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BAMRA wake up 5th Oct 2007 22:36

Andy, no, read all the clues again...

Especially post #1006

621andy 5th Oct 2007 22:50

Yep, think I've got it now! North Ronaldsay! The airfields a mile apart presumably are Westray and Papa Westray.

When I first looked at the pic, I didn't realise the water was, in fact, erm water! It looked just like flatlands- hence the Yorkshire guess...

BAMRA wake up 5th Oct 2007 23:03

Well done, EGEN it is! http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/176545

Open house...

Incidentally, just found Papa Westray here:

621andy 5th Oct 2007 23:19

Well, that wasted the evening:} Thanks for that one!

Now, here's a fairly easy one to keep things moving..

No clues 'til the morning, not that you'll need 'em..

G'night all:zzz:

Simtech 6th Oct 2007 10:50

Milford Sound/NZMF?
If correct, open house - I can't post pics from work! :ugh:

621andy 6th Oct 2007 12:38

Told you it'd be easy!

Open house anyone?

evansb 6th Oct 2007 13:01


MReyn24050 6th Oct 2007 13:19

evansb's challenge
That must be Brussels Airport (BRU).

evansb 6th Oct 2007 13:33

Yes, Mel, it is the newly opened (1963) Brussels Zaventem International Airport. Over to you.

MReyn24050 6th Oct 2007 13:43

Next Challenge
This one will not take long either.

MReyn24050 7th Oct 2007 13:19

Mel's Challenge
Lots of viewers but no takers, I really did not think this would cause a problem. Perhaps time for a clue? Those trees in neat rows may well yield Oranges.

evansb 7th Oct 2007 15:38

Is it in Spain?

MReyn24050 7th Oct 2007 17:05

Mel's Challenge
Not Spain but it is not far from a shore which has a sea that also laps on the shores of Spain.

Phileas Fogg 7th Oct 2007 19:49

That only covers half the world, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines :)

621andy 7th Oct 2007 20:12

Aeroport de Orange in the Luberon, France? or completely in the other direction...somewhere in Florida?(oranges=orange juice=Florida)

MReyn24050 7th Oct 2007 20:15

Mels Challenge
We are talking about the Mediterranean coastlines but not French try the other end of the Med.

jabberwok 7th Oct 2007 20:20

Does Jaffa creep into this somewhere?... :hmm:

621andy 7th Oct 2007 20:26

Well, it aint cyprus..or at least no part I saw!

MReyn24050 7th Oct 2007 20:28

Mel's Challenge
They may well be Jaffa's on the trees below,yes.

BAMRA wake up 7th Oct 2007 21:05


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