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Jamesair1 10th Mar 2021 15:53

Netherlands Govt is to allow travel to resume to the UK. Looks like KLM will re-start NCL flights on the 22nd March

SWBKCB 15th Mar 2021 17:31

Additional Jet2 flights put on sale

The additional flights and holidays on sale from today, March 15, are:

Canary Islands – additional services to Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote operating in September and October in response to demand. This comes in addition to more flying in October to Fuerteventura. As a result of this, throughout October the UK’s leading operator to the Canaries will operate daily services to Tenerife, up to six weekly services to Lanzarote and up to three weekly services to Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

Greece – additional services to Corfu and Rhodes, providing more choice from September through to late October. This means an extended season to Corfu covering the half-term, as well as up to three weekly services to Rhodes in October.

Turkey – additional services on sale to Antalya and Dalaman in late-September and throughout October. This means daily services to Antalya and up to nine weekly service to Dalaman throughout October.

Mainland Spain – additional services operating to Malaga in late-September and throughout October. This means daily services to Malaga in October, providing customers with unrivalled choice.

Portugal – additional services operating to Faro in late-September and throughout October. This means daily services to Faro in October.

N707ZS 15th Mar 2021 18:34

Any sign of the Madrid flight happening.

jensdad 16th Mar 2021 04:01

I think it was only due to be a short-term thing while they operated to the Canary Islands over Christmas and New Year, so I guess that horse has bolted.

N707ZS 16th Mar 2021 10:03

Thanks, both airports only seem to cater for the bucket and spade holidays even before the pandemic.

jensdad 17th Mar 2021 03:31

Ay, capital city routes seem to be short-lived, except the hubs like Paris, Amsterdam etc. Once everyone who wants to 'do' them has done them, the demand dries up.

GrahamK 17th Mar 2021 07:33

Even Dublin seems to struggle

nighthawk117 17th Mar 2021 09:48

Too much competition from Carlisle? :-P

NorthEasterner 17th Mar 2021 20:35

Dublin doesn’t struggle - did well pre-COVID and I’m sure it will once back running.

tigertanaka 17th Mar 2021 21:38

I was once told that NCL<>DUB was Ryanair's highest revenue route in terms of onboard bar sales per km flown.

GrahamK 17th Mar 2021 23:27


Pre covid it was only a daily FR 738 and daily EI ATR. It used to be double daily Ryanair and up to 3 daily EI (Mon, Fri and Sun)

NorthEasterner 17th Mar 2021 23:48

Yes true - however the mid week evening rotation loads did not work, the same could be said about EasyJet's and Flybe's evening domestic services during mid week. Hence why Ryanair cut it back to double daily on Fridays, Sundays (and I think Mondays too).

Jamesair1 18th Mar 2021 13:39

JET2 are launching their winter ski flights programme today.
Grenoble, Salzburg and Geneva.

ash666 18th Mar 2021 14:22

Frankfurt looks good on paper. Anyone any experience of using it as a transit hub or long haul Lufthansa?

ezyBoh 18th Mar 2021 15:49

Yes, numerous times. All very well organised etc, great views at the gates and LH offer some good deals in premium cabins to The States and Asia.

ash666 18th Mar 2021 15:53

Thanks, good to hear.
I nearly had to change to them from SWISS in January coming back from Asia but ok in the end, apart from the carnage that was LHR border control, though a lot of that was down to the stupidity of the people arriving.
But on my entire trip there was no such thing as social distancing.
Waiting times recently there up to 8 hours so I will never complain about NCL again.

Asturias56 18th Mar 2021 16:54

Its very good - things work there - but allow plenty of time - there are some long walks - like Schipol

ash666 18th Mar 2021 16:59

Thanks again.
I used to get on very well with AMS but the ridiculous amount of security has ruined it.
I don't know any other airport that makes you go through full security as soon as you get off the plane just to enter the transit area. It rules out short connections.
But maybe that is all Germany now?

tigertanaka 18th Mar 2021 19:30

AMS entirely depends on where you are coming in from - this is due to how the transfer system works there with passengers freely mixing airside. Trusted countries Schengen/UK/US/Australia etc do not need baggage scanning on arrival but come in from places where the Dutch do not trust the security and they want your bags scanning. Years ago things were different and there was a non-Schengen>Schengen bag scan but it was changed in 2015.

ash666 19th Mar 2021 06:51

I can understand that. But it's still a pain.
Still, I might give Frankfurt a go.

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