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TartinTon 10th Aug 2021 14:07


I don't see it that way at all. EXT was never a major base for Flybe whereas BHX was. I would have thought the only candidates for a "new" Flybe relaunch base were SOU or BHX given that these were their busiest hubs before. Makes a lot more sense to me.

fjencl 10th Aug 2021 15:55


How many aircraft have they got on the fleet now ?

brian_dromey 10th Aug 2021 17:29

The relative speed and apparent success with which BA Cityflyer launched sun routes with their E190s would suggests there is a decent unserved market at SOU, or at least one where FR, U2 and W9 cannot compete directly due to the infrastructure.

BHX seems like a good guess too, that airport has always been under represented given the size of the city and catchment. A double-edge sword no doubt, with leakage to London relatively high.

055166k 10th Aug 2021 19:28


Never flew longer trips than 1hr30m, mainly SOU-DUS about once a month. Dash every time for me.. 2 seats abreast and the leg room is ample for us, and it doesn't take half an hour to get on/off. Bigger is not better and certainly not sardine claustrophobic A319s (I've been using Eurowings from Nightmare City... Beg your pardon.. Heathrow!) Come back soon.. All my extended family miss you.

southamptonavgeek 10th Aug 2021 19:45


Still just the one from what I know.

AirUK 12th Aug 2021 08:44

“As long as the price is competitive and the product strong it shouldn't matter too much.”

Neither of which were what you got with the old Fly[may]be, despite calling themselves ‘the UK’s No. 1 regional low fares airline’…! Some nice crew, but an extremely poorly-managed company with terrible branding, on-board product and extortionate fares… enough to put anyone off unless their only experience had been on one of the odd aircraft that wasn’t delayed/cancelled due technical problems/‘operational reasons’ (lack of crew) AND they managed to get a ‘low’ fare (compared to usual, anyway!) in one of their early release seat sales… Oh yes, then also not being told once on-board that your flight to Malaga will now be going via Alicante first also helps… myself/friends/family had flown with them many times, heard it all and had enough. We ended up preferring to drive further and fly with a proper airline instead.

“0625 departure EDI-LCY

0630 departure GLA-LCY

0645 departure BHD-LCY”

Sorry to be pedantic, but none if these are ‘red eyes’ - a red eye is an overnight flight. See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-eye_flight

inOban 12th Aug 2021 09:51

Is there a technical term for a business flight which requires the passenger to be up by 04.00 so that they can be in an office by 09.00?

SWBKCB 12th Aug 2021 09:54

Don't know about technical, but I've used a few unprintable one's....

davidjohnson6 12th Aug 2021 10:22

Stupid o'clock

kar42 12th Aug 2021 14:55

Regardless of the Wikipedia definition, if you live on an island e.g. Guernsey, Red-Eye is what you call the first flight out.

AirUK 13th Aug 2021 01:18

In the trade it’s called an ‘early’, whether you’re in the Channel Islands or not.

Alteagod 13th Aug 2021 07:27

Or first wave

Whispering Giant 13th Aug 2021 07:56

Flybe have now started to recruit TRE’s, TRI’s, GTO’s CRMT’s and Cabin Crew trainers. All ads are on LinkerdIn.
so I think those doubting and claiming that the New Flybe will ever launch will soon start to having to eat humble pie…

Wycombe 13th Aug 2021 09:24

Without stating the obvious, they're going to need revenue input from more than 1 aircraft to support that lot!

ATNotts 13th Aug 2021 09:35

It is entirely possible that the airline has already agreed acquisition of aircraft from lessors; that people outside of Flybe2 aren't aware would not be surprising.

055166k 13th Aug 2021 10:54

Saw G-ECOK at Dusseldorf last week in Sky Alps colours. A Sky Alps article in May suggested Chorus Aviation Capital had 82 Dash 8's on its books.

ATNotts 13th Aug 2021 11:03

Plenty of choice then!

SWBKCB 13th Aug 2021 11:09

Must be a money-maker, then?

Jamie2009 13th Aug 2021 11:18

Bases are BHX, SOU, BHD and MAN on the application form…..

ATNotts 13th Aug 2021 11:53

Hardly all the rage (as Beatie once said in a BT commercial)!

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