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Toboto 17th Jul 2009 12:54

Hey for all you serious ATC sim guys and gals out there a really good one which i learnt on and is probably more realistic, is this website check it out

ATC-SIM: a web-based air traffic control simulator

Once you learn the commands its really great have fun!!!!

mrtwister 17th Jul 2009 23:48

I had found this one a couple of days before the Psych Testing and I found it very helpful. I actually found it quite similar to the testing one.

Play Air Traffic Controller a Free Game at Fupa Games

YankATC 18th Jul 2009 02:52

Its worth the wait, although my circumstances are different. I have been a controller for a long time and am going to Sydney TCU. College for 7 weeks then Sydney.

Good Luck to everyone!

jrbridge 18th Jul 2009 08:28

At the moment, the conversion courses seem to be about 18 weeks. We have a few USA controllers on conversion at the moment, one has been there since November. Not sure if you would knock it off in 7 weeks.

melbATC 19th Jul 2009 02:11

En-route conversion courses are in the area of 18-20 weeks, however TMA conversions are generally much shorter as they are not required to complete the 2 non-radar sim modules, so 7 weeks is quite possible.

YankATC 20th Jul 2009 00:22

Actually the 7 weeks is what I am scheduled for and ASA thinks its the right amount of time (although I think its too long :) ). I've been doing almost the exact same thing in the US as I will be doing in Sydney.

mrtwister 20th Jul 2009 01:58

Hey YankATC,

Did you move here for the job or did you move here for other reasons and want to continue working as an ATC?

What are you doing in Sydney - tower or approach?

Sorry - just curious :O

YankATC 20th Jul 2009 06:10

No worries :)

I am doing approach and I am moving for the job as I love it and moving because we love Australia. Its a win win for us.

enemyMiG 21st Jul 2009 11:45

Hi all

I've heard that recently, due to a lack of instructors, accepted students have been offered blip-pilot roles for a few months prior to commencing the course proper.
Is this still the case?

melbATC 22nd Jul 2009 06:15

not at the moment, as far as I am aware the last course this happened to started about 12 months ago.

enemyMiG 22nd Jul 2009 11:42

Thanks melbATC

Just trying to get a feel for what to expect.
I'm currently a tradie, so this'll be a M A S S I V E career change if it all pans out!


mrtwister 23rd Jul 2009 05:53

Phone calls for offers are being made today. The wait is finally over :ok:

Toboto 23rd Jul 2009 07:28

Do you know if its for all interviews or just for adelaide cairs and brissy, had my test and int in melb?

mrtwister 23rd Jul 2009 11:27

I was told that the people that are being offered positions in this year's courses (Oct, Nov, Dec) regardless of interview venue etc I assume, will be contacted in the next day or so. Verbal offers only, written offers to be received next week in the mail.

Anyone know a good, cheap removalist? :\

gemmy 23rd Jul 2009 11:52


Melbs & Syd interviewees are on next year's course list I believe.!

Mrtwister.. I used a cheap removalist 18mths ago from Melbs to NSW & only cost $1300... DLM Removals... 0429631688. Perhaps google them also. It was for a one bedroom unit into a storage shed. I had packed everything up though.

When is your course starting??

Salinger 24th Jul 2009 05:02

Congrats mrtwister!

No phone call here so far... :ugh:

MrpreP 24th Jul 2009 16:48

Hi Everybody
I was reading this forum frm the last few days. I have the phy. test in Melbourne. As per the prev. forum, I have prep. Simulation and time distance questions. Can you guys please suggest me any more prep...


mrtwister 24th Jul 2009 22:39

No I can't.

If things haven't changed, that's all you can really prep for.

The remaining tests require judgement and decision/reaction time which you can't really prep for.

Not much else you can do but get a good rest the night before.

When are the psych tests being held?

gemmy 25th Jul 2009 09:28


The only thing I did before hand was a refresher on my speed distance time formulas for the maths component. Honestly, I don't think you can prepare for any other of the exams.

It wasn't what I'd call a super hard lot of exams... the not knowing the pass marks etc is what will eat at you most !! - But that's my personal opinion.

Just forget about each test as you move onto the next though.


MrpreP 25th Jul 2009 10:24

Thanks for the reply.. My test will be on 17th Aug, so there is lot of time:O. This test is really important for me so if you have any suitable links for the prep. that will be great.

gemmy 25th Jul 2009 12:07


Just goodle Speed Distance Time & you'll come up with a bunch of different scenarios....... There is also an interrupt test which coincides with the Maths test.. but aim for at least 35 correct maths questions.. keep an eye on the time!!!!!

The sim test at the end of the day is pretty fun actually & you'll get 5 attempts to practice it first. you get your results after each practice so you have a fair idea how you are doing.

The others you can't really prepare for.. just read over this forum thread.. all the help you can ask for is in these posts!!

Just be well rested & as soon as you complete one test, forget about it & focus on the next test. You have a few breaks throughout the day.. along with a about an hour for lunch. Think we finished around 4pm at the latest.

psychometrictest 28th Jul 2009 10:24

psychometric test - 17th aug
where can one practice for the test...i have gone thru the blogs honestly it sounds a little hard .

gemmy 28th Jul 2009 12:17

U simply can not practice, except to brush up on your speed distance time maths! (first test of the day, along with the Interrupt test)

You have applied for Air Traffic Control... wouldn't you be a little angry if the testing were so easy & so many unsuitable people got through & your life were in their hands???

I didn't look at it this way until I said to a friend, "The interview was hard..."! He said, `Well thankgod for that, I fly alot & would hope only the best make it through'...

