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LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 08:05

Announcement won’t be until Feb.

Navpi 25th Jan 2018 08:22

Does that not miss all the heavy advertising at the moment?

chaps1954 25th Jan 2018 08:31

Could this mean building up in stages rather than jumping in with whatever total of aircraft they choose probably May/June

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 08:38

The announcement will be in Feb to give the substantial increase full limelight, rather than being lost in a lot of other increases around the other UK bases.

5 extra aircraft in one go is quite an increase for Easyjet so natural it would warrant itís own press release.

Runcorn Bridge 25th Jan 2018 10:00

Feb 2nd to be precise. One more easyjet aircraft and up to 5 wet leases. Total base size up to 18 from current 12.

chaps1954 25th Jan 2018 11:44

Ooh interesting wonderwhere the leases are coming from, perhaps some of the ones working from Berlin covering until Air Berlin machines ready

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 12:30

Easyjet have only got slots for 17 based aircraft so would need to apply for an increase to make it up to 18 based.

chaps1954 25th Jan 2018 14:02

Ryanair adding 3 extra aircraft from June to September according to post on another forum
"Ryanair invests £210m in fleet and services at Manchester Airport"

"Irish carrier Ryanair has announced a nine-figure investment to boost its fleet and services at Manchester Airport.

The airline confirmed it is investing $300m (around £210m) in an extra three aircraft for its peak Summer 2018 schedule, running from June to September.

Ryanair will operate 10 new summer routes from Manchester this year, including flights to Agadir in Morocco, Ponta Delgada in Portugal and Northern Irish capital Belfast, as well as additional flights on existing routes.

In total, Summer 2018 will see the airline offer 300,000 extra seats on 57 routes operated by 12 aircraft.

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, said: “Ryanair is delighted to announce an additional investment of $300m at Manchester with three extra based aircraft for our peak Summer 2018 schedule, bringing the total investment at Manchester to $1.2bn.

“We will deliver an exciting set of 10 new Manchester summer routes, some of which are connecting with Manchester for the first time, and add an extra 300,000 summer seats to the schedule. These new summer routes will go on sale on Ryanair.com from tomorrow (January 26).”

He continued: “Over the past four years, Manchester has been one of our fastest growing bases in the UK and this year summer numbers will grow again by a further 9%.

“Ryanair will continue to connect Manchester with major leisure and business centres on high frequency, low fare services including Dublin (five daily), Madrid (daily) and Rome (10 weekly) with better timings and lower fares, making Ryanair the ideal choice for Manchester business and leisure customers.”

Julian Carr, aviation director at Manchester Airport, commented: “We are pleased to see Ryanair add three additional aircraft to Manchester Airport.

“As well as increasing its route network and options for passengers, it also creates jobs for people here in the North West.”

He added: “We look forward to the routes starting and the added international connectivity they offer our 27.8m passengers.”"

Full story www.bdaily.co.uk

southside bobby 25th Jan 2018 14:04

RYR announce 3 extra airframes at MAN peak Summer 18 for a total of 300,000 extra seats with 10 new SUMMER routes.

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 14:11

New routes:

-Agadir 2 weekly
-Almeria 2 weekly
-Reus 2 weekly
-Belfast daily
-Cagliari 2 weekly
-Palermo 2weekly
-Ponta Delgada 1 weekly
-Oporto 3 weekly
-Rhodes 2 weekly
-Treviso 3 weekly

More flights on pretty much every route.

lfc84 25th Jan 2018 14:16

when do they go on sale?

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 14:17

Tomorrow according to the Ryanair release:


chaps1954 25th Jan 2018 14:18

Tomorrow according to press release

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 14:38

So, based aircraft wise.

Summer 17 had 9 based Monarch which are now out of the equation.

But, summer 18 will see:

Jet2 +2 aircraft
TUI +1 aircraft
Thomas Cook +2 aircraft
BA Cityflyer +1 part based
Ryanair +3 aircraft
Easyjet +5 aircraft (pending)

This means we are now 3.5 aircraft up on S17, not including any extra seats and new operators.

lfc84 25th Jan 2018 15:51

is anyone aware of the schedules ? it would help some pre-planning.

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 15:57

I know PDL will be Thursday’s, did have a screenshot of the schedules but deleted it by accident.

OltonPete 25th Jan 2018 16:09

This is excellent without even considering the easyjet additions.

Have I the following correct in respect of new and already served: -

Agadir 2 weekly - easyjet 2 a week ends 18 April, Air Arabia - 2 (TUI as well)
Almeria 2 weekly - Jet2 up to 3 a week (TUI & MT as well)
Reus 2 weekly - Jet2 up to five a week (TUI & MT as well)
Belfast daily - easyjet 1-4 a day (3 a day max from May)
Cagliari 2 weekly - new scheduled?
Palermo 2weekly - new scheduled?
Ponta Delgada 1 weekly - new scheduled?
Oporto 3 weekly - 3 a week easyjet?
Rhodes 2 weekly - up to 5 a week Jet2 (TUI & MT as well)
Treviso 3 weekly - up to 5 a week VCE Jet2 and 3 a week easyjet (was 4)

Looking at the above has anybody any thoughts in respect of under and over capacity? Venice seems odd although not the same airport, Belfast has been covered and Porto is well served although Ryanair are strong there. Almeria seems reasonable, Reus well is Reus, Palermo I would imagine will be brilliant and Ponto Delgada welcome even at weekly. Agadair would have had 4 operators?

I assume Agadir is seasonal winter for easyjet?

LAX_LHR 25th Jan 2018 16:20

Agadir is winter seasonal with Easyjet, but of course, we don’t know what they will bring to the table with these 5/6 aircraft.

In terms of the other routes, PDL, PMO, CAG and TSF are welcome new routes. I know TSF is a ‘Venice’ Airport, but of course can be used as an alternative Airport for the North East area of Italy too.

Almeria is a good route. Technically only Jet2 on the ‘low cost scheduled’ front, with TUI and MT being primarily IT flights. There is a large villa portfolio in Almeria and Roquettas so will appeal to that crowd.

Belfast, well, that’s a wait and see route.

Oporto should do well now there is no Monarch presence, and if it offers alternate days to Easyjet, then even better.

Reus and Rhodes are perennial favourites from MAN so should do well.

What we also have to consider is the extra flights too. According to the press release, there will be more FAO, more AGP, more LIs and so on. These could be key tipping point routes too. Alicante as an example goes from 15 to 19 weekly, which is a fair whack of extra capacity, and as said above, this doesn’t even take into account anything Easyjet may add too.

Interesting times indeed.

OltonPete 25th Jan 2018 17:25

Thank you for the reply LAX_LHR, the one that has caught my interest is Belfast only because the easyjet summer schedule is quite light I presume next week that will be changed to a more substantial offering.

With three extra based I supposed there will be some eye-opening increases on existing frequencies but all looking good.

Other bits and pieces, are Finnair reverting back to the 190 in June or is this just due to the operational aircraft having not been changed in the system and one of Flybe's four Amsterdam flights is greyed out (11.20 UK departure) which is the same for one of the BHX-AMS services at around the same time.

chaps1954 25th Jan 2018 17:31

As far as I know Finnair was only meant to Airbus December and a bit of January due to people wanting to go to the Northern lights via Helsinki

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