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ATNotts 18th Apr 2021 18:34

For sure most countries haven't missed any airline since for the most part flying has been off the menu! Agree I wouldn't put any of my hard earned money into an airline, they aren't generally safe bets in normal times!

Alteagod 18th Apr 2021 18:51

Did Richard Branson or maybe it was Freddie Laker who said the definition of a Millionaire was a Billionaire who got involved in running an airline!

Wycombe 18th Apr 2021 21:28

I believe Branson's actual words were that the "only way to make a small fortune in aviation was to start with a large one!"

Asturias56 19th Apr 2021 17:36

So why do so many people get drawn in? It makes no sense.....................

davidjohnson6 19th Apr 2021 17:39

For the same reason that very few kids aspire to be an auditor of accounts when they grow up...

bean 19th Apr 2021 18:18

If people did'nt get drawn in, the Flybe bashers would have nothing to drone on about and their lives would suddenly seem very boring

GROUNDHOG 19th Apr 2021 20:18


I believe that quote was around before RB was born.
The same as the story about the person that asked Branson/Laker/Sugar/whoever to say come over and say hello whilst having a meeting with an important client. "Hello Richard/Freddie/Alan , not now I am busy"
Back to Flybe now!

airspeed75 19th Apr 2021 22:41


Well so long as restrictions continue it'll be zoom et al going forwards unfortunately. There's Sturgeon up north just come out the other day and said "travel restrictions will be with us for some time to come" and hasn't indicated a roadmap away from this whatsoever. All the while Europe is in the grips of a third wave and the media plies the public with constant barrage of "variants".

Whatever they do it'll have to be something vastly different as how many people used to use FlyBe in order to connect to other international flights and the likes.

To those saying that the pandemic is irrelevant because "things will get better" I agree in the long term but they're on about a "summer restart".

Maybe it'll just be this one Dash located down in EXT doing the odd flight here and there whilst they flog the slots off out the back door?

ATNotts 20th Apr 2021 08:08

If you thought beyond your own agenda for a moment you'd realise that operating an airline with one aircraft on a route to anywhere that makes no profit just for the sake of selling slots isn't a business model. Thank the Lord I don't work for an organisation with someone of your mindset at the helm.

Albert Hall 20th Apr 2021 08:21

And operating an airline with lots of aircraft on routes to everywhere that make no profit as they're in competition with half a dozen other airlines doesn't look like much of a business model either, though.

Let's see what happens from here. I think anyone would be hard pushed to dispute that the slots are seen as being of very significant value after everything they said in the CAA hearing. You surely wouldn't be going after LHR slots to make money flying them after the disasters that were Little Red and Flybe's LHR adventures...would you?

ATNotts 20th Apr 2021 08:31

No, competing with the big boys at LHR is / was a daft idea. Flybe could and should have focused on routes with less, or no competition from airports well away from LHR. I suspect that is what they will do, and IF there is the opportunity to raise capital selling slots, given the depressed state of the industry presently, they'd be foolish not to flog them. However that doesn't make running an airline just for the objective of selling slots a business plan.

Flybe aren't going to be an airline with 10s of aircraft operating from hands full of bases any time soon, but that isn't to say they won't find a profitable niche and grow organically.

Jamie2009 20th Apr 2021 09:08

Flybe are in a good position because the longer this saga continues the competition are losing cash and Flybe not spending theirs.

Flybe can also respond to demand (whatever that may look like) as there is no shortage of Dash crews or aircraft ready to be reactivated.

Asturias56 20th Apr 2021 09:08

The problem with organic growth from non-major airports is that it works for a while - then someone bigger (bigger planes, bigger work force, bigger loses) decides they can, for very little extra cash, get into this nice new market

Then it murders the original airline and the big boy never makes any money and pulls out as well - rinse & repeat

southside bobby 20th Apr 2021 09:18

On the mention of "business plans" perhaps another rereading/resume of Venture Capitalist "business plans" may be in order too.

Not so sure "growing organically" is a chapter or even a paragraph in those plans.

ATNotts 20th Apr 2021 09:25

You're not wrong as regards "Vulture" capitalists. Thankfully the one involved here isn't the legendary Greybull, and hopefully they may give the airline a decent amount of time to prove there is a viable business to be grown.

BA318 20th Apr 2021 09:30

This talk of Flybe finding niches is my point from earlier. What are those niches? An earlier article said 42 of Flybe’s 46 routes are now served by other airlines. The European market is likely to be limited this year. Where does Flybe go?

second, while they are not burning cash as much perhaps as other airlines they will also have other costs - start up fees, leasing fees (they have had this plane for a while now so would obviously be paying something), staffing costs not to mention the advertising and brand awareness costs to repair the image if they use the Flybe name.

Despite what some think I am not against them and would like to see them succeed but I think it will be very tough and to be honest I doubt it will happen and we risk more people getting burned in the process.

airspeed75 20th Apr 2021 11:50


No agenda here, it's neither here nor there to me if they are a success or not!

I think what we have here is a group of folk scratching their heads wondering why anyone would inject their hard earned cash into an airline in a pandemic in which travel has been decimated - and on the other side a group of people who are emotionally attached to a failed airline and any word against it rising from the ashes is seen as a personal attack.

Downwind_Left 20th Apr 2021 12:22


Not to wade into speculation on where Flybe 2.0 might fly, but Flybe 1.0 served in excess of 50 destinations including seasonal ones at the time of closure, actual routes must have run into the hundreds, as many destinations served by multiple departure points. So the article that 42 out of 46 routes have been taken over is wildly inaccurate unless referring to a specific airport.

cavokblues 20th Apr 2021 12:35

It's 42 out of 46 domestic routes that have been snapped up.

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