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NJTCF 22nd Jan 2010 15:01

IL76 Aid Flight.
The above arrived this morning due Out this evening on another aid flight.

OliWW 27th Jan 2010 19:08

Summer 2010
FR to have 7 aircraft for S10 1+ increase from S09 :ok:

[email protected] 28th Jan 2010 07:25

Oli, Where have you had confimation from with regards t FR Unit number 7??? Just by checking the timetables which are always subject to change upto the last minute

OliWW 28th Jan 2010 14:57

Ive been checking the timetables a lot, and it hasnt changed for a while now, and there is only 7 departures every day, making it 7 aircraft, I am pretty sure it will not change again

stuart-travel 28th Jan 2010 15:28

viking group ema
Planned viking aircraft into EMA summer 2010

mon cfu vik uk b737
tue her vkh airbus a320
wed kgs vik uk b737
wed rho vik uk b737
fri tfs vik uk b737
sun zth vik uk b737


Seljuk22 3rd Feb 2010 16:48

FR to FUE and TSF from May. Looks like a 7th a/c will come.

bazzab68 3rd Feb 2010 18:31

Jobs at East Midlands
Not sure wether this is the place to post but here goes.. Does anyone know of any jobs at EMA that are coming up or where to send a cv to. Am currently an ops Allocator at BHX but due to a recent takeover am looking at spreading my wings.. Please PM me if anyone can help i.e contact addresses etc..

Thanks in advance


OltonPete 3rd Feb 2010 19:07

Ryanair TSF - what a surprise but amazed no Malta as well.

At least as stated earlier aircraft number 7 will be on it's
way. FUE I am sure will be welcomed.

Baby have put nearly all eggs in one basket at EMA and FR
have responded as expected with Venice, Palma daily,
boosted Faro, Girona back to daily and Belfast City
staying at three daily for summer.

Ironically baby are taking two aircraft from bhx leaving
several routes under-served and FR have not had to do
anything (if they ever wanted to) this summer at all.


OliWW 5th Feb 2010 17:31

Just checked the frequencies on the new routes
Venice = Tue, Wed and Sat
Fuerteventura = Mon and Thu

However, looking at the Thursday times, there are 8 departures (with an extra RIX flight on a Thu)

757 Speedbrakes 7th Feb 2010 19:48

From post #1480:

Jet 2 timetable shows TFS as Fridays only this winter, with extra flights during the Christmas/New Year period only
SSH operating all winter 10/11 from EMA according to the timetable from the 'New Routes' page of the website :ok:

paul atkins 15th Feb 2010 14:22

goldtrail extras
goldtrail are to add extra capacity on routes to turkey in the peak season with extra flights operating on thursdays to dalaman 2000dep 1900arr and bodrum 0900dep 0800arr these flights will run until mid september and are both on onur air:ok:

OltonPete 15th Feb 2010 17:23

January pax down 17.6%
Source: CAA

January 2010 213409 down 17.6%

Not quite a whole month without easyjet but as good as I suppose.

At leas Jet2 are coming plus two Baby units and one more FR I believe, which should make things look a lot better in the summer.


paul atkins 28th Feb 2010 22:17

travel service-smart wings
hey all travel service are to replace the bmi peak summer season routes for thomas cook in august cheers

stuart-travel 1st Mar 2010 11:10

Travel service
PAUL ; have found 2 flights with a QS flight code sat 17.50 pmi and tue 07.25 pmi is their more flights from Travel service at EMA.

Travel service have a aircraft based at MAN so is the EMA flights extra aircraft to that based at MAN.

Checked the BMIBABY flights for weekend summer and how the adjust to 7 aircraft, sat CDG no flights and sun moved NCE to p/m flights after the CORK flights withdrawn.


Ian Brooks 1st Mar 2010 11:37

Hi Stuart

When is this Travel Service aircraft due to be based at MAN?

Ian B

paul atkins 1st Mar 2010 12:34

travel service
hey stuart i have also found tenerife am and corfu pm on fridays it looks like flights are being added to the system

stuart-travel 1st Mar 2010 15:52

Travel service
IAN ; looking at the flights the travel service aircraft our peak season only at EMA and MAN.


Boeing Junkie 6th Mar 2010 14:04

747's back doing F1 logistics?
Does anyone know what the white/blue 747 was that took off at approx 14.40?

Are the 747's back doing the F1 logistics this year?

NJTCF 6th Mar 2010 15:48

F1 Flights x 2
Atlas 747 took of around 240pm and a Cargolux 744 landed just before 3pm both doing F1 flights to Bahrain:ok:

Boeing Junkie 6th Mar 2010 16:36


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