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adam_753 14th Mar 2008 13:32

a seven page questionaire? Was it an email based thing? I will let my referee's know in that case.
Good luck everyone I want to know now!

dsham 14th Mar 2008 23:16

when i went through the whole long drawn out process, my referees were contacted by phone. They had to answer about 20 questions about your reliability, integrity ect ect. That being said if you get to the referee stage then there is a really strong chance you will get in. There has never been a better time than now to get into ATC - they want to rate some ridiculous number like 90 or so people this year apparently, so if you pass the testing day and dont make a fool of yourself at the interview then your chances are very very good.

AirBumps 18th Jan 2009 12:50

I'm bumping this thread up because I'm in the process of going through the hoops for the 2009 intake.

Testing day is early Feb. Does anybody out there have any advice for prep?


Dimebag 19th Jan 2009 08:03

atc testing
i've got the testing early feb aswell. quite nervous about it.... is there a reasonable chance of being accepted if you pass these tests?

btw the training starts in sep 09...a year after the process started ugghhh, still keen though

gemmy 28th Jan 2009 01:08

ATC testing
I am also sitting the testing in Feb in Melbs.

Does anyone know how many people are accepted for a course?

thanks. (& good luck to you others sitting the exams)

Knackers 28th Jan 2009 04:01

There's nothing you can do to prepare for the tests, other than get a decent sleep beforehand. Those that pass are then interviewed for an hour. It's a behavioral interview, so Google it beforehand and practise it.

I've been on the panel a few times over the years, and tell you what, there are some very strange people who pass the aptitude test who have some very strange ideas of how to impress an interview panel We're looking for stable, level-headed, intelligent people who can string two words together with multiple syllables. We're not looking for mature-age boys who get their mums to do everything for them. (My experience is that the girls are a better bet for training. They're used to working 110% to prove themselves equal to a man, and they set themselves high standards. The guys want to coast, and it ain't that kind of course.)

You don't have to know much about ATC but what efforts have you made to find out? Minimum level of interest would be to arrange a visit to your nearest ATC centre or tower. Too far away? Conflict with your footy practise? Wrong time of the day? Car broke down? Don't know the email address? Get real. These are all actual excuses. Save the panel the effort of crossing you off the list.

The courses consist of 12 trainees usually. I expect at least 6 courses for 2010. But I don't work in Airservices much maligned - and rightly so - planning department!

Pyxie 7th Feb 2009 00:42

I sat the psychometric testing last week and received my email yesterday advising I was through to the next round of recruitment. Yay!

I was under the impression the behavioral interview was next but it's actually a 10 min telephone interview which will be sometime next week. Is this a new step in the process? and does anyone have any advice for it? :)

Knackers 7th Feb 2009 00:59

'Fraid not. Might be to organize further steps.

rossco47 10th Feb 2009 06:55

My testing day is tomorrow in Melbourne. Thanks to all with the rundown of what is involved. At least now it's not all going to be a complete surprise/shock.

AirBumps 10th Feb 2009 07:28

Hey Rossco47,

Good luck mate, mines coming up soon. Any advice you could post after your day tomorrow would be MUCH appreciated!!


garyd 12th Feb 2009 00:47

hey ross how did u go with the test.. gud enough to make u thru to next stage?

garyd 12th Feb 2009 01:18

Psychometric Testing for ATC by Airservices Australia
How gud one's pyschometric test performance should be to make him to the next stage??????....

bluparker 12th Feb 2009 03:47

dude, maybe you should sweat on the little things like level 7 english proficiency before you get too carried away.

gemmy 13th Feb 2009 06:53

ATC Testing
I passed the exams...!! What a relief. Now waiting to hear when the Interview is scheduled.

AirBumps 13th Feb 2009 15:21

Hey guys,

Thanks to all those who offered support and help for the tests. I did them this week in Melb, not an easy day. I think if I managed to get enough on the first speed/time/distance exam and IT test I should be OK.

They told us that this is the first time that ASA has not wanted the candidates to find out if they past or not on the day, prefering to let us know in an email 2 weeks later. Seems strange since the testers on the day can see the results straight away.

