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LAX_LHR 8th Jan 2018 10:54

They did operate yes and were 100% full each time!

SWBKCB 8th Jan 2018 17:39


Details of the recently-agreed enhancement of the UK-China bilateral air services pact show that London routes are excluded from the 50 extra available frequencies


LAX_LHR 8th Jan 2018 17:43

I believe Air China to PVG and HU to CAN are proposed ex-MAN. Hear occasional rumours about Xiamen Air to Xiamen, but nothing to substantiate the latter.

EZYPZY 8th Jan 2018 18:24

Originally Posted by gojmc (Post 10012784)
Do we actually know any further details beyond Genoa (confirmed), nice (in the ďsystemĒ) and a rumour of another 6 aircraft?

Canít see another 6 aircraft being based by next summer. Donít think they have recruited any cabin crew for summer 2018. Presumably theyíd need to take on a significant amount of new crew to facilitate such a big increase in based aircraft.

LAX_LHR 8th Jan 2018 18:25

Ex-Monarch crew perhaps? They have recruited for S18 too, there were courses in Jan/Feb and April.

More recruitment opens later in the month.

EZYPZY 8th Jan 2018 18:30

Itís a possibility however, unlike LGW or LTN, I havenít seen any open days for ex Monarch crew advertised up north. As you say though, may open up in the coming weeks.

LAX_LHR 8th Jan 2018 19:05

I’m sure the special monarch portal had manchester options. I think the Leeds crew had a MAN option too.

Easyjet also have seperate recruitment for the London Airports publicly.

Plane.Silly 9th Jan 2018 08:20

Assuming the expansion goes ahead, surely EZY would need to invest in additional crew facilities. They can't surely be expected to squeeze into their current 'digs'?

businessair75 9th Jan 2018 09:54

Iím told there is a sizeable hold pool of cabin crew for MAN and you are forgetting the possibility of wet leasing in the vein of what is currently happening in TXL.

As for crew room facilities, not all flights report at the same time, not even at first wave.

What is interesting is how T1 will cope with expansion from MT, LS and U2 and whether it will mean terminal moves or split terminal for one.

FFMAN 9th Jan 2018 10:17

As a frequent flyer and user of T1, I find it less interesting and more worrying.

If you think about it the expansion of the above airlines to fill the MON void is the last year equivalent of moving MON from T2 to T1. All those passengers that would have been going over to T2 are now somehow having to be shoehorned into T1.
T1 was creaking at times during peak months - I'm already trying to minimize my business flying to the essential.

By the time T2 is done and T1 is demolished and replaced, I'll probably be retired :ugh:

irishlad06 9th Jan 2018 11:01

LS will be split terminal - 4-5 aircraft will night stop at T2 every night

LAX_LHR 9th Jan 2018 11:53

Jet2 taking over the airport!

Crew room in T3, flights from T1 and soon T2, hangar and ground handling. Certainly making use of all the facilities.

LBAflyer22 9th Jan 2018 12:53


They will just be doing that - Parking at them overnight? I've not heard that they will be setting up, what could be classed as a different operation, over in T2?

easyJet with 20 aircraft seems more feasible to set up 2 operations over two terminals at MAN.

LAX_LHR 9th Jan 2018 13:09

All of the Jet2 Spain flights, including the A330 ones are currently listed in Chroma as T2. This one would assume if this is correct, pax will be using T2.

irishlad06 9th Jan 2018 15:26

It will be certain destinations departing from T2 including checkin - boarding for these flights. The A330 will depart from T2 so that should give you an indication as to which destinations.

spannersatcx 9th Jan 2018 17:47

There's no room at T2 in the mornings as it is!

MKY661 9th Jan 2018 20:53

I'm sure there's a lot more room than there should have been in T2 this winter and next summer though.

I wonder when this will officially be announced? And I guess once the new Pier opens the rest of the Jet2 flights will move over?

Sholto Douglas 9th Jan 2018 21:13

Does anybody have a realistic opening date for Pier 1?

roverman 9th Jan 2018 21:46

April 2019. Terminal extension continues for another 12 months and so pax to be checked in at existing T2 processor and walked though new link in to Pier 1 past construction until terminal extension complete. And then Pier 3 begins!

Sholto Douglas 9th Jan 2018 22:02

Many thanks for that update Roverman.

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