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compton3bravo 27th Oct 2021 15:26

But not until April 2023. Personally I would not go anywhere near the ' new' Flybe, a right bunch for chancers!

davidjohnson6 27th Oct 2021 15:41

Has there been any kind of suggestion as to when roughly Flybe will start flying commercially ?
I'm sure (or hope!) the company has an internal target start date, but wondering if that had become public knowledge yet.... is March 2022 the right ballpark or too ambitious ?

poppiholla 27th Oct 2021 23:24

an DASH a new Flybe livery has been seen coming out of the paint shop in Maastricht, Netherlands so it seems not to far in the distant future

boredintheairport 28th Oct 2021 07:55

It was doing test flights yesterday in it's new livery, as well. Still a number of ex flybe machines parker up on the far side of the runway.

cavokblues 28th Oct 2021 12:06

I would have thought the painting of the aircraft would have coincided a little closer to the start of ops.

Seems an unnecessary waste of lease cash each month if it's going to sit on the ground until next Spring as I wouldn't have thought a Dash 8 would be that difficult to secure?

ollie135 28th Oct 2021 12:17

Be interesting to see who wins the pso route between newquay and london which is shortly to be announced...

SWBKCB 28th Oct 2021 12:30

Presumably applicants would need an AOC? Have Flybe2 got one yet?

Expressflight 28th Oct 2021 13:35

They don't appear on the list of AOC holders and I wouldn't expect them to have been granted one yet.

biddedout 28th Oct 2021 15:03

I wonder where they plan to have a simulator. BHX would seem most likely but presumably they will have to get this up and running before a launch.

Jamie2009 28th Oct 2021 15:42

Eastern would make sense or Loganair. I doubt Flybe are interested in the early sages of having a single aircraft stationed far away from base with a handful of new crew.
Better to have it at a central hub given all the line training that will be required when flying commences.

Not sure about the sims whereabouts or if they will even have one? depends on how many aircraft they will be flying especially as they are the only Q400 operator in the UK.

southamptonavgeek 28th Oct 2021 17:32

They hold an AOC in the name of Thyme Opco Limited, number 2470. I believe G-CLXC was used to gain approval last March.

Expressflight 28th Oct 2021 17:38

Well spotted.

ETOPS 6th Nov 2021 08:33

First aircraft G-JECX delivered to EXT yesterday 5th Nov 2021


southamptonavgeek 6th Nov 2021 13:37

G-JECP is the next Q400 as per https://jethroseu.co.uk/fleets/fleet...flybe_ltd.html

Eejit 6th Nov 2021 19:02

Is it just coincidental that the first two airframes painted in the 'new' Flybe scheme happen to be the two that received substantial damage in previous landing incidents with the original Flybe?

MARK 101 8th Nov 2021 15:33

Can't understand how this new Flybe is spending loafs on aircraft and staff etc ,yet still no start up date or route information. Given there is a lead in time for bookings to come in surely an announcement needs to come soon purely to start generating some cash from advance bookings. You can't just keep spending with no income

BA318 8th Nov 2021 17:47

Guess it depends how deep their pockets are. Obviously the more cash spent at the start is less available when it’s running if things don’t go according to the plans.

scr1 8th Nov 2021 18:53

Or how much tax you want to wright off

ATNotts 8th Nov 2021 20:43

Businesses only pay tax on profits, and they are not likely in FY 1.

dc9-32 9th Nov 2021 05:53

They might not need to advertise this early as they may already have an ACMI contract lined up.

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