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Dobbo_Dobbo 1st Feb 2018 20:17

That should hopefully clear some space in terminal 1.

Plane.Silly 2nd Feb 2018 07:47

I wonder what MAG had to offer them in order to facilitate this. They keep all their operations in house so now they'll need twice as many people to cover both terminals. Surely that will have to drive up their costs, which inevitably gets passed on to the customer, making them less competitive pricewise vs other operators

chaps1954 2nd Feb 2018 08:01

It`s very similar to what Easyjet used to do at Gatwick as they had a split operation
until recently and BA at Heathrow

LAX_LHR 2nd Feb 2018 08:30

Airline route reporting that Hainan have now applied to the CAAC for CAN-MAN 3 weekly starting December 2018.

LAX_LHR 2nd Feb 2018 08:36

Oman Air will switch to the B787 from 1st October.

Most dates show the B788 but also B789 showing on selected dates too.

Betablockeruk 2nd Feb 2018 09:19

New toy from EU_Eurostat:

Do you know which #airports in your country handle the most passengers and what the most popular destinations are? Check out our interactive tool on air passenger transport in Europe in 2016


chaps1954 2nd Feb 2018 10:12

Why not try this
gives tons of info for last several years on all european airports that have pax flights

Dobbo_Dobbo 2nd Feb 2018 10:18

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 10039433)
Airline route reporting that Hainan have now applied to the CAAC for CAN-MAN 3 weekly starting December 2018.

This is good news - I'd expected this to be seasonal so if it starts in December (big if IMO) that is a good sign...

Adola69 2nd Feb 2018 15:32

Re Saudia
Hello LAX / LHR. Thanks for your very imformative posts, they are always a good read.

On the post itemizing the breakdown of long haul services, I had heard that SAUDIA will not be flying to Riyadh this time around, but concentrate on Jeddah, 5 x weekly ?
Hope I am wrong and you are right.
Do they still show in the system as serving both destinations?

Mr A Tis 2nd Feb 2018 16:01

Hainan -interesting that they have also applied for Beijing -Edinburgh-Dublin-Edinburgh- Beijing from June 2018, twice weekly.. Would that impact any connecting traffic through MAN to PEK ?
To be honest, I'd rather have a Shanghai service than a Guangzou which is on HKGs doorstep.

Betablockeruk 2nd Feb 2018 16:45

Important information for Jet2.com passengers
As we approach Summer 2018 we have seen a number of airlines adding in extra capacity for peak season. To accommodate the growth from those airlines its been necessary to make some changes.

From Wednesday 11th April some Jet2.com flights will now arrive and depart from Terminal 2. Passengers on flights to and from Lanzarote, Malaga, Palma and Tenerife; your flights will now operate from Terminal 2. All other Jet2.com flights will operate as planned from Terminal 1 check-in area B.


Will they have golf buggies ready to whisk the confused to T2?

My work colleague didn't even know there are 2 airports in Belfast and no idea which one he was going to.....

Betablockeruk 2nd Feb 2018 17:08

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis (Post 10039899)
To be honest, I'd rather have a Shanghai service than a Guangzou which is on HKGs doorstep.

And its no 2 on the list of top Chinese airports by pax.


HKIA 70.5 in 2016. So HKG and CAN bringing in a whopping 136.4! Plenty to go at.

As I type, tweet from Airport City welcoming

an academic delegation from Zhengzhou
They're number 13 on the list!

Ringwayman 2nd Feb 2018 19:52

Originally Posted by Mr A Tis (Post 10039899)
To be honest, I'd rather have a Shanghai service than a Guangzou which is on HKGs doorstep.

I think we all would but we have the situation that Air China is extremely reluctant to cede those rights over to Hainan. Still this Guangzhou development is in tune with an inkling of what I was told to look out for in Chinese developments

FFMAN 3rd Feb 2018 07:01

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 10022526)
Turkish Airlines will increase the TK1995/1996 flight from A321 to A330 on Mon/Wed/Fri from 4th June until 14th Sept.

Confirmed and bookable.

