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FlyboyUK 1st Apr 2010 16:48

Ah so that explains all the police tape and forensics all over the baby ticket desk this morning

fireflybob 5th Apr 2010 13:02

Airport and train link bus axed
Airport and train link bus axed

Amazed that the bus service from Parkway is being axed - why build the station in the first place anyway. People might as well go to Nottingham on the train now and get the Skylink bus service.

And you have to book a taxi 12 hours ahead!

Government want people to use public transport more! Would have been better to take the track through the airport and have a station there methinks!

EastMids 5th Apr 2010 17:38

Sounds like an improvement to me - taxi on demand versus a bus only every half hour. And you don't have to book 12 hours in advance - all it says is that the cheap price requires 12 hour advance booking. How many people going on a flight DON'T know that they will be flying 12 hours before they need to be at the airport? But the axing of the bus is clearly indicative of it not meeting its business objectives, which is in turn probably indicative of it not being appealing to prospective passengers. In any case the Parkway station lost its direct association with EMA when National Express first sold the airport and then lost the Midland Mainline rail franchise - the station's primary purpose is park and ride for Nottingham/Derby/Leicester commuters, and for London passengers, not for East Midlands Airport.


fireflybob 5th Apr 2010 18:27

Sounds like an improvement to me
Really? - sorry not convinced!

EastMids 5th Apr 2010 20:50

Fair enough, but last time I landed at EMA and needed to get to Parkway station, the next bus was in 25 minutes time - no way was I standing around the airport waiting to lug bags and stuff onto and off a bus when I could get a taxi to the station immediately - which I did.

stuart-travel 13th Apr 2010 11:33

manx at EMA
With Manx airlines to start flights away from its IOM base, will EMA have some new flights the 19 seat aircraft would give some routes a chance from EMA i.e




0523 cov man 13th Apr 2010 13:16

looks like it is going to be a good summer at ema. 0927 ema man

FR- 13th Apr 2010 18:42

Like to add baby had a bash at cork, aswell as ryanair.

OltonPete 14th Apr 2010 18:07

March Pax
Source: CAA

East Midlands March passenger figures 268452 -19.3%.

Possible the last month of mega decreases with the extra Baby
and Ryanair flights?


mikerawsonderby 14th Apr 2010 20:13

Another disastrous set of results. We'd better hope things do improve, because the passengers dropped by 19.3% whereas there was 'only' an 8.3% reduction in flights. This means that baby and Ryanair are still seeing passengers fall on their established routes, and surely at least one of them won't put up with this much longer.

This is the lowest March passenger figure since 2002, when bmibaby hadn't even been dreamt about and Ryanair had never heard of EMA, and it's a huge 41.5% down on the peak value of 2 years ago.

I suppose there will be at least 5 extra passengers this year - we're flying to Mahon in July!


OltonPete 15th Apr 2010 09:36

March Pax

You touch on an interesting point here as you can understand the bulk of the reduction due to easyjet and this will be part sorted by FR's 7th aircraft and baby's increase plus Jet2 but the worrying aspect for baby is this "eggs in one basket" problem.

Hopefully this is just a blip but take their five core based aircraft (okay it is 7 now) - source CAA.

Belfast March pax 5908 down 32%
Glasgow March pax 9835 down 14%
Edinburgh March pax 10713 down 15%
Paris March pax 7691 down 15%
Amsterdam March pax 9339 down 1.2%

To be fair all airports north of Watford are hurting on domestics in the main but other airports are showing growth to Amsterdam & Paris.

Okay Belfast is really up as Ryanair added 33% on their previous year figure.

A quick scan of the ryanair routes show pax down like most airports due to their winter reductions and these will recover this summer. The worrying aspect are the BMI Baby flights especially for next winter.

They have increased EDI and GLA back to three daily in the week but the above figures suggest that this could be a bit risky.

Certainly an interesting summer ahead at East Mids.


INKJET 15th Apr 2010 10:24


The domestics GLA & EDI are still hurting from the fall out of the banking crash and the increase in APD,

BFS is leakage to Ryanair and BHD

AMS & CDG again exchange rates and economic slow down. people are still traveling but not has often, i think that the election will also slow traffic as will the world cup in SA, so not much good news around!!

