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ATNotts 13th Aug 2021 15:03

I am guessing that there's been some cutting and pasting from application form templates used by the "old" Flybe - if the new enterprise is proposing a scattergun approach with 4 bases from the get-go then I'm afraid they're probably repeating the same mistakes as their predecessors.

willy wombat 13th Aug 2021 15:14

Indeed. Flybe never subscribed to the KISS principle.

Alteagod 13th Aug 2021 18:15

7 aircraft apperantly for BHD.

fjencl 13th Aug 2021 18:29

Any news on how many for BHX, MAN, SOU

southamptonavgeek 13th Aug 2021 19:29


Could I ask where you heard this please?

Flightrider 13th Aug 2021 21:27

I think we’re into wild rumour territory here. Best to wait and see.

cavokblues 13th Aug 2021 22:20

No idea how true all these rumours are.

But I'm sceptical that the current post Covid market is big enough for a new Flybe and Loganair's current route network.

willy wombat 13th Aug 2021 22:24

I heard 10 for SOU, one to operate and nine to cover for AOG etc

Jamie2009 14th Aug 2021 17:28

I think those aircraft numbers for bases are wildly optimistic given the location of the DASH sims and half the old DASH fleet have moved to new operators.

ATNotts 14th Aug 2021 17:59

There is more than a smidgen of cynicism in WW's post!

southamptonavgeek 23rd Aug 2021 11:00

According to Skyliner G-CLXC is due into Keflavik. Looks like Flybe could be disposing of their only aircraft?

RogueOne 23rd Aug 2021 14:13

I thought it was common knowledge, but G-CLXC (according to G-INFO) was "chartered" and not Flybe owned. Most likely for AOC or to satisfy other license approval requirements. With a slim possibility it could be used for currency for certain post-holders, albeit unlikely.

With the relaunch of Flybe v.2 imminent, I would suspect favourable leasing deals have been struck with lessors that have Q400s already in Flybe purple colours sat on the ground. That'll certainly save a bit of money than getting new airframes or repainting others. Plus v2 gets to pick which are the newest, best maintained airframes with the least amount of cycles until next checks..

Jamie2009 23rd Aug 2021 19:10

My guess is the former mortgaged DASHs that were reposted by the German bank and are Saarnbrucken now owned by the Irish lease company.

Buster the Bear 26th Aug 2021 22:54

Thyme Opco DH8D G-CLXC (1404) flew Keflavik to St John’s yesterday.

Appears to be heading the wrong way.

allan1987 27th Aug 2021 12:04

Looks to be be the 20 Q400 planes will start be being delivered to Flybe from October


Irish lessor Aergo Capital believes strengthening demand for domestic and regional aviation is driving customer interest in a package of 20 De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400s it acquired earlier this year.

Aergo took ownership of the former Flybe twin-turboprops in July, registering them to its special purpose vehicle, Wellington Leasing No 33, according to UK Civil Aviation Authority data.

G-PRPA is one of 20 Q400s acquired by Aergo Capital

But the lessor is already close to securing customers for all 20 aircraft. “Aergo Capital acquired 20 ex-FlyBe Q400s earlier this year and have found very strong demand for these aircraft across four continents.

“We have contracted, executed letters of intent or are in advanced negotiations for all 20 aircraft,” it says.

First deliveries are due in October, running through 2022, with pre-delivery maintenance already under way, says Aergo.

“We are now enjoying growing demand across our turboprop fleet which is driving strengthening lease rates and therefore underlying aircraft values.

“This is a reflection of demand for high-quality domestic and close regional flying in many markets globally, and especially within emerging markets, at a time when medium- and especially long-haul travel remains deeply subdued.”

SKOJB 27th Aug 2021 12:12

Possibly although I doubt all 20 will be delivered to new Flybe, not sure if any indications have been given on total numbers for the new start up!

Expressflight 27th Aug 2021 14:02

I can see nothing in that article which makes it particularly likely that Flybe will be the recipient of any of those 20 aircraft, let alone the whole fleet. Indeed, it intimates that the users will be a number of different operators.

oldart 28th Aug 2021 09:41

To Flybe or not to Flybe, that's the question. How many Q400's?

AirUK 29th Aug 2021 03:28

Flymaybe Mk.II…

Blackfriar 29th Aug 2021 07:55


In my experience, yes. BA 1-11s we’re slagged off by passengers in the 80s as was anything then with a G-Axxx registration. One horrified Gatwick passenger on a Jersey flight took one look at the aircraft from the terminal and described the HS-748 as a converted World War Two bomber.

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