Ever wondered why the big birds are on the afternoon flight?...including the regular unscheduled upgrades.....
Here's my theory :E it's all to do with the shocking performance of arriving connecting flights in the morning at IST. This means you have a very good chance of missing your morning flight to MAN and getting dumped on to the afternoon one. Meaning that the afternoon flight is carrying passengers that wanted to be home several hours previously. I have been the victim of this twice in 12 months.
It wouldn't be so bad if anyone at TK or IST actually gave a flying **** about it (or anything generally in life it seems). A simple shrug of the shoulders is their attitude to customer service.
All hubbing airlines can experience delays and that is accepted but it's how they deal with it that makes the difference.
Star Alliance is supposed to employ a common set of quality standards across it's members. The difference between how (say) LH and TK deal with a late connection is night and day. How they let TK in is beyond me - did they get paid to go easy on them?
I've had enough - I've just sent a note to my travel agent to block any TK options for future trips.
Don't be seduced by their lower than average 'Business Class' offering either. In the narrow body fleet they have those kind of seats that the US carriers used to have in the 1990s. They are usually broken in one way or another. You get what you pay for with TK.
Advice to anyone connecting at IST is generally 'don't' but if the cheap price is important to you, don't book anything with less than a 1-5hr to 2hr connection time. No-one will help you, no-one will care, even if you are in Business Class, even if you are Star Gold.

Navpi 3rd Feb 2018 08:24

This appears to be a rant about THY cunningly masquerading as Manchester news. Can we get back to the Chinese thread which I thought was quite interesting.

SilverCityKid 3rd Feb 2018 10:59

Turkish Airlines
In response to #933
I used to travel on THY (as it then was) during the 1980's, mainly on Turkish domestic flights, and they were truly awful, breakfast was a bread roll and a pot of olive paste. It was said that THY stood for 'They Hate You'

However, in Feb 2017 my wife and I travelled MAN/IST/CPT and return on Turkish Airlines Business Class. We were absolutely delighted with the service we received, probably my best Business Class journey ever.
The Business class lounge at Istanbul Attaturk is vast, the biggest that I have ever been in, but still seems to provide what is needed, although they could use more toilets!

The Turkish flights were on-time on all sectors (unlike my previous trip to CPT on BA where we missed our return connection for MAN due to late arrival in LHR.)

One can only speak as one finds but my opinion is that Turkish Airlines with their 3 flights per day to Istanbul are a great asset to Manchester.
When I was travelling regularly to Turkey in the 1980's, leaving on the Swissair SR 841 at around 07.50 hrs (DC-9 / MD-80 / A310) it used to take me all day to get to Istanbul, and even longer to get to Ankara.

No airlines are perfect all of the time by my recent impression was that Turkish Airlines try quite hard to give their passengers a good experience.

easyflyer83 3rd Feb 2018 11:11

I’ve never had a problem with Turkish and their business class is excellent. Meanwhile, their business class hard product on the short haul fleet is probably the best product in short haul Europe.

Rutan16 3rd Feb 2018 12:50

Shanghai - (caveat you might see this elsewhere however remains true)
It's a victim of the battle of internal politics between regional and central government agencies.

Shanghai is not an Air China preferred airport however they do serve A* partners hubs in Germany with Milan and Paris added as premium heavy destinations within Europe. They only fly to Beijing from Heathrow.

The regional government sponsor China Eastern and they aim is to get slots in Beijing to start Long haul services from there.

The central government and through their agent CAAC continue to block this so the regional government in turn block Air China expansions in Shanghai (won’t give them slots)

As said countless times nothing in China is as it seems or as easy as simple market forces. Aviation is no different and long haul in particular remains a serious tool for the political power and projection aims and goals of the Communist Party over simple market forces, indeed some of those goals conflict between regional and central government agencies.

In basic terms the state through the CAAC remains all powerful and a multitude of differing and sometimes colourful liveries can be something of an illusion.

Air China can do no wrong - are the preferred carrier for All premium heavy long haul routes from Beijing and indeed major regional cities particularly Shanghai and especially those to *A hubs.

China Eastern get what they are given from Shanghai mainly to partner alliance hubs - in the main Skyteam and a few premium routes such as Shanghai To Heathrow

China Southern are also a regional player from Guangzhou with similar flights to partner alliance hubs and Heathrow - Interestingly through they do have traffic rights and operate to Amsterdam from Beijing -The only big three European route from the Capital and not in the hands of Air China.

This is something of an historical anomaly as they were originally awarded the routing Guangzhou-Beijing-Amsterdam with the stop over mainly due to performance issues at the old Hongqiao Airport some years ago

Then you have Hainan Group they are the tool for many secondary markets and none Hub to hub routes in the main.

Beyond that a few other regionals have been granted long haul from smaller Chinese cities for which Air China and the other two big grouping have little interest.

Rutan16 3rd Feb 2018 12:55

The fact Hainan have moved their sights south west suggests the political feud continues and is yet to be settled imho!

Betablockeruk 3rd Feb 2018 15:18

Rutan 16. Great write-up on Chinese politics! Makes it very clear why PVG is always just around the corner.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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