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evansb 4th May 2009 19:41

Sorry, not Haren-Evere.

Warmtoast 4th May 2009 23:19


According to a RAAF 75 Sqd. history source, the RAAF operated the Vampire F.B.9s initially from RNAS Hal-Far, Malta, and later moved to Ta'Qali (Takali).
Thanks for the clarification. I assumed (wrongly) that Luqa and Marsaxlokk were the only two RAF units on the island and as the latter was a Marine Craft Unit Luqa was the only viable base as home to the RAAF Vampires.

evansb 5th May 2009 14:25

Which Aerodrome?
More clues: Here is a recent photo taken at the site of the former airfield.

PPRuNe Pop 6th May 2009 07:08

If someone would like to start another thread I will merge this one with the archive at the top of the forum.

Sooner rather than later please.

Note for Mel, would you please move this thread 'upstairs' - thanks.


Background Noise 6th May 2009 09:18

I don't think he meant 'start another challenge' - it sounds like some forum husbandry. Pop you might need to be less cryptic.

brakedwell 6th May 2009 09:31

My airfield challenge is back in it's box..

evansb 6th May 2009 12:19

I will close this challenge. The mystery aerodrome is Knokke Het-Zoute, Belgium. The aerodrome was popular with sport aviators, and hosted a flying club. It its heyday, charter passenger and freight aircraft operated from the grass airfield. When crossing from England, it was the first Belgian airfield available. Closing in 1960, the airfield boundaries are little changed when looking at Google Earth. Nothing remains of the structures or concrete aprons. It presently borders a Provincial Nature Park, hosting many storks. brakedwell can post a challenge.

one11 6th May 2009 13:04

If someone would like to start another thread I will merge this one with the archive at the top of the forum.
Does this perhaps mean that we are about to hit some sort of maximum with 290 plus pages of posts and need to go back and start again at # 1 with a new thread name ?????

brakedwell 6th May 2009 13:17

brakedwell can post a challenge
That's kind of you evansb. Here it is again.


MReyn24050 6th May 2009 21:29

Which Aerodrome MKII
"Which Aerodrome MKII" has been opened at the request of PPruNE PoP and will be closed by the moderators. Please place your answers for brakedwell's latest at "Which Aerodrome II".

Double Hydco 6th May 2009 21:44

Is it El Adem?


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