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FRatSTN 30th Jun 2014 14:29

Quite happy to agree to disagree.

That's all good then

Johnny [email protected] Pants 30th Jun 2014 20:04

DGAC ordered/requested/pleaded FR to cancel around 20% of flights to/from French airports
That's understandable I suppose, however the passengers I picked up on the Monday morning in Reus that were travelling to Bristol weren't too pleased to be told that their flight was cancelled and to come back on SATURDAY!!

Definitely more on time stat creation at the expense of passengers under the guise of French ATC.

castleford tiger 1st Jul 2014 08:57

Lets not go there and compare JET 2 and RYAN on cancelling flights.

Last French strike had a daughter on a JET2 plane to PALMA and a daughter on a RYAN to FARO. Early morning from LBA.

Not one RYAN flight left , but the JET2 one did.
Cancelled flight means the CUSTOMER has to claim the money back and guess what some 30% never do !
Faro from Leeds easy missing France. Palma not so easy.
The Captain and crew on Ryan do not always get paid. There is some rule about if you board , but others will know better than I.

Lighty89 1st Jul 2014 14:25

EC-ISY made its way to MAN today for 2 month lease from Jet2.

lbiaer 2nd Jul 2014 10:48

Anyone know what the delay is on the 251 Faro this morning? Will be flying on the 252 return later - thanks.

OltonPete 4th Jul 2014 18:58

What happened to the EMA - HER LS625 to make the local news during a diversion to Manchester?

Departed East Mids late at 17.40 went North West towards Manchester on its departure squawk, then turned back south towards East Mids at 19000ft before squawk changed to 7700 at 18.00. Then held over the Peake District before diverting to Manchester landing at around 18.55.

As usual FR24 replay helped with some of the above.

It actually made the local TV News before it landed at Manchester apparently.

It was a 738 this time.


Flying Wild 4th Jul 2014 20:45

I think you meant the EMA-HER.

...and it had a pressurisation problem.

Gail73 7th Jul 2014 12:47

Hi I am flying with my family to Feuerteventura and think (by googling it) I am flying on 737-800 with Jet 2 from Manchester. I suffer with claustrophobia (only recently started) and after a chat with a Jet 2 advisor she has booked me row 15 on the way out and row 34 on the way back. She said these are by the emergency exits so will be behind the row with extra leg room seats - which may help for me to see a bit of space in front of me (i'm hoping). I can't find a picture of the plane so I can get a view of the seating or what teh place is going to look like and the seats - as I am now worried that she has given me duff info and that I have paid extra for these seats for nothing. I'm not normally a mad woman but my kids will be with me and I don't want to be scaring them with me having an attack and being escorted embarrasingly from the place...can anyone give me some advice please and if anyone knows what the places are like insude could they give me some info..thanks

TSR2 7th Jul 2014 20:11

From the seating plans for these flights it would appear the aircraft is a Boeing 757 (only checked July departures). If it is a 757 I am sure you will be fine.

righthandrule 7th Jul 2014 20:59

The doors on the 757 aircraft are at row 12/14 and emergency exits at row 33. So sat in row 15 and 34, you will in the next row behind the emergency exit seats, as the Jet2 agent told you, these seats are good if you are claustrophobic as there is plenty of space around.

BFS Dude 11th Jul 2014 13:35

Anyone know what the plan is at Belfast International currently there is 3 aircraft needed for some mornings and afternoons in Summer 2015. This year only two aircraft is needed, here is the current timetable for a Thursday in July:

07:00 Palma
07:30 Malaga
07:30 Alicante
15:15 Ibiza
15:45 Reus

There is still a lot of gaps to fill for next year anyone no what they are doing? Thanks! :)

GAZMO 11th Jul 2014 14:41

Assume that aircraft needed to do the mail run on Monday to Fridays ?

BFS Dude 11th Jul 2014 14:54

Well on Monday there is three aircraft needed in the afternoon:

07:00 Palma
07:10 Faro
14:30 Mahon
15:10 Murcia
15:45 Reus

13:35 Palma
14:25 Faro
20:55 Mahon
21:45 Murica
21:50 21:50

So Guessing they need 5 Aircraft:

3 for Passanger flights & 2 for Cargo flights?

GAZMO 11th Jul 2014 15:05

Normally one cargo plane used Monday through to Friday evening flight
Maybe some one in jet2 could update about bfs

BFS Dude 11th Jul 2014 15:20

This year there is two cargo route at BFS.

1) Stansted (G-GDFE does this one)
2) East Midlands (G-CELW does this one)

BFS BHD 11th Jul 2014 15:27

The new routes to fill gaps will be announced around October time! :)

david1994 11th Jul 2014 15:33

Yes new routes I was told Sep,, has it been pushed back to Oct now??

BFS Dude 11th Jul 2014 15:34

Nice any idea what the new routes are?

david1994 11th Jul 2014 16:12

Central and Eastern Europe, cant say exactly but some are ex EZY routes!

BFS Dude 11th Jul 2014 16:15

Okay thanks for the info!

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