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Toboto 9th Mar 2009 06:06

I'm from Melbourne, like you said were all still waiting to hear for our behavoural interview down here, i'm just keen to find out ASAP like everyone else, lucky for Pyxie the hardest part of the application is over good luck, but we should be hearing soon i hope, its been 3 weeks since my phone interview.

howsweetitis 9th Mar 2009 06:11

I think they should let the people who have further to travel know first, so that we have more time to plan our trip to Melb.:rolleyes:
My "check email" button is just about worn out!
I guess the longer we wait now, the shorter we have to wait later.

Now that makes me feels heaps better...
We should all know in less than 6 months.:ok:

Pyxie 9th Mar 2009 07:54

Thanks, it was great to get it out of the way early. Now just some more of the waiting game.

The best advice I can give is what's already been said previously on this forum - be prepared for any questions pertaining to stressful situations and conflict, be relaxed and be yourself. There's a set of formal question which they ask, but of course depending on your answers they will probably deviate from them with further questions.

best of luck to all, I like howsweetitis's optimism - we'll all know in about 6 months :)

Big_Flyer 20th Mar 2009 00:19

Im still waiting to hear if i have a panel interview or not. Anyone else in same boat?

Pyxie 20th Mar 2009 01:41

I don't think anyone from Melbs or Syd have heard yet... Final couple of Bris interviews are today, though.

2 weeks down, 1 to go... not that I'm counting. All this waiting is the worst :ugh:

Big_Flyer 20th Mar 2009 01:48

What about Adelaide and Perth interviews?

Pyxie 20th Mar 2009 02:56

Not sure, don't think I've spoken to anyone from there.. what I heard was that it was only Bris interviewing at the moment :confused:

Hopefully you all hear soon though, they said in my interview that they thought they were going through the whole process faster than previously! :bored:

gemmy 20th Mar 2009 06:54

Yep, I'm also still waiting.(Melbourne)! Perhaps the people who were recently interviewed in Brissy may be going for the June intake??!

howsweetitis 20th Mar 2009 09:08

Still no news in Adelaide either.
I was thinking that they might need more enrouters in Brisbane so they want to get them started first (in sept), which might mean Melbourne people might be in next group (6 weeks plus).
Hmm! I guess we will know soon.

mrtwister 20th Mar 2009 09:17

The longer it takes the better for me. Our 3rd child is due in 2 weeks and the longer we have with her before we'd have to move to Melbourne the better. Assuming all goes well of course. Not getting too far ahead of myself!:O
It's probable that they're taking a whole intake from Brisbane I guess. I did my test in Syd but would much prefer an interview (assuming I get one) in Melb so I can visit the ATC centre etc

gemmy 21st Mar 2009 07:01

Hi all, looks like it'll be another few weeks until we hear back about how our telephone interviews went etc. I emailed HR & they said another few weeks. !

mrtwister 21st Mar 2009 07:06

Thanks for the news Gemmy.:ok:

Jimh91 23rd Mar 2009 11:09

hi all...i am currently in year 12 and planning on applying for the first course i can..... it is great but also nerve racking at the same time to learn about the rigourous pre-testing, but hopefully i will go through it ok! I have already visited the melbourne centre numerous times and so hopefully that will help with the interview when and if i get that far.

Look forward to hopefully working with some of you in the future!

Pyxie 24th Mar 2009 01:48

Good luck for when you get here Jimh :) have patience, because it's a loooooong process.

Well, third week since my interview and the tension is building, I should hear something this week, apparently. :bored:

mrtwister 25th Mar 2009 08:07

EMail finally came through. 5:30pm :p
Interviews are 'probably' in May.
At least I can relax a bit now.
Hope you all got some good news as well.

Toboto 25th Mar 2009 08:13

Hallo all yes it looks like melbourne emails came through looks like May interviews good to know one more box to tick to becoming an ATC :ok:

Pyxie 25th Mar 2009 08:19

awesome :ok: congrats on the good news - plenty of time to prepare!

lamancha73 25th Mar 2009 09:01

Yes Pyxie, definitley plenty of time to prepare! Hope you'll get some good news this week.

howsweetitis 25th Mar 2009 10:59

The waiting is much easier now knowing another round is definately passed. I might be able to give my fingernails a rest for a few weeks.
I am glad we all find out the same time, I would hate to read others have heard and I am still waiting.
At least with another 6 weeks till interviews I have more time to prepare. I think I should have the ASA website memorised by then. :O
Now I can organise a trip to the Tower and TCU.

gemmy 26th Mar 2009 07:42

Hey all, yep, also got the email. Time to organise a Facilities visit.!! Luckily I am currently up in Brisbane for 2 weeks holiday (As I live a fair way from any facility at the moment).

Jimh91 27th Mar 2009 11:31

to those that have been or are currently in the process of applying for atc, approximately when do you first get a call or email to come to an interview or testing day after you first apply? just that im intending on staying in nz for a few months at the start of next year but would like to be over here well in time for when it all begins.


