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undervaluedATC 26th Feb 2009 12:18

12 months for the recruitment/selection process is about the average.

someone was saying the April course had been cancelled, but I don't know if that is true or not.

gemmy 2nd Mar 2009 01:17

Has anyone else from the recent testing day been invited for the Behavioral Interveiw yet?

I had my telephone interview last week, awaiting invite for Behavioral Interview!!!! They said on the phone I should hear back this week.

Pyxie 2nd Mar 2009 01:58

They told me it could be up to six weeks before I heard about the next stage when I had my phone interview.. luckily I did't have to wait that long and received my email the Monday a week and a half after my interview :)

When you get the email you have to log on to book in a time, so they will need to have their time table sorted out I guess before they send any emails out... but I wouldn't worry too much - you might get your email today!

howsweetitis 2nd Mar 2009 03:37

Hi Pyxie,
Why are you so special? :O
You seem to be at least 1 week ahead of the rest of us..
Still waiting for my invite also.

Pyxie 2nd Mar 2009 04:01

hehe.. I just am :rolleyes:

Nah, I'm up in Brissy.. could just mean I have longer to chew my nails after my interview though :S

lamancha73 2nd Mar 2009 04:39

Hi gemmy
I'm in the same situation as you. Did the tests in melbourne on the 11th Feb and found I passed on the 17th. Did the phone interview on the 19th and am still waiting to hear back. Lady interviewing me said tha it would take a week or two to get confirmation to go on to the interview.
Patience, I guess, is the key here.

gemmy 2nd Mar 2009 05:14

Yes, Patience is certainly the Key!!

I wonder how many people actually passed the testing in Melbs??. I sat the exams on the 12th. I was told that 11 people passed the exams in Melbs on the 11th Feb however only 3 people passed the exams in Perth on the 11th Feb. (bit of useless info, but kills some peoples curiosity)

lamancha73 2nd Mar 2009 05:33

We were told that 6 out of 18 passed the day before (10th). Four days of tests, maybe 90 tested, so I guess 30-40 people passed. A lot to whittle down and thats just Melbourne.

Pyxie 2nd Mar 2009 06:34

I sat the tests on the first day in Bris, so I can't add to how many passed... but they did have 4 days worth of interview times available for us to choose from, so if every slot is filled you'd be looking at about 30 people being interviewed in Brisbane

gemmy 2nd Mar 2009 06:36

Yes, hence a lot of people flunk out at the Interview from what I have been told.
Back they are also most likely running back to back courses, so that could help also.

V11 2nd Mar 2009 06:56

Then I was one of the 11 on the 11th (happens to be my favourite number). I am also waiting to hear if I made it to the behavioural interview. Getting a bit obsessive about checking my emails so hope to find out soon.

Gemmy, when they say back to back courses, do you know if that means they will run one after the other waiting a year for the next class to begin? Or maybe stagger the start of each class so once they reach a certain stage the next class starts? Or running them at the same time, but morning and evening?

Knackers 2nd Mar 2009 07:48

The courses are staggered, several months apart. The limitation is simulator access. One course must be finishing as a new course enters the sim after 6 weeks of theory. Also, there is a limit to the number of trainees that the centres can accept - the OJTIs (on-the-job-training-instructors) are worn out from training and keeping up with all the changes. If you visit a centre and feel that the controllers are a bit off-hand, don't take it personally.

There is the possibility of maximising simulator access by running courses off-set, morning and afternoon, but unfortunately the restriction at the moment is instructor numbers. And with Airservices refusing to pay potential instructors the equivalent of field salaries, it ain't going to be fixed soon.

After your interview, you're placed on an order of merit. So you may miss out on the next course but be picked up for the following or a later course.

I don't know what Airservices has done with recruiting - it used to be a 6 month process.

mrtwister 3rd Mar 2009 23:16

I'm glad other people are sweating on the phone interview too. Mine will be 2 weeks ago tomorrow and still haven't heard anything. I had no idea that there were people at different stages. I figured everyone who has applied were at the same place.

Toboto 3rd Mar 2009 23:46

Yes I'm from melbourne I had my testing day on the 11th of Feb then I had my phone interview on the 19th of Feb it has been nearly two weeks, I was told around 4 weeks time till I will hear something and to check my email (doing that 5 billion times a day) looking forward to the next step if we eventually hear.

mrtwister 4th Mar 2009 02:24

That's weird because my interviewer told me it would be 'about' 2 weeks until I heard anything but that's what they also said on my Psychometric day and I received the next correspondence about 1 week later. Shame on me for assuming 2 weeks meant less than that. I check my email at every opportunity as well, and the civil air website as well to see if there's any progress on the Cert Agreement. This is starting to consume my life.:}

Pyxie 4th Mar 2009 02:49

I don't think it's just you mrtwister.. as soon as anyone replies on this thread everyone instantly jumps online to check!

Good luck to you all, hopefully you hear back soon - all the waiting has got to be the worst part :bored:

kavi 4th Mar 2009 03:14

ATCO for sydney tma/tower
I have applied online for Sydney TMA/Tower. Got a mail that passed the first round and asked to fillup 9 page document about past experience and tertiary qualification. got short call why interested and all about working. there after no news
Is there anybody have similar experience or any information about selection of overseas controller for sydney TMA/tower:rolleyes:

jrbridge 4th Mar 2009 05:07

G'Day all,

I spoke to ASA this morning, there is a course starting June 15th and another in September. As far as I know they are only accepting positions in Enroute, either Melbourne or Brissy.

gemmy 4th Mar 2009 05:26

June Course?? Does anyone know if previous recruiting has been done for that course, or is this round of recruiting for that course also?