Anyway, cross the fingers.


undervaluedATC 14th Feb 2009 00:34

Airbumps: They told us that this is the first time that ASA has not wanted the candidates to find out if they past or not on the day, prefering to let us know in an email 2 weeks later. Seems strange since the testers on the day can see the results straight away.
hmmm...... I can think of one reason for this approach given AsA stated aim of putting 100 trainees a year through, but i won't spell it out for fear of libel. :mad:

Pyxie 14th Feb 2009 02:17

You don't get the results anymore, just the email saying you're through to the next round. So if you've never sat the testing before you'd never know what the cut off are...

Well, I'm just hoping I did reasonably well in that phone interview and will get my email sometime in the next 6 weeks inviting me to the behavioural interview... I'll be ready for it this time! :ok:

Good luck to everyone else in the process :)

rossco47 14th Feb 2009 02:53

I did them this week in Melb, not an easy day. I think if I managed to get enough on the first speed/time/distance exam and IT test I should be OK.
Well done. I wish I could be that confident... I made the mistake of letting my nerves get the better of me and didn't get a good night sleep. You can't press the point of getting plenty of sleep beforehand enough - it is essential.

I had no problems with 4 of the tests, but I felt the SORT test was beyond my concentration level at the time. Who knows I may be surprised when the email arrives and the other results cover the blimp - but unfortunately your gut feeling is usually right. Well, there is next year :O

V11 16th Feb 2009 06:27

Well done Gemmy. Rossco47 Goodluck. I have concerns about the numerical test and the sort test, fingers crossed.

gemmy 17th Feb 2009 01:54

ATC Testing
Thanks for the congrats. Still got a little way to go yet. (Studying for the behavioural interview)

Don't stress too much about the sort test, I also thought I had botched that one up. Along with everyone else I spoke with.

At the end of the day.... the tests are to show who is capable of having a better chance of succesfully completing the ATC training, so if we thought those tests were hard, imagine what the training itself would/will be like.

All the best though.

AirBumps 17th Feb 2009 02:49

Does anybody know on average how long the wait is from testing day to the email results?


No Further Requirements 17th Feb 2009 05:05

Gemmy, can I ask how you study for a behavioral exam? Just go in there willing to be open an honest and answer the questions as best you can.

You will be asked to recall events in your life based on an example. For instance, you may be asked to tell them about a time where workplace safety was in jeopardy. You will be asked what the situation was, how you were involved, what you did and what the outcome was.

Don't just say 'one time there was some stuff lying on the floor so I put it away' - that will not go well. Be as specific as you can - dates, people involved, what you said, what you did, what outcome there was. That's what they will want to hear.

The only study you can do is to think back to times in the workplace (or school, or home, or whatever) where situations have arisen where you have been involved and there was an outcome - good, bad or otherwise. I am certain you will get some questioning about conflicts in the workplace - have a think about times where you have been involved or have witnessed conflicts at work.

Hope it goes well for you. ATC can be a very rewarding and exciting profession. Make the most of this opportunity and give it your best shot!



howsweetitis 17th Feb 2009 06:49

I just got my email saying I passed psycho tests. Thank god...
Just wondering what they want to know in the phone interview.
In ten minutes I am sure it isn't too difficult?

gemmy 17th Feb 2009 08:09

ATC Testing
When I say study for the interview, I just mean reflect on past experiences etc.
However the 'words' you choose in Interview Answers also has an impact on how well you do. (Sat in on a few HR Panel Interviews in my previous position)... So just going in prepared - well as best prepared as I can be.

It is the STAR technique that ATC recruiting use I have been informed. So like you said, just going over past situations in the workplace etc, recalling the action taken, and the end reult of those actions taken.

I'm also studying up on ASA's background/current climate etc, as I was advised these questions are also asked.

However the 10min phone interview is first, it's within the next couple of days.

So fingers crossed.......!!

Toboto 19th Feb 2009 09:59

ATC Interview
Hallo can anyone tell me how long the ATC interview goes for and how many questions are asked ?

No Further Requirements 19th Feb 2009 11:51

About an hour.

As many as it takes. Usually a few intro questions (tell us why you have applied, what do you know about ATC etc etc), then the 'meat' questions. Around 4 or 5 I think, of the situiational questions.

Good luck



gemmy 22nd Feb 2009 22:33

Just had the 10min Telephone Interview - went well.

Should hear back within the week as to whether I have made it to the Panel Interveiw.

Pyxie 22nd Feb 2009 23:53

Congrats Gemmy, hope you get through :)

I didn't have a great feeling about the phone interview, but I just received my email inviting me to the behavioural interview - now off to book in a time! :ok:

gemmy 23rd Feb 2009 00:21

Hey Pyxie...

