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BA318 10th Jun 2021 20:34

willy wombat


AirLCY 10th Jun 2021 20:40

Interesting CEO choice!

allan1987 10th Jun 2021 22:05

BA is leasing 86 weekly LHR slots to Flybe use on routes to ABZ and EDI, For Winter 2021

Albert Hall 10th Jun 2021 22:18

As I suspected, it's not dead. Yet. But:

- this is a slot lease and not a transfer
- you can't sell something that you lease
- with no slot waiver confirmed for Winter 2021/22, they will have to fly at least something if they are to use the slots

AirUK 11th Jun 2021 02:13

That Dash 8 will be working hard…

BusterHot 11th Jun 2021 07:29

Well it might not be totally dead, but Covid 19 aside, who in their right mind would launch an airline heading towards the winter? And where are the crews being re-hired and trained, and aeroplanes being prepared? You can’t run W patterns into Heathrow or anywhere else, using one knackered Dash8.

Cyrus Capital are not the regional airline White Knight that some people think they are. I don’t know the exact figure but in conjunction with both Virgin and Stobart, they pumped in £100 million (apparently, although I’m sure some will dispute that exact figure, but that’s not the point). They’re a Finance Company, there to make money and you can “bet your bottom dollar” that they want to claw as much of their investment back, make a bit more if they can and then sell it on and head off into the sunset.

If anyone is bored, have a quick scan of Tom Bower’s book on Branson and you’ll see Cyrus were involved with Virgin America, and they didn’t last too long did they? So whilst things might be bubbling away in the background, and I know they are, the whole thing looks pretty clueless in the present climate.

BusterHot 11th Jun 2021 07:30

And as for C O-W heading to TAP, hahahahahaha!
Good luck with that.

ETOPS 11th Jun 2021 08:20

Flybe advertising today "urgently" for a cabin crew training manager based BHX - 5 day week and remote working. I guess that's because they don't have an office yet!

fjencl 11th Jun 2021 09:46

How do we know it's Flybe. It didn't say Flybe in the advert when I saw it. Perhaps you have inside info .....

Jamie2009 11th Jun 2021 12:39

Look at the job spec for the airport managers role, it says Flybe and even states growing to 1500 employees in the next 24 to 36 months.

Search direct appointments on LinkedIn

Expressflight 11th Jun 2021 13:10

Indeed it does say Flybe. I'm more optimistic that something may come of this than I was a day or two back.

Whispering Giant 11th Jun 2021 15:28

They must have realised that it inadvertently stated Flybe, and have now uploaded a newer one that doesn’t mention the airline name and just mentions a NEW airline

BOHEuropean 11th Jun 2021 18:52

The job advert for "Head of Airport Operations and Cargo" still says: "Leading and providing clarity of Flybe's vision, prioritizing resources, expectations, and commitment to working together to build solid partnerships within our network."

cavokblues 12th Jun 2021 08:05

After the sad news about Stobart today perhaps a few opportunities for any new prospective regional UK airline from Belfast.....?

BA318 12th Jun 2021 09:09

Indeed a good chance but also a demonstration of how hard it will be to succeed. Even with a decent reputation and using a major carrier’s systems they failed.

ATNotts 12th Jun 2021 11:14

Indeed, but at least it puts to bed the "slot grab" hypothesis. If they are basing at BHX I wonder what sweeteners they have got from the airport, and which routes they are looking to serve, or resurrect from the "old Flybe". I reckon the demise of Stobart has probably come a few months to early to enable the new business to capitalise from, but I may provide a larger pool of aviation professionals from which to recruit. An ill wind and all that!

fjencl 12th Jun 2021 13:50

Shouldn't be to long now then before they advertise for flight deck and cabin staff.
unless they have to offer the staff they let go the jobs first. Or does that not have to happen. Just wondering

ETOPS 12th Jun 2021 13:57

That would be sTUPEndous :ok:

jamestkirk 12th Jun 2021 14:48


Maybe TAP want to go under.

Jamie2009 26th Jun 2021 09:41

This thread has died a death. I think the slot grab chat can be put to bed given the number of head office roles they’re recruiting for at BHX.

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