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TartinTon 4th Aug 2021 20:14

Looks like things are starting to warm up at Flybe. Commercial roles starting to be recruited now. I've seen a Revenue Management and Pricing exec role and a Network Planning exec role in the last 2 days.

Jamie2009 4th Aug 2021 22:11

From the role profiles advertised on linkedin

Treating every pound as our own and building an amazing profitable business together
Sounds like keeping costs down and going after the competition to me, Will be interesting to see what happens and if Easy/Logan/Jet2 or Eastern are prepared or even capable of entering a price battle. Can’t see Easy doing so as they’d struggle to fill their planes anyway and jet2 are only competing on the Jersey Route and can’t stop in Guernsey.

This could turn ugly.

SWBKCB 5th Aug 2021 06:32

What do you expect them to say? Saying is one thing, doing another

stewyb 5th Aug 2021 07:09

You can imagine easyJet and Jet2 are absolutely petrified!🤦‍♂️

speedrestriction 5th Aug 2021 09:56

"Going after the competition" should be a long way down the list of priorities for a new airline. No.1 is undoubtedly setting up a safe operation. Following that will be things like brand awareness, load factor, yield management, cost management etc and basically trying to make sure that the boat doesn't sink before it clears the harbour breakwater. "Going after the competition" may be possible but is something waaaay out over the horizon. As they say: you must learn to walk before you can run. All the other companies you have mentioned Jamie have proven business models are established in their markets.

Albert Hall 5th Aug 2021 10:46

The only rumour I'm hearing is of some focus by the new Flybe on Amsterdam. I am beginning to wonder if Jamie's oft-stated prediction of a battle within the UK regional sector is wishful thinking for some reason rather than a reality!

fjencl 5th Aug 2021 15:07

Perhaps cabin crew and flight deck vacancies will be advertised in due course then ?

Skipness One Foxtrot 5th Aug 2021 15:16

Just for the record, LinkedIn has some good quotes :

Exeter based flybe still claimes to be "Europe's largest regional airline" and then goes onto say "Subject to further success with vaccinations and relaxation of travel restrictions, we plan to launch a new and improved Flybe on many of our former routes where there remains a critical need for a strong, reliable, and customer-focused airline. "
It goes on :
"We are on a journey as a new company, taking the much loved flybe brand into a new era.
Putting our customers and colleagues at the heart of everything we do.
Our motto is "smile and go the extra mile", putting our heart and soul into all we do.
We are in the business of serving the demand for faster and easier connections, in a friendly, responsible and sustainable way.
Our talented colleagues are the key to our success and future amibtions, come and join our hard-working and fun-loving family."

It's still the same branding so looks like a straight relaunch.

davidjohnson6 5th Aug 2021 16:34

Marketing speak that incorporates references to the old company sounds to me like senior management are in denial about the past
Pan Am, with all its accrued goodwill over tge years, tried to relaunch after it first went bust. It didn't work.

Atlantic Explorer 5th Aug 2021 17:26

Dear god, who comes up with this nauseating drivel? I’m really not convinced by all this.

SWBKCB 5th Aug 2021 17:30

Glad you said that - thought it was just me being a grumpy old man...

ATNotts 5th Aug 2021 18:16

Clearly one of the first appointments was Head of Marketing!!

Jamie2009 6th Aug 2021 12:33


Already started… and then throw Flybe into the mix.

Cyrus are not investing for just a couple of Dash flying around. HQ clearly moving to BHX which is strategically better.

Easy and Jet2 aren’t going to be crapping themselves your right…. but their aircraft aren’t suited to those routes. When things pick up they’ll move them to more profitable routes.

Albert Hall 6th Aug 2021 12:57

I had seen that article pop up on Google alerts but inferred that he was having a thinly-disguised pop at EasyJet - not the new Flybe?

Rivet Joint 6th Aug 2021 13:07

Im amazed by the lack of discussion on COW landing a new well paid position at a much larger airline. Shes basically ended up moving up in the world despite being a massive failure whilst 100s of ex BE staff are probably still unemployed or working low skilled jobs to pay the bills as a result of her being asleep at the wheel. I know there is a lot of corruption in the world but seems daft to be debating about the non event which is the prospect of BE ever returning when a huge bombshell has just been dropped with her new role. If anyone was done in this business it should be her, not the staff who are out of work through no fault of their own. Funny old thread this.

TartinTon 6th Aug 2021 13:13

Why amazed Rivet Joint? COW is old news as far as Flybe is concerned. The fact that she's landed a new job is irrelevant when it comes to Flybe. The fact that she has a track record of decimating airlines has no bearing on the new Flybe.

BA318 6th Aug 2021 13:28

Rivet Joint

It’s not really amazing. It’s the corporate/political world today. How often do CEOs announce huge losses and then get bonuses or walk into other well paid jobs. Or MPs/Minister who failed miserably and resign then walk in to nice directorships etc.

She alone wasn’t responsible for Flybe’s downfall. She didn’t help but it was a mess for years.

cavokblues 6th Aug 2021 15:32

I'm loath to defend COW as she was misguided and focusing on the wrong priorities but I do agree with BA318, the rot was well and truly in place before her reign.

The company was bleeding cash for a decade, only making profit when they managed to flog some slots at other airports. They had no control over their fleet due to historic lease agreements etc so it was a choice of watching a plane burn cash sat on the ground or flying a plane on a loss making route hoping it somehow doesn't lose quite as much.

jensdad 6th Aug 2021 23:08

Re the 'much-loved flybe brand': Just my two penn'orth, but I never had anything but good experiences with flybe; even on one trip when things went wrong through no fault of theirs, their service was great.
Just one person's opinion I know, but I do suspect that there will still be a lot of goodwill out there for the company and the brand. I've always had good experiences with Loganair as well, but I longingly remember when I could get from Newcastle to Guernsey or Devon (a couple of my favourite places in these isles) for a fraction of what I'd have to pay now!

And I've said it on here before, but whoever came up with the 'flybe' name, and didn't see that the first smarta*se who got delayed by 10 minutes would christen them 'flymaybe', shouldn't be in marketing. Don't have the figures to hand but I'm sure there were several years in a row they had the best On-Time Performance for any airline at Newcastle.

Wycombe 7th Aug 2021 08:14

Just one person's opinion I know
You're not the only one, I always had a good experience, the people at the coalface were great. Sorely let down by what appears to have been very poor senior management.

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