Thanks! Congrats on making it to the Interview. When are you scheduled?

Do you live in Melbs or would you have to relocate if you are successful?


V11 23rd Feb 2009 00:46

I passed the day of testing in Melbourne http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/embarass.gif just had the phone interview http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/icon25.gif

Well done Pyxie for getting to the panel interview:D

Goodluck Gemmy with your phone interview http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/wink2.gif

Pyxie 23rd Feb 2009 01:03

Thanks for the congrats :)

Inverviews are in 2 weeks, so that should give me enough to time to prepare as best I can, I booked an early time so hopefully the interviewers won't have had enough of interviewing people!

No not in Melbs. I'm up in Brissy so I'll have to relocate when (I'm thinking positive) I get a place.

gemmy 24th Feb 2009 01:25

Howsweetitis - have you had your phone interview yet? If so, how did you go? I had mine yesterday...........!

howsweetitis 24th Feb 2009 08:30

Hi Gemmy, I had my phone interview on Thursday arvo.
It went quite well. I think they are checking to see who has done some homework and who is really interested in the job.
I haven't heard about my face to face interview yet.
It is hard to not get too excited yet. I was nervous about the psychometric tests but at least for the interview you can do a bit of work to hopefully impress them. Fingers crossed.

Pyxie 24th Feb 2009 09:30

I'm quite excited at this point as well. It's still not over, but I think to get this far you must be doing pretty well :ok:

I'm actually looking forward to the interview. A little bit of preparation on behavioural-type questions, a good night sleep, a deep relaxing breath, be yourself and hopefully it will all go well! :)

Does anyone know how any many trainees AsA are expecting to take on the course?

gemmy 24th Feb 2009 21:50

Nice work Howsweetitis. They told me after the phone interview I'd get an email about a week later re: the Panel Interview.. so you should hear back anyday now.

I have heard from a lot of current ATCO's that the Interview is the hardest stage... so yes, prepare the best you can.

Pyxie, I was informed that 12 recruits will be on the Sept course, however they are looking to run back to back courses apparently.

howsweetitis 25th Feb 2009 00:02

Its hard to plan the next few months. We have to relocate to Melb. My partner has just taken a 12 month contract here in Adelaide so I guess we will be apart for a while. I am hoping to finish work in June and then have a few months off to relax but if I get in and dont start until later I might have to re think that. I dont want to be not working for too long.
The anticipation and unknown is frustrating.
It would be easier if I was already in Melb and had a job I could just give 2 weeks notice..
Not that I am complaining!

V11 25th Feb 2009 08:04

Someone who sat the interview many years ago said there was someone sitting behind them in their interview making hand gestures. They were told this person was a psychologist. The rest of the panel sat in front. They basically tried to rattle the applicant. Does anyone no if we are in for some rattling tactics?

Cheers, V11

dsham 25th Feb 2009 08:12

When i did my interview (nov 2006) we had a panel of three in front. 1 HR chick and 2 controllers (instructors from the college) it was a purely behavioral type interview. With scenario based questions like - "in your previous work have you ever been faced with a situation where a colleague was doing something that was wrong/dangerous - what did you do about it?

Also i highly encourage everyone to get too a tower/centre - as they want you to know a fair bit about the job as well as show some motivation, ie you got off your butt and did some famil.

V11 25th Feb 2009 08:30

Thanks dsham that doesn't sound too traumatic. I just visited the Melbourne centre today. It was great to get a realistic picture of the job and to check out the facilities.

jrbridge 25th Feb 2009 10:38

I just stumbled upon this thread and thought I would add my experiences so far. I am currently waiting to find out a course date. I have compiled the dates of my experiences so far:

23 Feb 2007 - Application submitted online.
9 March 2007 - Completed Onetest Cognitive Ability Test
19 June 2007 - Notified that no courses until mid 2008
19 March 2008 - Completed psychometric testing in Melbourne
29 May 2008 - Attended Panel Interview in Adelaide
7 July 2008 - Notified of successful interview
20 Jan 2009 - I was contacted by phone to make sure I was still interested and if I would consider a posting in Brisbane. Also told to notify referees and tell them to expect a call. At that time expected course for April but no dates. They said they try to give 3 months notice but could be as little as 4 weeks.
17 Feb 2009 - Referees contacted for a 20min interview.

So I am still waiting to hear from them. Quite a long process for me. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Cheers, Jordan

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