You can either do it, or you can't. Best you find out at the testing days as opposed to during the college training!!

Read the forum again.. all the advice is in it.. rest well, don't stress, forget about one test as you move onto the next & have confidence in yourself that you have the aptitude to do the job!!! :-)


Salinger 28th Jul 2009 23:56

Does anyone have the details on what is involved in a Class 3 medical?

What do they check in particular?

jrbridge 29th Jul 2009 08:12

It's just a visit to an Aviation Doctor (DAME), they do blood test, colour blind test, ECG, BMI, Drug test. Then to a audiologist for a hearing test, then an opthamologist for an eye test. Then send it in to CASA with $75 and hope they approve it. All tests are refunded when you start the college.

nick83 30th Jul 2009 13:09

Hi everyone,

I came across this thread after searching for some information about the psychometric assessments on Google. I've been invited to attend the Brisbane sessions in August!

Thanks to everyone here, all the information has been incredibly helpful!

psychometrictest 31st Jul 2009 10:10

psychometric test - 17th aug
i was going thru a book on ATC tests taken in states , are there any radar screen questions in psy.tests

Scanorama 31st Jul 2009 13:03

My Psychometric Testing session is in August too, next week in fact in Sydney. Thanks for all the information posted here, they are very helpful!

Fingers crossed :)

@nick83, are you applying for en-route positions as well?

mrtwister 31st Jul 2009 14:19

Was there a choice on your application for enroute, approach or tower? I'm pretty sure you guys will all be doing enroute or at least that is the case with our recruitment wave. I think they've found that as enroute is easier to simulate accurately, the success rate for trainees in the field is higher than the other disciplines. Also, I think I'd be pretty annoyed if I was sitting in enroute for years waiting for a Tower or Approach position to pop up and then some rookie comes in and fills it straight out of training.

I could be wrong, they may have changed the recruitment process again. Just letting you know what those about to start were informed.

All the best for the testing.

pilotprincess 2nd Aug 2009 05:00

I have my test on Friday in Randwick - Sydney. I have been practicing all the time speed and distance questions, but I'm still really nervous. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I was wondering if everyone who applies gets through to the testing day, or do they actually shorten the list after the online test? Might make me feel better if i know I'm not the first to get eliminated from the selection process. :ouch:

gemmy 2nd Aug 2009 12:46


one must pass the required cutoff on the online test to make it through to the testing day!! Hope this gives you a little more confidence on the day...

Just remember that worrying/stressing won't help... a few nerves are natural, so rest well & be confident instead :-)

Scanorama 2nd Aug 2009 13:43

@pilotprincess: I have my test the same day as you, same place and like you nervous as hell at the moment.

@gemmy: thanks for the reassurance :) I actually thought anyone who bothered to complete the application form and the online test would make it to the psychometric test.

@mrtwister: the application form specified that this is an en-route training position. However in the application form it had a question that asked if a Tower training course is offered in 2010, would I be interested.

pilotprincess 3rd Aug 2009 02:41

Thanks Gemmy, that actually does make me feel better. :) And Scanorama, I'll be the girl in the corner rocking quietly and looking like she's going to vomit. Come say hi!
I'm trying to take this like my CPL exams, concentrate on leaving all the stress till the end when you have pressed submit and sit through the agonizingly long wait for the result to come up on the screen. At that point there is nothing you can do, and you havenít wasted valuable energy and time on stressing through the exam.

hermy1 3rd Aug 2009 02:52

Airservices Recruitment
is airservices only recruiting from OZ at the moment?
can anyone tell me if some of the okes on psychometric exams are from foreign soil?

gemmy 3rd Aug 2009 12:58


No way would they allow everyone who submits an application to attend testing day.. this is for Air Traffic Control, not a checkout operator at coles (no offence to anyone). They (AsA) need to make sure that each successful applicant has the aptitude & attitude to pass college & then do the job!

Obviously only the most suitable applicants make it through stage after stage. It will be narrowed down to approx 75-100 per capital city for testing day I believe.

We had 4 days of testing in Melbs early in the year & 25 per day. 8 passed testing on my day.

Good luck again!!

Toboto 4th Aug 2009 07:30

Hallo guys just curious to know has anyone from the last round of testing had any offers for courses yet (i havn't) i thought people were getting phonecalls and offers in the mail?

mrtwister 4th Aug 2009 09:14

Hey Toboto,

Got a verbal offer on the phone 2 Thursdays ago and was given the information that the written offer would be in the mail asap. Received email yesterday saying the Manager of the College is 'out of the office' so there is a hold-up with gaining appropriate signatures. Will be forwarded once the documents are returned from the Manager. Guess the next calls are for next years courses, no idea when though.

Toboto 4th Aug 2009 09:58

Lucky you MrTwister your still way ahead of me, still waiting for them to contact me before they contact my referees, hope you get into a course soon! Gee if this waiting thing is some kind of test i'd say we'd all pass with flyign colours....

mrtwister 4th Aug 2009 10:21

The problem (if I dare call it that) is that I AM in a course, it starts on 5th October. I haven't received any info regarding the procedures yet and we have HEAPS to organise for the move (with 3 kids in tow). Removalists, leave applications, school enrollments, accommodation, packing etc. I hope I find out more soon or it's going to be NUTS.:}

gemmy 4th Aug 2009 10:44


Hang in there, I have heard that only ACT & Brisbane interviewees got through to the Oct course.. all us others are on the list for early 2010 courses... I was told in my interview that the first course is most likely March next year!

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