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Tiger_mate 15th Jul 2007 11:09

King Pong: Normal procedures here are that we run one quizz at a time.

Akrotiri Bad Boy, it is Old Sarum :ok:

You have control

JW411 15th Jul 2007 11:11


Interestingly enough, I escorted 4 (I think) UN Wessex helicopters to Nicosia with a 267 Sqn Argosy (XP412) in February 1969.

We routed Benson - Odiham - Istres - Naples - Corfu - Athens - Nicosia. The odyssey took five days.

Sorry for the thread creep.

MReyn24050 15th Jul 2007 11:28

King Pong's challenge
Blackbushe perhaps.
However, as Tiger_mate says, could we just stick to one challenge at a time and adopt the rule if one wins then they post the next challenge or invite someone to if one is not able to.

seacue 15th Jul 2007 11:32

King Pong,

I reiterate that the usual procedure is that only one challenge is outstanding at a time and new challenges are issued by the winner of the previous challenge.

Thus Akrotiri will be given a reasonable time in which to post the next challenge. Should he fail to issue a challenge within 12 hours or so, the floor will be open.

To The Regulars: How about declaring the floor open once in a while for people such I who don't have much chance at winning, yet have reasonable challenges??

Stick around Pong, the more the merrier.


seacue (originator of this thread)

MReyn24050 15th Jul 2007 11:46

To The Regulars: How about declaring the floor open once in a while for people such I who don't have much chance at winning, yet have reasonable challenges?
I would go along with that.

King Pong 15th Jul 2007 13:51

Sorry Guys, I have now deleted my photos

seacue 15th Jul 2007 14:13

Mr Pong,

I hope you'll post them again the next time it's thrown open to all comers.

Or win a challenge before then.


Akrotiri bad boy 15th Jul 2007 14:32

Due to my complete ineptitude vis a vis posting photos I hereby relinquish control of this topic to the next challenger.:O

MReyn24050 15th Jul 2007 14:39

Thanks for starting this thread it is a great idea. However, could you possibly clarify the type of aerodrome that may be put up as a challenge?
At Post # 1 your stated:-"As in Which Cockpit, lets try to use elderly photos and not Google Earth pics".
Is it the intention to only include aerodromes that are still active but have undergone development or also those that were once active but now closed and could have possibly disappeared due to development of the land or facilities for other uses?

seacue 15th Jul 2007 16:08

My preference would be for early pictures of aerodromes which are still in use. Famous aerodromes that no longer exist (Croydon, etc) should be granted an exception and I think are fair game. If I could find a good aero photo of Washington Hoover airport I might post it, but I don't think that a picture of just its "generic" terminal is suitable at this time. Maybe if the thread lasts long enough we'll get to that sort of thing.

I'd hope for an overall aero photo, but realize that they are not available in many or even most cases. A picture of the PanAm terminal at Dinner Key, Miami, would be best if taken from the air, for example.

I hope I'm sufficiently obscure.

BTW: I think the floor is open, where is King Pong?

King Pong 15th Jul 2007 17:37

Sorry I am loosing the plot now. Should I post my photos again now on this thread? Start a new thread or wait for an invite

seacue 15th Jul 2007 19:24

Go ahead Pong, the floor is yours. Post your picture(s) on this thread.

seacue 16th Jul 2007 01:05

Lacking any response from Pong, let's get going again.

This airfield is no longer active, although the main building is still used for an aviation purpose.

Golf Charlie Charlie 16th Jul 2007 02:37

Floyd Bennett ?

seacue 16th Jul 2007 04:02

Yes, Floyd Bennett. Perhaps an easy one to get things rolling again.

GCC, you have control.

Tiger_mate 16th Jul 2007 07:12

Where is Floyd Bennett? & what is the aviation purpose it serves nowadays?

Golf Charlie Charlie 16th Jul 2007 10:52

Thank you. I went there last year and thought it looked familiar. I'll put up a few pictures later if I may. I'll happily cede control to someone else.

Floyd Bennett is located in southern Brooklyn, New York City, close to the water on Jamaica Bay. It can sometimes be spotted on certain approaches into/departures from JFK. It used to be one of the early New York airports, possibly (if I recall) actually the first commercial airport for the city. The terminal is a fine example of pre-WW2 airport architecture.

I must say I am not sure what aviation purposes exist there today. The main terminal, still seen in the picture above, is being restored slowly, and it's possible to climb up to the control tower. Also, one of the hangars on the other side of the field may be used for some aviation restoration purposes. Years ago it housed an old 377 Stratocruiser. I think it may be housing the Concorde there that has temporarily moved from the River Hudson site of the Intrepid museum while the ship is being restored.

seacue 16th Jul 2007 12:10

I understand that a small aviation exhibit or museum is taking form on the ground floor of the main building.

GCC, how about the next challenge?

The SSK 16th Jul 2007 12:23

According to Wikipedia, NYPD use Floyd Bennett as a heliport.

Yeah, c'mon GCC :)

jindabyne 16th Jul 2007 15:33

Can I have a bash?


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