The volcanic ash cloud currently closing all UK air space is likely to be an onging thing for weeks, months and perhaps a couple of years depending on upper wind patterns, the big one to watch is this little volcano much bigger brother up the road, each time the little one has kicked off its big brother followed sooner or later, that has the capacity to shut our airspace for weeks or months at a time.

Were that to happen, then i guess all bets are off.

I bet Ryanair are well pleased that a good number of the pilots only get paid when they fly!!

I friend off mine in York says he has got fine coating of very abrasive dust on his car this morning, Don't use your wipers!!

I see baby website saying all their flights in and out of UK today now cancelled, free re book or apply for refund

So how long before somw tw*t on TV blames climate change?

Ian Brooks 15th Apr 2010 11:49


You are a happy chap

Ian B

Ian Brooks 15th Apr 2010 11:59


You are a happy chap

Ian B

NJTCF 15th Apr 2010 16:36

Thought it was called an act of god..................

0523 cov man 15th Apr 2010 16:48

some only like bad news i like good news. ex 0523 covman

Boeing Junkie 16th Apr 2010 10:15

Act of God
Not an act of God according to the travel insurers, some calling it adverse weather and therefore no payouts for cancellations etc :eek:

INKJET 16th Apr 2010 20:51

Ian Brooks
Hi Ian

Yep a happy chappy, but i guess you'd thought we'd be back flying by now? so just a realist, the problem is there is no know safe level or un safe level of ash.

Facelookbovvered 19th Apr 2010 16:41

Just found this on interweb

Katla is another volcano in Iceland. Situated to the north of Vík í Mýrdal and partly covered by the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, Katla’s peak reaches 1,512 metres. Katla last had a major eruption in 1918 and the one word used to describe that has been ‘vicious.’ Since 1999, geologists have been uneasy around the Katla volcano as it showed signs of waking up and historically, every time the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupts, Katla soon follows. The past two days has seen an increase of 200% in Katla’s activity. This isn’t something to just worry the residents of Iceland, but of the whole world too. Smog, famine, floods and freezing were just some of the things the last Katla eruption caused. Let’s hope that travel disruption is the worst of it!

Famine, Freezing, Floods, bloody hell time to get some employment insurance

Wellington Bomber 19th Apr 2010 18:05

East Midlands to Aberdeen operating Tomorrow tea time

Boeing Junkie 20th Apr 2010 21:20

Fire up the quattro...
...Well not quite. Just been upstairs, and a noise that I haven't heard in a few days was drifting across the fields from EMA.

Sounds like somebody had fired up the engines on at least 1 aircraft anyway. Will be interesting to see if there are any movements tonight or not

OliWW 20th Apr 2010 21:46

There has been a few cargo flights in tonight, but dont expect it to be back to normal any time soon... the ash cloud still covers the uk at the moment, and is still set to until the weekend, so cancellations will still occur.

Bmibaby have stated they hope to have a normal schedule tomorrow, with the first flight off to CDG at 06:40, but delays are possible due to aircraft having to have a change of route.

Thomson and Thomas Cook are focusing on bringing people back to the UK in the Morning, and then normal flights will resume in the afternoon.

Bmi and Eastern Airways should operate as normal tomorrow, however, the AM Brussels is expected to be cancelled as the ash remains over Europe.

Ryanair have stated that they are not operating any flights tomorrow from EMA, and will start flights on Thursday from 1pm if all goes well tomorrow and we have no further ash in the skies

Balair 22nd Apr 2010 14:23

Wonderful images - not!
Our television screens are now full of shots of members of the public returning to the UK after their enforced absences; most show them being welcomed by friends and relatives in clean, functional arrivals halls.

What do we see from East Midlands this lunchtime? The BBC's local reporter standing next to a graffiti covered column, resembling something you would expect to see in the gents toilet of a 1960's football ground...!
The image made me cringe just as much as when I first encountered it last year when meeting a client from Geneva (something which now cannot be repeated due to Easy's departure and Baby's reduced frequency on the route) his puzzled look and comment of "how strange - do you like graffiti around here?" said it all.

