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GrahamK 9th Feb 2018 18:22

I'd have said BHX was a bigger market to India.

LAX_LHR 9th Feb 2018 18:33

BHX’s main strength (but not limited to) is Amritsar and the local Punjab population. Manchester has a broader reach to India and thus where the higher volume comes from.

For example, I can’t relocate the source at this time, but it was recently said that MAN is now the largest unserved European point from BOM (and either 2nd/3rd worldwide IIRC).

Dobbo_Dobbo 9th Feb 2018 18:39


That is possible, but if the stat shared by MIDAS is accurate it would mean BHX's Indian market would need to be larger than at least one of LHR, AMS, CDG, MUC, or FRA. In my view that is unlikely, but it is possible.

LAX_LHR 10th Feb 2018 06:27

There have been further changes to the Cityflyer schedules.

Florence now runs off a MAN based E190 instead of a FLR based E170.

An extra flight also arrives from PMI on a Saturday afternoon to run said Florence flight, and then back to LCY on Sunday (making MAN-LCY 2 weekly once again).

This means there is another aircraft based making 4 based aircraft over the weekend, and thus more flights likely to be added to fill this new based aircrafton Sat evening and Sunday morning.

Will try and update the full timetable later on, but seems these flights are a huge hit given the huge increase in the offering.

160to4DME 10th Feb 2018 07:28

I really did expect them to chuck a GIB rotation in somewhere for the Real Housewives of Cheshire and friends set.

LAX_LHR 10th Feb 2018 07:54

Now there are 4 based there is room for potentially 2 more flights. One on sat evening, one on Sunday morning. Not sure if the E195 can do MAN-GIB. It probably can, but not 100%

FFMAN 10th Feb 2018 09:44

Originally Posted by GrahamK (Post 10047665)
I'd have said BHX was a bigger market to India.

On the evidence of what? You went to Birmingham once and saw lots of dark faces?
You don't have to be of Indian descent to fly to India. I'm not and I do.

Brum and district has a large Sikh population - Amritsar is their holy city thus inspiring a lot of specific travel to that destination which happily is now catered for.
MAN and districts is a different market, which will hopefully be served in a meaningful way soon. IMHO a VS/Jet combo would work well. Anything else and I'd likely stay in EK.

The96er 10th Feb 2018 13:09

Florence now runs off a MAN based E190 instead of a FLR based E170.
The change from away based E70 to a 'based' E90 was due to the original late arrival time into FLR which was affecting sales on the route.

LAX_LHR 10th Feb 2018 13:20

But what’s interesting is that BA could have used the 3rd MAN based aircraft for FLR, which spends about 24 hours on the ground between its Ibiza flights, but instead they bring in yet another aircraft (this time from PMI) to operate the FLR route.

I’ve heard there is a new route for Sunday AM planned using this 4th based (FAO apparently)

Dobbo_Dobbo 12th Feb 2018 11:59

Have seen a report that MAN's January 2018 traffic is down by 0.45% compared to January 2017 (this includes transit passengers).

Apparently terminal passengers are also down, by 0.05%.

Despite the MON collapse I was expecting a slight increase, so this is a surprise to me. I still expect the overall 2018 passenger figures to be 1-2% higher than 2017, but I'd take that with a pinch of salt if the above is accurate!!

LAX_LHR 12th Feb 2018 12:26

I was expecting up to -1% to be honest.

Travelled through a few times in January and it was noticeably quieter than other dates that were busier at that time of day.

February should be back up to about +1-2% again as it’s been very busy with extra flights and extras like Turkish using the A330 on some flights.

MANFOD 12th Feb 2018 12:31

January 2018 stats:

I was expecting something slightly worse. Nevertheless, it is the first decrease for some considerable time.

What happens in the summer will be key to how MAN fares in 2018 as a whole. I think the latest increase in seats reported was about 4%. As I recall, that includes a 14th based easyjet a/c which so far shows no signs of appearing. Does anyone know when the slots for the 2 extra based easyjet were effective from? If it is only from July say, then the impact of not getting a 14th a/c would be less than if they are in for the whole summer.

The same applies to the 3 confirmed additional Ryanair a/c and whether slots and seats are only in from when the extra flights are scheduled to start.

Your 1-2% may be a good estimate Dobbo Dobbo. And we may need a boost in the first 2 winter months of 18/19 to achieve that. Interestingly, a couple of years ago, Charlie Cornish expressed a view that he expected the rise in traffic to fall to 2% before picking up again. That of course was before the demise of MON.

In theory, October 2018 should be a decent month as Oct'17 was the first month after MON ceased top operate and apart from a few repatriation flights none of the MON capacity was really replaced as far as I know.

LAX_LHR 14th Feb 2018 17:20

Oman Air to use the B787 from 1st July. Confirmed and bookable.

nigel osborne 14th Feb 2018 19:50

Seat Guru shows 10 extra business class seats and 54 extra economy.

So if they can be filled, good news for MAN.

roverman 14th Feb 2018 20:10

I think we're getting the B787-8 which has 234 or 267 seats, up on the 216 of the A330-200 which is the usual equipment today. Depends which version we get but certainly a few more seats and presumably a nicer passenger experience.

LAX_LHR 14th Feb 2018 20:39

We are getting both versions.

B788 mostly but there are defiantly some B789 showing on various dates too.

Squawk 6042 15th Feb 2018 07:08

Originally Posted by roverman (Post 10053317)
..... and presumably a nicer passenger experience.

Not so sure about that. Flew with them to the far east last year and in economy the 332 on the MAN sectors was much more comfortable than the 787 out to the far east from MCT. Narrow hard seats with a worse pitch than the 332 - something like 31 inches as I re-call compared with 34 inches on the 332.

MANFOD 15th Feb 2018 07:40

Yes, seat guru shows 34" seat pitch for both the A332 and A333, while the B788/789 is only 31". Slightly better seat width too at 18" against 17.3" on the B789.

Capacity wise, it's the 789 that has the extra 10 Business seats (30 + 258), but the 788 is 18 + 249. The A332 being 20 + 196.

Curious Pax 15th Feb 2018 09:01

The 788s have 2 different configs, the other is 30+204. The latter is the same config as Kenya Airways’ 788s, so assume they are the 2 leased from KQ.

MANFOD 15th Feb 2018 10:02

Ah, thanks for that Curious PAX.

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