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Jamie2k9 17th Dec 2010 11:10

Well Ryanair have the perfect excues. We are closing our BHX due to the UK travel tax.

ATNotts 17th Dec 2010 12:22

BHX Grinding Teeth?
Whilst spotters may be (certainly are!) I doubt BHX management is in consternation to quite the same extent! Were the parasite that is Ryanair to leave BHX (as have once before) the likely result would be the arrival of another higher quality (well they could hardly be lower quality) carrier to fill the void.

Ryanair = cheap fees, and cheap passengers who don't spend in airport shops, cafe's bars etc - hence hardly profitable to the airport - though of course very useful in providing headling passenger numbers.

Working smart, or being a busy fool? I know which I would rather be, and often "less = more".

Ian Brooks 17th Dec 2010 12:45

Yes the Ryanair policy is European domination at ANY cost

Ian B

FR- 17th Dec 2010 12:49

ATN what do you actually know ABOUT FR PAX? Have you ever worked in the airline. Pax spending in the airport really does depends on what route the pax is on, yeh the polish routes the spend is sod all. But the spanish ones are busy in boots and soho (best cafe at ema by the way) trying to beat the low low low price of a coffee on fr. Yes we may get some chavy pax but not all the pax are chavs, some of them are very well off with second homes in the sun who fly cheap to have more holidays a year. Its does not matter is the pax is chavy you should treat all pax with the same respect.


GayFriendly 17th Dec 2010 14:45

Well Ryanair have the perfect excues. We are closing our BHX due to the UK travel tax
More like due to lack of interest.......I have no idea why FR opened a base at BHX. After the initial flurry of new routes (some of which were blatantly never going to work) and marketing it has all gone down hill with the only new routes of late being those to destinations already served (and thats only two, FUE and MLA). FR have always been good to EMA and I think BHX's role with FR in the future will solely be with routes that can be sustained from both airports (ie Poland and Spanish sunshine) EMA will get all the new and for want of a better word 'exciting' destinations. EMA based FR a/c 8, BHX 3 says it all really.......

ATNotts 17th Dec 2010 15:42


Touched a nerve there I think! I know that retailers at EMA were bemoaning the poor revenue from LoCo passengers generally, when they first came to the airport and the ever more imaginative ways that airports are having to come up with to replace revenues lost when their airport became overrun with LoCo operations replacing full service operations and ITs I think speaks volumes.

I agree however that the more LoCo operations focus on the traditional bucket and spade destinations, the less accute the revenue problem for airports and concessionaires will become.

By the way, with regard to the cost of coffee, exactly how much coffee do you get a a cup purchased on Ryanair, compared with the airport cafes - and how does it stand up in terms of pence / cents per centilitre in terms of value?

Personally, I avoid FR like the plague - they wrote the manual on how to rip off the poor old passenger and the airport operators, however M'OL and his henchmen and women try to protest otherwise, and they will ultimately kill off the small regional airports the muscled in on.

FR- 17th Dec 2010 17:32

With regards to the coffee on fr, well to be honest i wouldnt go near it, im an M&S boy myself, but its 3 euro and 4euro with a twix/mars bar. A basic sandwich starts at only 3euro which i think is not bad at all. I am not too sure about the cost of a coffee in the terminal, i always buy the staff deals.

I actually know the manager of SSP so i will have to have a word with her about the effect of the low cost airlines.

My question to you ATNotts is where would EMA be without the low cost airlines?

ematom1 17th Dec 2010 18:00

Flybe new route to Ireland west knock 3 times weekly from April 19

Jamie2k9 17th Dec 2010 18:07

Flybe are to fly to EDI not East-Midlands. Why would they go head to head with FR??

ematom1 17th Dec 2010 18:09

Sorry yes my mistake

OltonPete 17th Dec 2010 22:20

Where is the confirmation of the 8th aircraft?

From the first release until now, I have not seen a
schedule requiring 8 aircraft but I stand to be corrected.

Seven is fairly definite, as anything can be with ryanair
but I most mornings have a requirement for six but most
evenings seven.

With hardly any away based aircraft in any great numbers
other than Faro and Dublin at present is not similar to
summer 2010.