Pyxie 27th Mar 2009 12:24


The first step is an online cognitive ability test, which I think in this round started about 2 weeks after the close of applications (you get about a week to complete it) after that they need to sort through the results and get back to you about a date for the assessment centre, if you were successful. In the case of this current process, applications closed at the end of october, online test in november, an email in december to advise we would hear more in January, then the assessment centre in February.
Hope that helps :)

Anyone from Brisbane heard anything about the results for the interview yet?

PerkyBog 30th Mar 2009 10:00

I did my interview in Brissy on that first day too. I haven't heard anything yet. I thought I might have heard back earlier like with the other stages but it can't be long to go now anyway.

gemmy 31st Mar 2009 22:58

I wonder if you Brissy guys/girls will have to wait until everyone else has been interviewed before you get your results back - seeing as though there are only 12 spots for the Sept course.

Unless of course you are eligible for the mid year course. (envious if that is the case)

Big_Flyer 1st Apr 2009 00:50

Anyone know how many course's after the September course for the 09 intake?

Pyxie 1st Apr 2009 01:31

eek, I hope we don't have to wait that long! They said they hoped to have it all sorted in about 3 weeks at my interview, so I'm still hoping...

Does anyknow know if they notify by snail mail or still by email of the interview results?

jrbridge 1st Apr 2009 07:50

I received a phone call to notify me and then the info by email and snail mail.

mrtwister 3rd Apr 2009 05:33

My interview is here in Canberra. Sweet, glad I don't have to fork out more money for flights like I did for the testing.
Booked in for the 7th May. :ok:

gemmy 3rd Apr 2009 07:55

Nice work Mr Twister.. My Interview is in Sydney (only one short flight for me as opposed to 2 flights like last time to Melbourne).
I just read the email, I can elect 11 or 12 May.

I visited Brisbane AsA facilities today... am so glad they had the time to show me around. Very accommodating.!!

lamancha73 3rd Apr 2009 08:18

Melbourne interviews 4th to 8th May. Just booked myself for the 6th. Now to organise a tour of melbourne centre.
Good luck to all.

Pyxie 3rd Apr 2009 08:31

Good luck to all of you! :ok: I just hope us Brissy people don't have to wait that long to hear how we went :ugh:

Gemmy, did you get to sit with any of the ATCO's while you were visiting? Everyone was great and very helpful when I went :)

gemmy 3rd Apr 2009 08:39

Thanks Pyxie.! I just booked in for Monday 11th May.!!

Yeah I sat in for prob around 90mins, 3 different controllers. They were very informative. I even chatted with a controller who recently graduated from the College.

I'd say you Brissy Interviewees would have to wait until we have all completed our interviews so that they can then pick 12 recruits from the National recruiting drive. Would be hard for them to pick say 5 from Brisbane without Interviewing the rest of the Country you would think.!

Unless of course ... you are eligble for the mid year intake!

But I hope for your sake I am wrong.. the waiting sucks hey.

Pyxie 3rd Apr 2009 08:44

It is! All this waiting! Oh well, what can ya do.

howsweetitis 3rd Apr 2009 13:54

I have just booked in for Melb on May 6.
Just have to book some flights now.
I am still trying to organise a tower visit, I was told I had to wait until I had booked in an interview date.

PerkyBog 18th Apr 2009 22:35

Hey guys. I got an email on Friday saying that I was successful in my interview. Now I'm on an "Order of merit list". They didn't say if or when they want me, only that they'll contact me by July and I shouldn't quit my job or anything like that. Anyone else heard back?

Toboto 19th Apr 2009 22:59

Mr Perky Bog well that makes sense because, you still have to complete the online personality assessment, referee comments, medical and police checks before any final offers are made, still a long way to go like they said it is a long selection process, if you passed the interview you've got a good chance I'd say, hope you get through.

jrbridge 20th Apr 2009 09:01

That is not totally correct. The medical tests are done after an offer has been made and accepted. You need to get a Class 3 Medical Certificate. Which involves:
Aviation Doctor
- Blood and Urine check
- Lots of questions
- Height and weight

- Colour blindness and Glaucoma check and vision

- Check hearing for damage

gemmy 22nd Apr 2009 08:27

Nice going Perkybog... another step closer for you! How did you find the Interview overall? What you expected...?

Heloboss 23rd Apr 2009 19:35

Greeting Gang
FAA Controller here...Who handles Hiring for Tower Controller in Australia. I am curious to know if it compares to Contract Tower work in the US....pay/benefits...etc...?

Have 12 years tower experience in the US and UK.

Would like to hear from anyone on who to contact or just some general guidance...



ponti6 24th Apr 2009 00:39

ASA - Airservices Australia handles all air traffic control positions in Australia - Towers included - those applying to be trainee controllers should do their research about the company they are trying to get a job with.

ASA also holds a contract for some Towers in the US, dont know what they pay those contractors though.

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