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SWBKCB 19th Mar 2021 09:30


Salzburg and Geneva are new for Jet2 - weekly Saturday flights December to April. 'Christmas Market' flights also available to Berlin, Budapest, Cologne, Copenhagen and Vienna

tictack67 19th Mar 2021 11:17


​​​​​Heathrow even from a domestic flight.

GrahamK 19th Mar 2021 12:11

KLM return from monday.

Early days, but it also looks like they are increasing frequency this upcoming winter from 3 flights a day to 4, matching the normal summer schedule.

nclops 19th Mar 2021 14:52

4 flights a day is the normal winter schedule pre-covid.

GrahamK 19th Mar 2021 14:55

Normally just 3 flights a day in the winter, with the lunchtime flight not operating was it not?. All 737 operated apart from saturdays which see's an E175 on the late afternoon flight?

nclops 19th Mar 2021 17:21

No, it was definitely 4 flights a day last winter and previous winters. The lunchtime flight (KL960) is normally an Embraer, it’s also normally the first one to be cancelled during disruption.

skyhawk1 19th Mar 2021 20:38

KLM normally did 4 x daily in winter and 5 x daily summer

jensdad 19th Mar 2021 23:46


Sorry, been offline a couple of days. Not sure about the data but my perception, and this is all based on pre-Covid, is that the number of folks going for weekends in Dublin has dropped in recent years. Maybe it's 'cause I'm getting older, I don't know :)
Personally, I think it is the most overrated city I've been to, but there you go.

toon22 20th Mar 2021 12:27

The pendulum has swung in favour of Dublin - originating traffic. Newcastle is now seen in Ireland as a proper party town, so there a decent two way flows to sustain frequency and capacity on the route.

GrahamK 24th Mar 2021 10:21

New twice weekly Chania with Ryanair from 4th July.

ATNotts 24th Mar 2021 12:35

I doubt the date is an accident, looks as though Ryanair has a heads up that foreign leisure travel is going to be banned until July. The Government line has been that "all will be revealed" in April.

Alteagod 24th Mar 2021 14:10

I wud say your rite and that's Greece that's talking travel corridors

Jamesair1 24th Mar 2021 16:02

Very good news, especially as it is an unserved destination and Ryanair seemed to be reducing ops at NCL. Let's hope there are more new destinations to come.....even an eventual base now that EZY have left (except for BFS and BRS.
It should do well.

LBAflyer22 24th Mar 2021 16:14


Or as they saying goes "air on the side of caution". They don't want to go full scale operations with new routes such as this before July when many believe that is when the ramp up will happen. I still believe we will be flying from June. If we don't get flying until July don't expect much of a summer season considering the logistical nightmare it will be to get everyone back throughout the whole of the industry.

Jamesair1 26th Mar 2021 16:45

Turkish Airline CORENDON start routes to ANTALYA and DALAMAN from NCL May 2022.

HH6702 26th Mar 2021 18:46

2 flights per week to both.
a nice add to the airport.
let’s hope there is more to come and maybe another airline which will add more to ncl in the coming years

GrahamK 30th Mar 2021 08:03

Another new Ryanair route, weekly to Zadar from July 2021.

Correndon now on sale for 2022, 2 x weekly to both Antalya and Dalaman, flights start from April 2022.

Thanks to SeanM1997 for the headsup.

SWBKCB 30th Mar 2021 08:04

Airport press release here:


Jamesair1 30th Mar 2021 16:41

Ryanair.....all routes are operated by Ryanair except the Polish routes which are operated by Buzz and the new Zadar route which is Lauder Europe.

southside bobby 30th Mar 2021 16:49

Another string to the RYR bow then on Zadar...Estee!

Apologies...delete...too much sun!

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