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Chitty 6th Dec 2011 13:25

i read that it was going to be 3 routes from southend not a 3 weekly flight

mikkie4 6th Dec 2011 13:26

sorry my mistake

TCX69 6th Dec 2011 15:07

Slightly off topic.. But does anyone know if/when G-CELW, G-LSAD & G-LSAK will receive the full Jet2.com livery? The latter 2 of which still retain their white fuselage, while 'LW still carries basic Channel Express livery!

Thanks for any info..

Chitty 6th Dec 2011 15:13

i think AD and AK for staying as thay r coz there on lease i think LW slaying as it aswell

4Screwaircrew 6th Dec 2011 15:25

Theory was that some of the aeroplanes would have white fuselages as that would make it easier to apply decals for winter lease work, such as being carried out by AK at the moment.

Chitty 6th Dec 2011 17:21

hi i facebooked southend airports saying is it true that jet2.com will be starting flights to 3 destinations next year and thay repleyed saying There are strong rumours going around at the moment, on top of Germanwings and Germania. It looks promising but nothing confirmed yet

Mr @ Spotty M 6th Dec 2011 20:23

Expansion at NCL
I see Jet2 have announced expansion at NCL, with Flights to Bodrum, Rome, Reus and Venice starting from May 31st next year and a sixth aircraft based at the airport. :ok:

Jamesair 6th Dec 2011 22:15

plus additional flights on Faro/Alicante/Mahon/Malaga/Cork/Prague/Krakow...good news all round for NCL.

Barling Magna 10th Dec 2011 12:22

Posted by DCTen on the Southend page:

Jet2 will be operating SEN-CGN-CRA from january 9 on, using LGW based crews, then Germania will be flying to CRA from May on (Charterflights)
as far as i know
Jet 2 B 737-300 , Germania A 319

Any substance in this....?

LPFR 11th Dec 2011 03:14

Really? Talk about a WEIRD route...:rolleyes:

dcten 11th Dec 2011 05:44

it s not weird, considering there is a big automobile plant in cra

Expressflight 11th Dec 2011 07:05

The route will operate as Ford sole use charters as far as I can gather, but I'm not sure of the flight frequencies. It seems that Germania will take over the route in the Spring with A319s but whether that will then become a scheduled service remains unclear.

MKY661 11th Dec 2011 18:59

Still havent heard of the delivery days for the 3 new 737's due this month :(

Any plans to fit the other 757's with winglets should be cool.

take-off 11th Dec 2011 19:22

When in gods' name will they give a bit of cheer to Blackpool, and give us a new route, i don't care where, just somewhere................:{

SWBKCB 11th Dec 2011 20:37

Whenever BLK gives them a route they can make a few bob on - they're not in it for the the laughs!

take-off 15th Dec 2011 10:51

There must be somewhere that would work well from BLK Other than the usual costa's , not that i'm knocking those area's , just somewhere bit different....

SynergyX 15th Dec 2011 18:44

Hi,just wondering which AC they are using on the 23rd down to TFS?

Many Thanks.

GrahamK 15th Dec 2011 19:28


Should be a 757-200, although I have seen 737-300s operating LBA-TFS recently as well.

LBIA 16th Dec 2011 11:50

What's going on! How come the all white Boeing 737-300, G-GDFB has gone back into service with Jet2 flying the LS207 Leeds - Murcia service this morning?

I thought this aircraft was withdrawn from use and been scrapped...

MKY661 16th Dec 2011 13:44

That was G-GDFA. G-GDFB was going to be returned to its lessor.

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