If it is 8 then there are a lot more new routes or extra
frequencies to be announced as most routes have been
released other than Berlin & Girona for obvious reasons.


ematom1 18th Dec 2010 12:51

Aircraft diverts into ema:
LS50508:20NewcastleArrived 10:32FPO0325D10:00PerpignanArrived 10:44
WW56P11:10GenevaDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000TCX51L11:25VaraderoDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000LH95211:50FrankfurtDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000BE84211:50EdinburghDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000TCX411F11:50GlasgowDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000EZS149311:50GenevaDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000BE50212:05GuernseyDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000FR166512:10RigaLanded 12:37
WW14K12:25AmsterdamDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000BMA81612:30HanoverLanded 12:43EZS35C12:35GenevaScheduled 12:35BE8HN12:35HanoverDiverted - Call Info Desk on 0871 919 9000LH339612:40HamburgScheduled 12:40LH4UP12:40MilanScheduled 12:40LH372212:40MilanScheduled 12:40BDBD81612:45HanoverScheduled 12:45BA25213:00NassauScheduled 13:00:eek::eek:

AP1995 18th Dec 2010 13:04

did the BA from nassau divert to EMA? :o?

FR- 18th Dec 2010 13:16

BA118 Its from India, calls centre area

egnxema 18th Dec 2010 15:16

SQ seen on approach to EMA over Burton on Trent area - was it A340 or

FR- 18th Dec 2010 15:20

Dont want to sound too much of a geek or spotter but would be nice if someone posted a pix :8

SouthDerbyshire1969 18th Dec 2010 15:30

SQ seen on approach to EMA over Burton on Trent area - was it A340 or
A340 600 :cool:

Quick edit, now my mate isn't sure :8:D

ematom1 18th Dec 2010 16:12

I've got pics I'll post en up ba 777 virgin a340-600 bmi a321 a320 a319x3 2 easy jet, 2 lufthansa 737, jet 2 757, flybe q400 x2 embraer 190 bmi regional 145, ba 767, omai air md11 I believe and I belive to be a gulf air but wasn't able to see it all as it was Hidden slightly on the ups ramp. Probally the best time for a long time to go spotting at ema :)

egnxema 18th Dec 2010 16:53

Almostprof - you working today??

Did EMA's ramp get full at any stage? were any diverts refused due to the number of widebodies in?

I can only imagine the terminal was/is heaving!!

almost professional 18th Dec 2010 17:09

Sat at home in the warm, but trying to get scanner to work!
I'm hoping someone in the tower took some Photos so can get idea of what aprons looked like-guessing that some double parking going on, good thing it's a weekend and we had plenty of free ramp space!

bravoromeosierra 18th Dec 2010 17:09

Thanks for taking D-AILH inbound from MXP earlier. I was hoping my flight out to Italy would be cancelled. :}

ematom1 18th Dec 2010 17:50

The ramp was full aircraft were on the ups and dhl ramps on the dhl was virgin Atlantic A340-600 and BA 777-200 with many other aircraft

Centre cities 18th Dec 2010 18:51

Please dont start posting reggies next

Centre cities

OliWW 18th Dec 2010 18:57

I'm sure plenty of people are interested... and if the mods dont mind, I managed to get a few pics today of the action, can be found at: Flickr: Oli :)'s Photostream


ematom1 19th Dec 2010 14:42

Heathrow closed today any diverts to ema? I know the flybe aircraft left this morning and a few bmi to gatwick

egnxema 19th Dec 2010 17:54

Oli - thanks for linking to your Flickr stream. Agree that on exceptional days like eysterday there are plenty who are interested to see the pics. :ok:

egnxer 19th Dec 2010 18:50

Oli - thanks for linking to your Flickr stream. Agree that on exceptional days like eysterday there are plenty who are interested to see the pics. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
I think the salient point is that EMA does its darnedest to stay open and provide a service for its customers (and a diversionary for prospective customers) while other, more illustrious airports flounder around. Airlines notice these things (hence the point about prospective customers)

Mr Angry from Purley 19th Dec 2010 20:35

In the old days (20+ years ago) EMA had a great reputation for diversions primarily because the Handling Agents could access hordes of coaches at short notice (i think from Trent buses). So whereas aircraft went to BHX/MAN etc and the punters waited and waited whereas at EMA they just walked out and got onto the coach before heading off to LHR etc.
Now days its more of a problem if only because the ramps are full. 20 years ago it was the BMI Viscount and a Brit 737 if you were lucky!!:\

FR- 19th Dec 2010 20:45

Ramp space -

Its been really nice to see all the ramp spaced used over the last few days once again, makes you wonder just how much money EMA has made from the use of them.

