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LAX_LHR 15th Feb 2018 15:51

There are now 4 tower cranes on the T2 site, looks quite spectacular really. There are also 2 large mobile cranes building a new multi storey car park north east of T3.

Dobbo_Dobbo 15th Feb 2018 16:27

Great to see the vast scale of this. I often think certain opportunities may have been missed (eg if the terminal has been made smaller when it would cost relatively little to have extra size for future proofing) but only time will tell - certainly I am not best placed to decide this!

For now, the new T2 is likely to be far better than anything there currently, and I hope it causes existing and new airline customers to increase and add MAN services to take advantage of the new and improved facilities.

egcntristar 15th Feb 2018 16:44

Is there anywhere online with up to date photos of the build?

EZYMAN 15th Feb 2018 23:59

Flybe have announced that there leaving Menzies from April time! I over heard that a few other airlines are set to follow, I am lead to understnad itís after Menzies had the same person managing both Operations and Passenger Services that the whole operation just collapsed.

Airline Services now on the block! Who else with follow flybe I reckon

OltonPete 16th Feb 2018 11:04

CH Aviation reporting Bangladesh Biman are to receive four 788's and Manchester will start later in the year.

Is this a credible report?

No doubt there is a market for such a route.

LAX_LHR 16th Feb 2018 11:05

I don’t think even Biman know what they are doing half the time. No doubt MAN will be a USA transit route again.

Plane.Silly 16th Feb 2018 11:16

Least if it is a transit route, will be a new route one way and additional capacity the other. Much like the Singapore switch from MUC to MAN, i personally believe these are win win,

Getting 2 routes for the price of 1, while also bring a new airline. Just depends what times they're looking at

Betablockeruk 16th Feb 2018 11:50


They never actually finished. Just running extremely late, as normal :}

It's a shame that the operation was so shambolic.

chaps1954 16th Feb 2018 11:53

Most stunning colour scheme on 773

LAX_LHR 16th Feb 2018 12:32

Ryanair increasing Shannon to 6 weekly. Some really huge growth from them this summer!

Mr Mac 16th Feb 2018 12:48

The SQ change came about from them dropping Moscow on the Singapore Houston v Moscow route. We benefited from the Russian economy slow down and I guess talking to fellow passengers on the Man - Houston section, a drop in oil exploration by US companies in Russia, possibly due to sanctions. What ever it took it has made my life very easy on a recent project, and I would recommend it as a route into SW USA or even Central America.

Betablockeruk 16th Feb 2018 12:53


and 3 weekly reintroduction from LPL.

Must be feeding all those TATL flights!

viscount702 16th Feb 2018 14:13

There are still a few more gaps that could be filled with based aircraft if they wanted to.

LFC22 17th Feb 2018 08:04


Which other airlines are set to follow? They've recently lost American and Aurigny so not great for them. Although heard Stobart may take over Flybe and get that contract back from AS.

EZYMAN 17th Feb 2018 11:58

I’ve heard that Stobart are to buy out Airline Services, they are on the market at the minute, as they were struggling after Monarch went bust and we’re very close to ceasing them selves.

I am also led to believe that Easyjet are looking for a new contract holder at MAN. Possible Stobart after they took over the STN contract

LFC22 17th Feb 2018 12:10

It's all moving pretty fast at the moment. Airline Servies are actually hiring currently, funnily enough I even have an interview lined up. Having 2nd thoughts now

EZYMAN 18th Feb 2018 01:53

Just heard thereís a few more contracts up at Menzies this summer? Could we see British Airways follow a lot off oneword and head to Swissport or possibly Dnata?

The96er 18th Feb 2018 02:04

I think Menzies have signed an IAG contract with Menzies which covers MAN/GLA/EDI/ABZ and DUB. I stand to be corrected though. The relationship between BA and Swissport is still somewhat sour after the Gatwick fiasco a few years ago.

EZYMAN 18th Feb 2018 04:21

Yeah I did hear this, but as a whole Menzies are falling to pieces Iíve heard of the same story at MAN, LGW, EDI and even IOM now struggling. I think theyíve gone on a path of which they will struggle to cope with, the only place I hear good things about Menzies is LHR.

LAX_LHR 18th Feb 2018 19:56

Seems to be a new Ryanair route to Catania:

FR9046 MAN 1145 CTA 1500
FR9047 CTA 1525 MAN 1840

FR9046 MAN 1700 CTA 2015
FR9047 CTA 2040 MAN 2355

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