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LAX_LHR 20th Feb 2018 18:49

Is fedex self handling?

roverman 20th Feb 2018 20:45

I think they may be, being a bit specialised and integrated.

What about ASIG? I think they do some handling or parts thereof. Even without them it is a long list for any airport.

LAX_LHR 20th Feb 2018 20:50

I’m sure fedex are self handling. DHL in their sporadic appearances are handled by Swissport.

I think ASIG at MAN were absorbed into Menzies, but again I’m happy to be corrected if not the case.

easyflyer83 20th Feb 2018 21:35

ASIG was indeed taken over by Menzies. At least in Manchester anyway.

The96er 20th Feb 2018 21:46

ASIG was taken over by Menzies everywhere with ground handling having now been fully integrated, although the ASIG fuelers are still branded as ASIG for some reason.

Is fedex self handling?
Fedex do self handling apart from the Pushback which is done by Menzies.

SWBKCB 21st Feb 2018 08:45

So don't the Corporation do anything now? :ok:

(Lights blue touch paper, stands well back.... )

Betablockeruk 21st Feb 2018 10:53


Asked by Routes News if he would consider introducing flights to other UK airports outside the London area - currently Jet Airways operates from Heathrow to both Mumbai and Delhi - Dube admits it could be a possibility if there is enough demand.

“We have 1,000 seats per day to the UK – that’s not a lot for the size of market,” he says. “There are plenty of other options. People live in other cities in the UK outside London – there are plenty of Indians who reside in those places, as well as wonderful universities in other parts of the UK.

“Manchester and Birmingham are two obvious choices and we will continue to look at those two cities. When demand is robust enough we will launch flights.”
Credit https://www.routesonline.com

When is demand robust enough?

Logohu 21st Feb 2018 11:05

When is demand robust enough ?
I guess when it's robust enough to endure 9 hours on board your average Indian carrier ??

Seriously Mr Dube just needs to observe the check in queues for the ME4 on any day of the week at MAN if he's in doubt.

Betablockeruk 21st Feb 2018 16:03

Originally Posted by Logohu (Post 10060278)
I guess when it's robust enough to endure 9 hours on board your average Indian carrier ??

Ouch :ouch:

Wonder if the statement will panic SpiceJet, IndiGo or even Air India into action.

There seems momentum from many sides now to get such a route up & running. Just a matter of who.....

That VS Delhi rumour?

LAX_LHR 21st Feb 2018 18:59

ELAL flights now showing in the Tel Aviv Airport timetables:

LY5195 TLV 1800 MAN 2130 Tu/Th/Su

LY5196 MAN 2235 TLV 0545+1 Tu/Su
LY5196 MAN 0005 TLV 0720+1 Th

Starts July 1st.

Espada III 21st Feb 2018 20:25

I'm sure that's the third set of times that have been promulgated... Not yet available for booking on the EL AL website, but hopefully they will appear sometime.

Interesting that it's a night flight back to Israel which will put off some people, but it's an excellent Israel to UK flight time.

LAX_LHR 21st Feb 2018 20:30

But the other times so far have just been slot requests, this is the first time these flights have made it on any sort of publicly accessible page.

Espada III 21st Feb 2018 20:35

I see. Progress then....

The Hebrew equivalent of Manyana (sp?) is Savlanut (patience....).

Abbots12 22nd Feb 2018 07:06

EL AL slots now cancelled for this Summer.

Dobbo_Dobbo 22nd Feb 2018 09:55

This feels very cack handed!

Dobbo_Dobbo 22nd Feb 2018 09:58


ET's country manager for the UK seems to be looking beyond LHR for extra capacity. Realistically this is likely to mean MAN, LGW, EDI but I don't know what they are looking to tap into. ADD (which can only mean ET from MAN) was part of a "story" in the MEN a year or so ago. Link and key extract below.

https://www.routesonline.com/news/29/br ... expansion/

Q: Will Heathrow be the main focus or, given its slot constraints, is the airline planning to grow its network elsewhere?

A: Additional frequency from LHR, introduction of second UK airport or a mixture of both are options that we are currently working hard to introduce as we need to bring more capacity to the market to achieve our long-term growth ambitions in the UK market.

inOban 22nd Feb 2018 10:11

Have they ordered 321LRs? They would have the range, I think.

LAX_LHR 22nd Feb 2018 11:07

Originally Posted by Abbots12 (Post 10061121)
EL AL slots now cancelled for this Summer.

They aren’t canx, pushed back to 1st July. Due to the pushback, they appeared in the canx section of the latest ACL report.

Dobbo_Dobbo 22nd Feb 2018 11:27

Originally Posted by inOban (Post 10061324)
Have they ordered 321LRs? They would have the range, I think.

I'd expect this to be more of a B788 route than an A321LR - albeit not daily. There is nothing to substantiate this, just my preconception.

LAX_LHR 22nd Feb 2018 12:46

Ryanair have started to load winter 2018. Despite claims from the ever abrasive Ian F on another forum, there are a few changes.

Belfast goes 2 daily
Porto, Treviso and Agadir continue as year round.

Almeria, Rhodes, Ponta Delgada, Cagliari, Palermo and Reus are summer only, but hardly surprising given they are predominantly summer routes.

There does seem to be a couple of increases on other routes, but don’t have the historics to make a full comparison.

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