Looks like the central ramp will be full again this summer. Any chance of the ramp being extending next to the 40s?


ematom1 19th Dec 2010 22:14

I totally agree ema did amazing to take all them diverts as well as runing it's normal schedule with minimal delays. I think that airlines should Look at ema as an expansion airport or at least have a look as you see how well they cope :) hopefully ema have a look for more ramp space somewhere over the airport giving more airlines opprtunitys to expand the airport clearly has potential with a little changes I.e ramp space, gates. Everything seemed well organised yesterday if they had a few more ramp equipment. Ema has the good surrounding area derby,Nottingham,leiester,loughbourgh and alternatives to airports like man,bhx,Doncaster sheffield :)

EGAC_Ramper 19th Dec 2010 22:59

I'd think the salient point being EMA had no snow!

egnxer 20th Dec 2010 00:04

I'd think the salient point being EMA had no snow!
On this occasion, certainly but there have been others where there has been snow but they've got it cleared while other airports are still faffing around.

Mr Angry from Purley 20th Dec 2010 16:04

ramper - thats exactly the point EMA never gets snow these days so why not capitalise on it. De iceing also good for DHL who for example have got some pretty expensive de ice lorries that could be put to good use during the day / weekends

aidoair 22nd Dec 2010 10:27

ramper - thats exactly the point EMA never gets snow these days so why not capitalise on it. De iceing also good for DHL who for example have got some pretty expensive de ice lorries that could be put to good use during the day / weekends
EMA closed overnight/early morning due to snow. Luckily minimal disruption today to PAX flights due to a reduced scheduled flying program at this time of year on certain flight's, obviously namely bmibaby and ryanair.

EGAC_Ramper 22nd Dec 2010 11:02

ramper - thats exactly the point EMA never gets snow these days so why not capitalise on it. De iceing also good for DHL who for example have got some pretty expensive de ice lorries that could be put to good use during the day / weekends
Mr Angry, when did I say not to captialise on it? I'm all for that but I'm merely making the point EMA has been able to do so due to the fact of no snow. Low and behold this morning we have snow and EMA is shut. Been to Riga recently, snowing whole time runway cleared constantly inbetween departures and arrivals ......... AIRPORT OPEN! The UK as a whole needs to re-evaluate how it does things when it comes to these "conditions!"


Crusher1 22nd Dec 2010 12:01

My friend called me last night from Vilhelmina in northern Sweden.

He was telling me that he has cancelled his business trip to Saudi, not because Vilhelmina airport is closed, he says he can not remember it ever being closed despite having winter snow fall measured in meters, but the fact that Stockholm has problems!

Just shows that if you expect snow above your head every year then chances are you will be prepared, if not the airport has difficulty.

I see EMA has delays of around two hours at the moment, so compared to the LHR delays, and I was there on Saturday and the snow looked no worse that what I see out of my window now, we are doing quite well!

OliWW 22nd Dec 2010 17:53

Its just one of those situations which has a knock on effect, a few WW are operating to near enough schedule, but the de-icing of aircraft can take upto 45 minutes causing more delay... not sure the problems with BE BHD and FR DUB, both aren't EMA based, arrived in on time, but have a large outbound delay

Jamie2k9 22nd Dec 2010 18:11

FR - Dublin is now due out at 21:55. I think the delay is because Dublin is handling over 110,000 passengers today and stands are full.

EGAC_Ramper 23rd Dec 2010 00:10

Nope believe inbound Dublin on-time, then a/c used for another route to help the EMA delays so as not to cancel flights then once earliest returning nightstop a/c returned DUB crew took that back to DUB.


P.S The BE BHD flight was apparently tech for while too.

OliWW 28th Dec 2010 13:25

S11 update!
Ryanair have finally released Girona for S11... which also confirms 8 based aircraft at EMA for S11 (however, only 7 of them will be operational during a day)

Yet to be released are Budapest and Berlin, but there are gaps in the timetable to suggest Budapest will be on Mon, Fri, and Berlin would be daily.

At the moment, WW need 8 based aircraft on Mon, Thu, Fri and Sun, with 7 on the rest... though depending how successful Munich and Cologne are, will result in a solid 7 based...

TCX will have 2x A321, with W Patterns on Izmir using a A321, Mahon on a B752 and REU on a A320.

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