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Alteagod 26th Jun 2021 13:02

Or just put to bed tbh

fjencl 26th Jun 2021 13:09


How many head office roles.

airspeed75 26th Jun 2021 19:30


Can you point me in the direction of these roles being advertised?

Jamie2009 26th Jun 2021 23:09

Look at direct appointments ltd on LinkedIn- some are no longer advertised.

Buster the Bear 26th Jun 2021 23:27


fanrailuk 27th Jun 2021 02:08

There was absolutely no hope…

southamptonavgeek 27th Jun 2021 17:55

Looks like quite a lot of applications were received.

BA318 27th Jun 2021 18:07

Given how many people have lost their jobs and are furloughed are you surprised? There’s obviously a lot of ex-aviation staff out there who would love to get back into the sector.

SealinkBF 27th Jun 2021 20:45

Buster the Bear

Look out TAP!

TOM100 28th Jun 2021 18:51

Flybe recruiting
According to their Linkdin post

Buster the Bear 28th Jun 2021 23:13


This bear was certainly perplexed!

fjencl 15th Jul 2021 10:01

Any news about how things are progressing for the new flybe, anymore jobs advertised or aircraft added to the fleet, is there any news of any bases being set up apart from Birmingham ?

ATNotts 15th Jul 2021 10:04

I would be amazed if they started with more than one base; having bases across so many airports probably didn't help the cause of the old Flybe! I would have thought slow and steady will win the race, if indeed they can win the race (to profitability).

Whispering Giant 15th Jul 2021 10:15

The PSO route from NQY to London has opened for bids again, for when the current operator BA finishes the service again from October. I would be surprised in the New Flybe didn’t put in a bid for it, as it was very successful for them,for a good number of years.

RVF750 15th Jul 2021 17:38

The bases, aircraft and crews were not what did for the old Flybe. It was the excessive aircraft leases carried over from the old Walker Trust days that dragged it down. Remember that. Other than that it was a pretty efficient and happy company. Just held down by that millstone round their necks.

Flightrider 15th Jul 2021 18:16

If believing that helps you come to terms with the loss of Flybe, then crack on. It isn’t true, but if helps you sleep better at night, good on you.

Rivet Joint 22nd Jul 2021 21:04

I see COW is now in charge of TAP! Are you absolutely kidding me?:eek:

Buster the Bear 24th Jul 2021 19:56

I am surprised there was not more comment when I posted a link to this a month ago.

willy wombat 24th Jul 2021 22:49

Well I’ll give you a comment. I see that she is using her new position to urge parents to not just give girls toys, but to give them things like LEGO as well (see Flight Global). I have no problem with the idea of encouraging more females into the industry but I would have thought that there might just be some more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. I have met COW and it is a mystery to me how she lands these jobs.

BA318 25th Jul 2021 22:11

Indeed COW has a bad enough record without the need to get vulgar or personal. Cityjet was loss making under her, VLM was bought and disappeared and Flybe collapsed. TAP has been continually loss making too so I’m sure she’ll feel right at home.

Back on to the thread topic have there been any further updates on Flybe? Does anyone know if the recruitment has gone anywhere?

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