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621andy 10th Jan 2008 14:11

As BAMRA hasn't officially confirmed that it is in fact Orkney, I Googled it to be sure, and can confirm that it's Hatston.

I assume the reference to it being too dry is aimed at my pic and not the Orkneys:}

Turin it is not;)

the incivil beast 10th Jan 2008 14:38

The Robin inside the hangar and the runway markings have definitely some French touch. Most probalbly Provence or Languedoc (based on the countryside)

Cuers-Pierrefeu, per chance ?

621andy 10th Jan 2008 14:47

Cuers-Pierrefeu- mais non!

evansb 10th Jan 2008 21:17

Is the aerodrome in Greece?

621andy 11th Jan 2008 00:22

Sorry, not Greece:)

Fishtailed 11th Jan 2008 09:03

Is it Limmasol, Cyprus

BSD 11th Jan 2008 10:44

Ajaccio, Corsica perhaps?


621andy 11th Jan 2008 13:41

Not Limmy, or Ajaccio either...

Russell Gulch 11th Jan 2008 19:02

Small clue, perhaps, Andy?


621andy 12th Jan 2008 02:09

I thought this one would go in minutes!

Someone got very close early on...

Fishtailed 12th Jan 2008 12:05

Somewhere on the Med coast like Frejus.

mustpost 12th Jan 2008 12:40

Lucca airfield?

621andy 12th Jan 2008 14:29

Not Luqa, but Frejus is warmer...

the incivil beast 12th Jan 2008 14:39

Le Luc - Le Cannet ?

621andy 12th Jan 2008 14:42

Here's a pic from the air that I've just found on the net...


621andy 12th Jan 2008 14:45

Not Le Luc.

the incivil beast 12th Jan 2008 14:48

Vinon sur Verdon !

I knew I had seen this tower somewhere :ugh:

Edited for typo induced grammar offence

621andy 12th Jan 2008 14:52

the incivil beast has it...Vinon it is!

Had a flight in a Duo Discus here in december in the most unlikely conditions, and still managed an hour and a halfs soaring*:ok: Great place!

*Only came down cos I was bluddy frozen:O

the incivil beast 12th Jan 2008 15:04

thanks andy

here is the next one :


aviate1138 12th Jan 2008 15:13

Slight diversion
I need to find info on wartime photos of RAF Stapleford [Tawney]? Does anyone have any pics of the airfield during WW2 please? However tatty or faded..... :rolleyes:

Unlucky for some it got hit twice by V-2s.

Thanks in advance for links or pics.

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