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Scottie Dog 27th Apr 2016 19:41

Krakow service
Apologies if this has already been posted, but I can't find any mention.

From Flight Global

UK leisure airline Jet 2 is starting twice-weekly flights from Manchester to Krakow on 28 April.

Managing director Ian Doubtfire confirmed the service's imminent launch to Flightglobal on 25 April, during the Routes Europe conference being held in the Polish city.

garry8g 2nd May 2016 08:38

G-JZHE first commercial flight and in service was Saturday 30th April, flying from Manchester to Malaga at 12:08.

Just G-JZHG & G-JZHH to go now.

LBIA 4th May 2016 21:26

With the release of the Leeds/Bradford Summer 2017 programme it looks like Jet2 might be opening a 2nd Spanish base at Palma de Mallorca next summer 2017 season using Boeing 737-800 aircraft...

So far its due to operate LS228 = PMI 15:20 - LBA 17:05 / LS227 = LBA 17:55 - 21:40 on both Tuesday and Sundays

BasilFawlty 4th May 2016 21:36

Does anyone which specific flights from LBA are operated by the Titan 757?

EK77WNCL 5th May 2016 01:20

Hopefully therefore some room for expansion from UK bases without having to commit to another aircraft?

And also, as well as the Titan 757, if anyone has info regarding the Primera 737 and Titan A321 at MAN, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

chaps1954 5th May 2016 06:29

Go onto FR24 and check the flight history for each aircraft that will give you an idea
in the search facilitity but here is OY-PSA
LS978 Zakynthos (ZTH) Manchester (MAN) 15:05 EEST 14:56 17:05 BST Landed 16:26
LS977 Manchester (MAN) Zakynthos (ZTH) 08:15 BST 08:34 14:05 EEST Landed 13:41
LS892 Lanzarote (ACE) Manchester (MAN) 15:35 WEST 15:38 19:55 BST Landed 19:28
LS891 Manchester (MAN) Lanzarote (ACE) 10:00 BST 10:25 14:35 WEST Landed 14:14
LS984 Bodrum (BJV) Manchester (MAN) 16:45 EEST 16:46 19:15 BST Landed 18:40
LS983 Manchester (MAN) Bodrum (BJV) 09:15 BST 09:36 15:45 EEST Landed 15:25
LS888 Prague (PRG) Manchester (MAN) 20:05 CEST 20:20 21:20 BST Landed 21:02
LS887 Manchester (MAN) Prague (PRG) 16:15 BST 16:26 19:20 CEST Landed 19:13
LS804 Barcelona (BCN) Manchester (MAN) 13:15 CEST 13:47 14:50 BST Landed 15:08
LS803 Manchester (MAN) Barcelona (BCN) 08:50 BST 09:15 12:20 CEST Landed 12:03
LS892 Lanzarote (ACE) Manchester (MAN) 15:35 WEST 15:34 19:55 BST Landed 19:49
LS891 Manchester (MAN) Lanzarote (ACE) 10:00 BST 10:10 14:35 WEST Landed 13:49

Prague (PRG) Manchester (MAN) - 18:01 - Landed 18:51
LS887 Manchester (MAN) Prague (PRG) 06:45 BST 07:18 09:50 CEST Landed 09:55
LS832 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Manchester (MAN) 13:15 CEST 14:09 15:00 BST Landed 16:30
LS831 Manchester (MAN) Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 08:35 BST 08:56 12:15 CEST Landed 12:59


LBIA 5th May 2016 06:57

The Titan B752, G-POWH based at Leeds seems to be mainly operating flights for Jet2 to Palma, Malaga, Alicante and the Canary Islands.

Jet2_738 5th May 2016 09:12

A second Spanish base certainly sounds promising. It makes sense, given the two most popular destinations on the network last year were ALC and PMI. Palma is, geographically, right in the heart of the route network - just over 2 hours away from the outer network reach (Canaries/Turkey). Its a fairly strategic location - and could significantly reduce the amount of EU261s as the fleet standardizes. If it were true, that'd be the second UK airline to open a base there next year, as EZY opens its seasonal base in the spring.

DjerbaDevil 6th May 2016 14:57

Palma is, geographically, right in the heart of the route network
Perhaps itís splitting hairs, but Alicante based aircraft are closer to the Canaries, Faro and Funchal and has already proved its worth in the past to minimise EU261 compensations. Palma based aircraft would be better employed for launching rescue flights to the East. On the other hand maybe the Palma base has the object of also providing flights to and from Germany that was mooted a few pages previously and which drew no further comment.

Jet2_738 6th May 2016 17:05

Indeed - the difference between Palma vs Alicante is fairly small, and the foreign bases are a great way of combating EU261. The only problem that has arose is where a 738/752 has gone tech down route, and there's only one 733 that'll get there in time, meaning some pax are stuck waiting for another a/c to come in from the UK. As you say, the ALC base has more than proved its worth. I think that as the fleet standardises, and presumably a 738 would be sat in ALC, it would offer much greater flexibility having the two stations in the med.

LEEDS APPROACH 6th May 2016 20:47

SFP 738 will come in very handy in future years.

El Bunto 7th May 2016 10:33

B733 G-GDFH departed Belfast this morning with EXS3AC but immediately diverted to Leeds instead of Alicante. Didn't squawk an emergency though.

EGAC is Better 7th May 2016 15:55

Originally Posted by El Bunto (Post 9368836)
B733 G-GDFH departed Belfast this morning with EXS3AC but immediately diverted to Leeds instead of Alicante. Didn't squawk an emergency though.

Quite topical given the recent posts about EU compensation.

The outbound was heading for Lanzarote, climbed to around FL100 and stopped there. They turned around and held overhead BFS for around 45mins before diverting to LBA at FL150. Landed after another hold around 2hrs 30 mins after leaving BFS. It appears to have been fixed and currently enroute to ACE. Presumably a pressurisation problem that was fixed at LBA?

Meantime the standby aircraft was launched from ALC to pick up an on time departure of the return leg from ACE to BFS.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 7th May 2016 19:35

Not likely to be a pressurisation fault if it flew at FL150 to LBA.

El Bunto 7th May 2016 21:17

Not likely to be a pressurisation fault if it flew at FL150 to LBA.
Well it's one way to keep the passengers quiet http://cdn.pprune.org/images/smilies/evil.gif

Due back into Belfast empty around 22:30 tonight, Jet2 maintenance staff meeting it.

garry8g 8th May 2016 09:24

G-JZHG was registered on 6th May, in service this morning on Leeds - Faro LS251.

That only leaves G-JZHH to make an appearance, which I imagine will be quite soon.

LBIA 8th May 2016 16:59

G-JZHH might not be in service foe a while yet if rumours are true she was in the hangar at Norwich which suffered fire damage last month.

garry8g 8th May 2016 18:49

Was that the plane that was towed out? Or the one that remained in the hanger?

Jet2_738 9th May 2016 16:02

Quick update for you on G-JZHH;

The aircraft, still under previous reg EI-RUF, today flew as EXS51B from Norwich down to Bournemouth, dismissing rumours of her being damaged in the fire. The aircraft taxied to the Airbourne Colours Hangar, to be repainted and re-reged before entering service :ok:

garry8g 9th May 2016 18:49

Thanks for the update Jet2 738.

That must have been the plane reported as towed out of the hanger. Hopefully it should be in service for the end of May beginning of June !

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