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LBIA 11th May 2016 20:18

Looks like Jet2 are acquiring a wide bodied aircraft for Manchester Ops next summer 2017.

As Manchester-Palma flights on service LS831/832 both Saturday and Sunday are showing an aircarft with a 2-4-2 seating config.

bjones4 11th May 2016 21:37

Looking at the page source it's a 327 seat A330-200 this time - maybe purely a coincidence but the only operator I can find with 327 seats on the A332 is Hi Fly.

LAX_LHR 11th May 2016 21:41

Could it be Air Tanker? I've heard they are looking to place a 2nd A330 with an airline partner?

LEEDS APPROACH 11th May 2016 22:22

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9373496)
Could it be Air Tanker? I've heard they are looking to place a 2nd A330 with an airline partner?

Perhaps you 'heard' about it on pprune 2 or 3 pages back!? Surely manc plane spotters are the worst!?

chaps1954 12th May 2016 06:02

You need to get to bed earlier as you have a real bee in your bonnet about Manchester tonight,
heard any good rumours about Church Fenton recently?

eggc 12th May 2016 06:29

LAX_LHR isn't even a spotter !

Ringwayman 12th May 2016 08:05

And that post said 'for A330 read 767'. Hardly ties in with what he is saying.

Jetaway 12th May 2016 17:48

It's Hi-Fly

garry8g 15th May 2016 20:25

Originally Posted by bjones4 (Post 9373490)
Looking at the page source it's a 327 seat A330-200 this time - maybe purely a coincidence but the only operator I can find with 327 seats on the A332 is Hi Fly.

The page source for the Manchester Palma flights LS831/LS832 has a count of 387 seats(not 327), which would mean that it is an A330-322 aircraft.

And if it's Hi-Fly, that would suggest that it is aircraft CS-TRI, as that is the only aircraft in their fleet currently showing a 387 seat layout.

Interesting times for Manchester next year.

LEEDS APPROACH 18th May 2016 08:47

Keep an eye out for a Berlin flight.

chaps1954 18th May 2016 09:56

From where, today?

LBIA 18th May 2016 13:16

Yeah its looking like Jet2 are adding a new 2x weekly (MON & FRI) Leeds/Bradford to Berlin Schoenefeld service with flights starting from November 25th 2016 according to the Jet2 website

Winter 2016/17 Timetable (Nov 25th until Jan 3rd)

LS471 = LBA 15:00 - SXF 18:15
LS472 = SXF 19:00 - LBA 20:15
LS471 = LBA 09:00 - SXF 12:15
LS472 = SXF 13:00 - LBA 14:15

Summer Timetable (Mar 7th until Oct 30th)

LS471 = LBA 17:00 - SXF 20:05
LS472 = SXF 20:50 - LBA 21:55
LS471 = LBA 08:00 - SXF 11:05
LS472 = SXF 11:50 - LBA 12:55

garry8g 22nd May 2016 08:34

G-JZHH has now officially joined the fleet, registered on 20th May. Jet2 Costa Brava

bjones4 24th May 2016 11:27

Initial A330 operations confirmed from airlineroute.net via this post in the Manchester thread.;

British carrier Jet2.com has filed planned Airbus A330-200 operation for summer 2017 season, which sees the A330 aircraft based in Manchester, entering service from Late-May 2017. Planned A330-200 operation as of 24MAY16 as follow.

eff 24MAY17 Manchester Rhodes 1 weekly (Day 3)
eff 25MAY17 Manchester Lanzarote 2 weekly (Day 47)
eff 25MAY17 Manchester Palma Mallorca 6 weekly (LS831/832 Day x23, LS955/956 Day 2)
eff 26MAY17 Manchester Tenerife South 3 weekly (Day 125)

Current schedule is filed until 22JUN17. Additional routes or adjustments will be added gradually in the coming weeks.

garry8g 25th May 2016 14:49

Air Europa Boeing 737-800, EC-LTM positioned into Glasgow this morning from Leeds as EXS61, where it will be based for a Jet2 summer lease.

LBIA 26th May 2016 14:14

Seem like Jet2 is expanding its presence at Leeds Bradford Airport with signing another major property deal. The airline has agreed to lease a further 54,866sq ft unit inside the Leeds and Bradford Airport Industrial Estate (Old WW2 Yeadon Avro Factory)


So much for Jet2 buying property over in Manchester, Have they sorted a deal out to buy the Monarch Engineering Hangar yet?

chaps1954 26th May 2016 15:46

You live in Leeds go and knock on their door and ask


paully 27th May 2016 09:46

New Baggage Service
Just noticed on their Facebook page, Jet2 have set up check in desks at their package hotels abroad, so you hand over your luggage, gets labelled and put onto a truck and off to the airport. Passengers get free time without bags and on arrival at the airport they go straight to security with just hand baggage..

Interesting, if it works, but will certainly be one up on their competitors and an incentive for the punters to book jollies with them..Forward thinking here..

Obviously not yet available at all hotels in all resorts but they have to start from somewhere..The set up of the logistics involved will be interesting.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 27th May 2016 11:25

It was trialled last year in a few hotels in Benidorm, it worked very well and was well received. This year the concept has been expanded to more hotels, and from a conversation I had with my barber who has been to Tenerife on many Jet2 holidays over the last few years he thought it was a fantastic addition.:ok:

snowman 1 27th May 2016 18:34

hi all
re luggage checked in at hotels
does anybody check weigh the luggage in the hotels?? also what about your hand luggage if and when will this be weighed if you go straight to security??
methinks there will we some heavy hand luggage.

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