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SWBKCB 29th Oct 2021 16:22

Abour 65% during September - upgrade to a EMB-190 with another later in the week. Also some which flight are you saying is too late - LH966 is late morning, LH950 late afternoon?

ash666 29th Oct 2021 16:44

Aren't they the return flights?
Mind, when I was looking I only saw the late afternoon offered, but even the LH967 at 11.45 wouldn't have helped.

NorthEasterner 31st Oct 2021 09:11

It seems SP-RZC will be operating KRK-NCL-KRK today. Would this be the first time a B38M / 737 max at NCL?

Jamesair1 31st Oct 2021 09:51

Have Vueling stopped operating the BARCELONA service? It is not showing in the Vueling timetable nor on the Airport Timetable for Summer 22.

GrahamK 31st Oct 2021 09:56

Given the poor loads, probably

beedoubleu 31st Oct 2021 10:09

Yes, first Max at NCL. First Buzz also.

Jamesair1 31st Oct 2021 13:15


Shame they restarted it this year instead of 2022 when, maybe it would have had more chance of decent loads. According to the airport, it was the most requested route for a re-start following the Easyjet withdrawal. Maybe a route for Iberia Express with smaller aircraft.

fl dutchman 31st Oct 2021 16:05

So we now have Jet 2 twice weekly and Ryanair (BUZZ) 3 times weekly flying to KRK.
Wonder how long that lasts !

Jamesair1 4th Nov 2021 17:10

AER LINGUS....operated by EMERALD AIRLINES...... DUBLIN - NEWCASTLE.....DAILY w/e/f 27/03/22 Now confirmed.

BAladdy 4th Nov 2021 17:43

Can I ask where you got info from?. As not available on EI website

Jamesair1 4th Nov 2021 19:36

The timetable is on the Aer Lingus website and check out the Emerald Airlines thread on here.
It looks like the Emerald thread has been deleted...it listed all routes and frequencies....another airline route site has also deleted the info.

HH6702 5th Nov 2021 12:42

fl dutchman

hopefully they will cover different markets and both can last.

jet2 city break holidays
ryanair flight only visiting family

fingers crossed

Jamesair1 11th Nov 2021 16:02

Just read an article in the Southampton thread where the Air Service Development Head at Istanbul airport singles out Bristol, Leeds/Bradford, NEWCASTLE and Southampton as UK airports on his development list for new connections.

jensdad 12th Nov 2021 02:26

Interesting, but their inclusion of SOU tells me that said head hasn't done a great deal of research. Their runway can't take a fully loaded 737 and they don't even have a connection to AMS these days. Would like to see it happen, having said that.

Jamesair1 12th Nov 2021 07:29

Exactly my thoughts, but still good to be on their list.

Beatts 15th Nov 2021 17:32


VentureGo 25th Nov 2021 15:42

Aer LIngus timetable showing Newcastle - Dublin Flights (EI3350/3351) from 27th March until 13th October (Summer Timetable)

example search: https://www.aerlingus.com/html/fligh...s=0&promoCode=

Jamesair1 25th Nov 2021 16:06

Still not bookable though, hopefully, should be soon also appeared on a hastily deleted thread a couple of weeks ago.

Aegean Airlines seem to be taking out a Thessaloniki flight tomorrow at 1100...flt.no..A34051

GrahamK 25th Nov 2021 21:39

basketball team

skyhawk1 26th Nov 2021 21:47

What’s up with EK tonight?

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