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evansb 21st Jul 2007 21:22

Okay, its Cable Airport, home of Maniac Mike's Cafe, NNW of Ontario. Here is a recent shot of Cable Airport:

evansb 22nd Jul 2007 12:44

Here is the next Which Aerodrome?

Speedpig 22nd Jul 2007 13:14

A pure guess

evansb 22nd Jul 2007 13:34

Sorry Speedpig, not Moscow-Sheremetyevo.

Saab Dastard 22nd Jul 2007 15:03

Those look like SAAB Tunnans to me - Stockholm?


evansb 22nd Jul 2007 15:24

Saab Dastard, right on the jets, but it is not Stockholm.

Saab Dastard 22nd Jul 2007 17:57

OK, Austria was the only other air force to operate the Tunnan, so could it be Graz?

evansb 22nd Jul 2007 18:35

SD, it is in Austria, but not Graz.

MReyn24050 22nd Jul 2007 20:47

Linz-Hörsching which was a the joint civil and military airport in the 1950s

evansb 22nd Jul 2007 20:51

Spot on Mel:ok: The aerodrome is occasionally called 'The Blue Danube Airport' by tour operators. Well done.:D You have control.

MReyn24050 22nd Jul 2007 21:24

Next Challenge
Thanks Bri, here is an easy one.

No takers? There are some clues there.

MReyn24050 23rd Jul 2007 16:18

Speechless Two
It is the UK and no not Halfpenny Green but as you say Bagington (Coventry) Airport:ok::D. The Kings Cup Air Race was held here but this photograph was of aircraft taking part in the FIFTY YEARS OF FLYING DISPLAY, BAGINTON on the 18th June 1954. The Hurricane was as you say G-AMAU.
You have control.

The SSK 23rd Jul 2007 16:43

Well, I was thinking about saying Coventry, so..

MancRed 23rd Jul 2007 17:15

Stephenville Airport Canada.....more recent image below

MancRed 23rd Jul 2007 17:38

Next which aerodrome...........easy one me thinks

the incivil beast 23rd Jul 2007 17:50

Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle II

I have no pictures at hand, so the floor is open

evansb 23rd Jul 2007 19:01

Here is the next Which Aerodrome? I hope it won't last 24 hours.

Speedpig 23rd Jul 2007 19:34

I hope it won't last 24 hours.
Could that be a clue?


evansb 23rd Jul 2007 22:15

Good idea, but not Tulsa. The aerodrome is not located in North America.

Tiger_mate 23rd Jul 2007 22:55

Is it a seaplane base, or an 'aerodrome'?

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