I was under the impression that this round of recruiting was for the Sept Intake. Would be fantastic if we had the opportunity for the June Course.. less waiting! But still, Sept would still be worth the wait.

jrbridge 4th Mar 2009 06:47

Check up at my other post at the top of the page and you will see that going by how long it has taken me there should be plenty of people for the June intake from previous test dates. I don't think they have run many courses lately and are fairly behind.

ldelaney 4th Mar 2009 06:54

I also heard back within a week after phone interview that i had been successful and had to book a time for my behavioural

Pyxie 4th Mar 2009 07:28

So you're in the Brisbane round as well ldelaney? Are you coming to Bris for it, or did you get one of the 3 phone interviews times?

I'm off to visit the Brisbane centre tomorrow; I'm looking forward to it, should be interesting :)

ldelaney 4th Mar 2009 08:16

Yeah im flyin down the day for it :)

Pyxie 4th Mar 2009 08:34

nice one, well good luck for it :ok:

ldelaney 4th Mar 2009 08:40

Same to you mate...what day you going for yours?

Pyxie 4th Mar 2009 11:43

Monday. Figured I'd get it out of the way on the first day, then I can just sit back and relax... (or not :ugh:). How about you?

gemmy 4th Mar 2009 22:29

Hey Pyxie,

Who did you contact to arrange a facilities visit in Brisbane?

I have a contact in Melbs, however I may be doing my Interview in Sydney, but will be up in Brissy beforehand.


howsweetitis 4th Mar 2009 23:17

So Gemmy, Have you heard about any progress or are you assuming/hoping.
Everybody says ATC is a stressful job, but I didnt think it would be just as stressful waiting to get in...
Have to go and check my emails now.:bored:

gemmy 5th Mar 2009 00:22

Howsweetitis,... I've been informed that Melbs will be holding Interviews at a later date as opposed to Brisbane, hence the delay in emails.

I know a few ATCO's & they say it's not a stressful job like everyone makes out, it's a high pressure job, it just depends if you allow that pressure to cause you stress!!

I'm used to the whole waiting process.. the Military & the Police were exactly the same! Teaches one to be patient that's for sure. :-)

Pyxie 5th Mar 2009 03:04

Hey Gemmy,

I just called AsA head office, they put me through to the public affairs guy in Brisbane who arranged a visit with a training supervisor. Otherwise you could call directly to public affairs (contact details on AsA webpage) and they should be able to sort out a visit to any of the facillites...

It was great, I had a tour of the simulator and sat in listening to a couple of ATCO's for about an hour and a bit this morning. Generally just got a brief overview of everything :ok:

gemmy 5th Mar 2009 04:02

Thanks for that Pyxie. That's great that you got a good look around prior to your interview on Monday.

Yeah, I have sat in on ATCOs working quite a few times in the past.. but only when I was in the Military.. looking forward to a look at the Civie way of Air Traffic Controlling......

You all prepared for Monday?? What time of day is your interview? Good thinking on getting it out of the way on day 1 also !!

jrbridge 5th Mar 2009 05:14

Well after 2 years of testing and waiting I got the call today for a position on a course starting June 15th, then after training based in Melbourne. Yippee. I just need to find a place to live near the airport. Cheers!

howsweetitis 5th Mar 2009 06:30

You must be so relieved. Good luck with moving and finding a house.

Pyxie 5th Mar 2009 07:07

Congrats jrbridge, that's great news - was all the waiting worth it?

Interview is in the morning.. I think I'm about as prepared as I can be for it. It's so hard to know what to prepare for though, seeing as I've received such a broad range of advice for it. Now to worry, I'll know soon enough I guess!

gemmy 8th Mar 2009 22:41

Good luck for your Interview today Pyxie...fingers are crossed for you!

Pyxie 9th Mar 2009 01:11

Thanks Gemmy,

It wasn't too bad actually, I think I did the best I could which is all one can really ask. I didn't feel like I was being grilled, which I can recall from my previous interview. There were 3 on the panel - a training supervisor, an ATC manager and a girl from HR.

The HR girl said I should find out in about 3 weeks, so here's hoping my best is good enough...:}

Any news on your interview yet?

gemmy 9th Mar 2009 02:19

Hey Pyxie,

Well Done indeed. Fingers crossed for you now. Great to hear you went in as prepared as you can..

No news as of yet, apparently no one from Melb testing has heard anything yet. They must be running well behind in organising times etc for the interviews.

I guess 3 weeks isn't too long for you to wait hey!

mrtwister 9th Mar 2009 03:01

Nice work Pyxie. Now the rest of the interviewees have their work cut out for them. Good to get it out of the way early.

btw gemmy- I did my testing in Syd and I haven't heard anything since my phone interview from 3 weeks ago either.

Toboto 9th Mar 2009 03:10

Hallo Pyxie any tips you can give us for those who are waiting to sit the behavoural interview?

gemmy 9th Mar 2009 04:44

Hey Mrtwister.. yeah I heard it's only Brisbane Interviewing at the moment.

Toboto - when is your Interview?? And is it in Brissy?

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