What on earth possessed the airport's management to even consider doing something as tacky as this? I presume it was the same "consultancy" that advised them to install the silver plastic "meeting tree" which resembles a cast-off prop from a local production of Jack and the Beanstalk!

What sort of impression does Penny Coates think this gives first time visitors to the airport and the East Midlands region?
I know the airport is "architecturally challenged" but surely they can do better than this?

Rant over!

egnxema 23rd Apr 2010 10:03

Can anyone post a picture of the graffiti and the tree?

They both sound absolutely horrendous!!

Little Blue 23rd Apr 2010 10:28

Oh trust me, they are !! Next time I'm down I shall snap the offending articles for you.
They may as well start spray-painting the arrivals on the wall, as well !

handsfree 23rd Apr 2010 13:53

Glad there are others that think the same about the tree but it was eclipsed by the ersatz graffiti. I suppose next it'll be simulated gang stabbings to welcome passengers to the attractions of the East Midlands.
(or am I getting old and out of touch with 'modern' thinking)

Snow_Owl 23rd Apr 2010 15:57

Anyone know if the An-225 that was meant to be showing up sometime Saturday is definately off or if there is a chance of it turning up ?


NJTCF 23rd Apr 2010 17:31

An-225 + Air Malta
Heard the above is delayed maybe for a week. Might be a IL76 in Saturday.

Theres 3 nice Kuban ex Baby 737s parked up in maintenance/Hangar area or On the fingers of the Mike taxiway plus a A321 2 X A320 All waiting For the nod to go to there new owners or into store!!!!!!

Air Malta A320 due tonight glad to see them back:ok:

Snow_Owl 23rd Apr 2010 23:32

Thanks for that info.

I've seen the Kuban's. So the deal is back on with those then! It was uncertain at one point! I wonder when they'l be leaving for their new home ?

I'm hoping to get to see the An-225 so hope it comes the following week.
It would be great if you could let me know if you get any more information.

Thanks again.

INKJET 25th Apr 2010 07:21

Last info i had was that they were to old to go on the Russian reg, ie no Western airframes over 10 years old and that the post holder that had given Kuban the nod had been moved for a spell in the salt mines?

How long can the 767 junk sit down that end? time to tow it to the aero park

Boeing Junkie 25th Apr 2010 09:11

Inkjet, is that the UKIA 767 still sitting there?

west lakes 25th Apr 2010 09:18

The 767 was there at Easter!!

Snow_Owl 25th Apr 2010 14:42

That UK International Airlines has been there for such a long time now.

If you pass the building near the fuel area you can get a good view of it there.

It's time it went to a museum or something.

Boeing Junkie 25th Apr 2010 18:58

It sounds like nobody can afford to send it off to the desert for storage or scrap.

FlyboyUK 26th Apr 2010 10:42

Judging by the clattering noise coming from the un-sealed engines on the UKIA767 as they turn in the wind, I'd imagine they're well past their sell by date. I doubt the whole thing is worth much more than scrap value now.

HeliCraig 26th Apr 2010 10:42

Its still there alright - had a good look at it when I was sent down Taxiway M the other week to drop a friend off. I reckon the R44 might have been worth more than it now! :}:8 ;)

0523 cov man 26th Apr 2010 15:21

its going to be scrap. ex 0523 covman.

NJTCF 26th Apr 2010 16:28

Ukia 767.
And where did you glean that bit of info from Covman:confused:??

As far as the airport is concerned they are still trying to get the parking fees payed in full < doubt it very much > or in part and it will then fly out:ok: Well thats what the airport want it to do.......

And if you had heard the amount of times it been going to move into the Bmi hangar for work it like doing the Hokey pokey

In out shake it all about.......................................

Me thinks any saleable parts should be salvaged engines etc and then moved to the aero park or it replaces the turkish 727 as the fire training aircraft:)

Mr Angry from Purley 26th Apr 2010 19:40

DHL get a call every now and then to fix an oil leak, from a firm in BOH i think.
But as NJ says time to upgrade the 727 to a B767.
NJ wasn't it a Yugoslavian 727 or is my memory fading now?

Crusher1 26th Apr 2010 19:54

Air Alfa TC-ALM, unfortunatly I'm old enough to remember it arriving, mind you I can also remember one of it's predecesors, DC-3 OO-CBU!!

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