aerodrome?
Moderator note: In the interest of keeping this thread running smoothly please observe the following 'rules'.

- A historic picture of an aerodrome will be posted. Newer pictures are allowed but the theme here is to compare/contrast old with new as well as identifying aerodromes which no longer exist.

- The person who correctly idenitifies it will be declared the 'winner' by the original poster.

- That winner shall either post another challenge or declare the floor open. Anyone may then post the next challenge.

- There will only be one challenge running at a time.

MReyn24050 has been kind enough to create a page which tracks previous challenges: http://www.geocities.com/artificer35...0108.htm?20085

The Mods

As suggested elsewhere by evansb, which aerodrome is this?
As in Which Cockpit, lets try to use elderly photos and not Google Earth pics.

Speedbird48 11th Jul 2007 12:06

Which airport??
Washington National, or Reagan as it is called today.


evansb 11th Jul 2007 13:11

What Aerodrome?
This could be fun. The shot of Washington National is a good example of what should be posted in this forum, as it could drift into What Control Tower? or What Terminal Building?. I look forward to the challenge.:ok:

IcePaq 11th Jul 2007 14:42

Fully expects to see a pic of an unidentifyable grass field surrounded by pine trees later on in the thread.

seacue 11th Jul 2007 20:16

Pardon me for having to be away most of the day.
Yes, Speedbird had it in one. Washington National Airport in about 1950. Now officially Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
Interior shot in 1952. There was a row of checkin stations under the balcony to the left. That balcony was a fine place for plane-watching until they messed it up with pay TV seats.

Tiger_mate 11th Jul 2007 20:32

Saab Dastard: Art Deco airport so probably middle thirties origin. I have never been to Shoreham, but that looks like what I would expect it to look like on the domestic side ie not airside.

MReyn24050 11th Jul 2007 22:00

Saab Dastard's challenge
It is not Shoreham, but it is Collinstown Airport Dublin.

tr45831 12th Jul 2007 07:12

Ummmmm, I reckon it's the old terminal at Birmingham (UK).

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 13:59

Saab Dastard's challenge
As stated at Post #8 it is Dublin's Collinstown Airport Old Terminal Building.

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 14:01

Next Challenge

seacue 12th Jul 2007 14:19

My guess would be Midway, Chicago KMDW. Long ago with Capital Airlines extension at the right.

If this is a winner, let's let Speedbird48, who missed his/her go, take over.

I'll be away again today.

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 14:26

Mel's Challenge
Sorry seacue this one is not Midway, Chicago KMDW.

evansb 12th Jul 2007 16:09

Pittsburgh, PA, (KPIT)?

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 16:15

Mel's Challenge
Sorry Bri. It is not Pittsburgh, PA, (KPIT).

oscarh 12th Jul 2007 16:35

Dublin EIDW?

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 17:04

Mel's Challenge
oscarh Not Dublin EIDW I am afraid.

Saab Dastard 12th Jul 2007 18:11

Is it Stockholm Arlan?

MReyn24050 12th Jul 2007 18:36

Mel's Challenge
Saab Dastard. Not Stockholm Arlan in fact this one is not this side of the 'pond'.

seacue 13th Jul 2007 00:05

Sure are a lot of taxiways, etc, for such a small terminal. Is it dual-use civilian and military?

The connie doesn't help much since at least TWA, Eastern and Capital flew them domestically.

Probably not much after 1960 because of the DC-3 apparently in airline service.

I'm stumped.

evansb 13th Jul 2007 01:08


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