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OliWW 19th May 2010 19:29

Sounds like a very sound idea if you ask me, the chances of bmibaby operating 11 flights a week to ALC and PMI and 9 flights a week to PMI next year look very slim due to fleet reduction etc... and they are best to get in early. Faro took a hit with EZY leaving, even though FR increased frequency, there is still a large market for Portugal, so seems a very good idea.

Bodrum and Turkey as a whole as getting ever more popular, and Dalaman has high booking figures for the summer from what I here, so this is an obvious choice, especially with EMA only having OHY, TOM and TCX on this route and the same with Rhodes, there are only currently 2 flights a week to the island, where as from BHX there is 5+ I believe, so clearly a market to be exploited.

Overall, great move by Jet2, I can see more routes also becoming available, I cant see these destinations being it for next summer, I'd say they would be considering Rome, used to be 2x Daily, now only 3x weekly, so could be a huge market there, and I'd also think they would be looking at more Greek and Turkish routes... Antalya, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Izmir etc..

Mr Angry from Purley 19th May 2010 19:31

Independant Tour Ops might be keen on those sort of destinations (judging by the demand when I worked for TEA UK / Excalibur). Maybe they are currently having to buy seats on TOM/TC/FR etc.
I could be wrong though :\

INKJET 19th May 2010 22:24

The noises coming out of baby suggest more aircraft not less for 2011 with a big jump in med flights;

I don't see where Jet2 are coming from on ALC PMI FAO very strange given how targeted they have been on route structure thus far, unless they are banking on either Ryanair or baby not being around? What do they bring to the party? Jet2holidays? there are lots of(better) IT operators in the midlands already, unless they have deal with LH to offload baby?

Balair 24th May 2010 19:16

Cargo East
A planning application has been submitted to NWLDC for an extension to the Eastern Cargo Apron. This extension, together with a previous one which was approved back in August 2004, but never implemented, would result in a sizeable increase to the apron. For those who know the airport, it would extend to a point adjacent to the old Aeropark building.

I am not aware of any expansion plans by the current freight operators, but in the current climate I wouldn't imagine the airport management considering such a project on a speculative basis?

In addition to the above, there was another recent application to build a small extension "fillet" to the NW corner of the apron; one thought that did cross my mind was that maybe consideration was being given to reversing the current stand layout, to bring UPS towards the Western end and move the Post Office flights nearer to their new facility?

Perhaps someone "in the know" could shed some light on the matter?

HeliCraig 24th May 2010 22:15

Not "in the know", but aren't planning permissions only valid for 6 years if not actually taken up?

So could this be an application to renew the existing PP, and a bit of a "have a go, why not, current climate" chancing of arm to extend it a little bit at same time?


stuart-travel 3rd Jun 2010 08:20

ryanair/jet2 desks
I was at the airport on sun checking out our ops for summer 2011, and i see that desks 33 to 52 are all for Ryanair now as i thought that desks 33-38 ex easy desks to go to Jet2 is this to offer Ryanair more aircraft to be based at EMA.


BAladdy 3rd Jun 2010 08:43

Manx2 dropping EMA-IOM route. Last flight 04th July

Sorry if already posted.

FR- 3rd Jun 2010 09:17

Ryanair will not be basing any more a/c at EMA, no room with the stands at the moment. Only extra flights would be from non based a/c. Like NYO.

airhumberside 3rd Jun 2010 13:51

How come Jet 2 are adding a second aircraft next summer then?

OliWW 3rd Jun 2010 19:37

Ryanair will not be basing any more a/c at EMA, no room with the stands at the moment. Only extra flights would be from non based a/c. Like NYO
East Mids has plenty of stands available, at least 3 aren't used currently, and this is defently not an issue

FR- 3rd Jun 2010 22:06

fr stands
Stands yes, but none that meet ryanairs needs. And to be honest i couldnt care less what jet2 does.


INKJET 4th Jun 2010 07:54

I'm inclined to agree with FR both baby and Ryanair are getting delays due to the 60's style stand layout, for the benefit of people unfamiliar with EMA, all the stands in front of the departure lounge (8 thro15+) board by way of ground level doors more or less in front of each aircraft which is good unless an aircraft numerically higher stand wise is disembarking meaning passengers have to walk past your aircraft to exit via international arrivals just East of stand 8 and the rules require the two shall not mix, then the reverse is true for embarking aircraft. If you have 25 min turnarounds you can lose 10 min with pax held on board.

Buses are also a problem likewise the amby lift which fairly will go to aircraft in scheduled arrival sequence not actual arrival sequence causing further delays.

There is little doubt in my mind that EMA could lift its pax numbers significantly, but need a major rethink on stand layouts and giving Jet2 a sweetheart deal of stand 12 for a 757 is crazy waste of space.

EMA have taken a leaf out of BHX's box of ripoff tricks and will shortly start charging for dropping passengers off with no free period, it looks like a separate inside lane is being built and according to the construction guys exit will be by "throwing" a quid into a European style toll road basket.

I am hearing that the airport have been told to expect at least 10 (bmi group) aircraft in 2011 with the possibility of another ERJ at EMA

Flyboy543 4th Jun 2010 12:47

What happened to splitting the new walkway into two to seperate departures & arrivals like the original plan? Surely then they could use the 40s during the day without coaching back and forth?

Seems like a massive waste of resources to be used for 1 hour a day.

0523 cov man 4th Jun 2010 13:11

plenty of stands at ema. 0523 covman:ok:

757 Speedbrakes 4th Jun 2010 13:16

East Mids has plenty of stands available, at least 3 aren't used currently, and this is defently not an issue
How many did easyjet have when they were at EMA?

Are there any plans for improving the terminal at EMA?

A large investment, building of a modern looking terminal and air bridges should generate interest from more airlines and pax but I guess all that will happen when the pigs are turning base on runway 27!!

Balair 4th Jun 2010 13:19

In order to make it possible to use the elevated walkway for inbound as well as outbound passengers, the airport submitted a planning application back in 2008 for a futher airside elevated section which would have extended the full length of the terminal building, linking the existing walkway to the arrivals hall. It would have incorporated two access towers to the apron allowing far easier passenger segregation.

This was obviously proposed during the years of rapid expansion at the airport; with the recent dramatic fall in passenger throughput I would think the chances of it now being built in the forseeable future are somewhat remote!

sam1993 17th Jun 2010 16:35

Does anyone know why all flights until around 5pm today have been diverted?

Mike16 17th Jun 2010 17:02

i have also noticed the same, the flights look like they were diverted to BHX as been discussed on there thread !

Mike16 17th Jun 2010 17:05

Found this on the Derby evening telegraph website

Thursday, June 17, 2010, 17:15Comment on this storyShare Bookmark with (what is social media?)Facebook Digg Reddit Delicious StumbleUpon
Flights diverted from East Midlands Airport
THIRTEEN flights due to land at East Midlands Airport were diverted after a light aircraft damaged its wheel while landing.

The planes were sent to either Birmingham and Leeds while airport engineers replaced the wheel on the aircraft.

Flights affected were two from Parma and one from Nantes, Faro, Jersey, Guernsey, Arrecife, Brussels, Kos, Alicante, Venice, Barcelona and Fuerteventura.

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Airport said the light aircraft damaged its right-hand wheel while landing but managed to reach the ground safely.

She said it landed at around 2pm, before engineers were sent to fix the wheel and the aircraft left the runaway at 4.20pm.

Passengers boarding outbound flights were also delayed but the spokeswoman said it was only "minimal".

EastMids 19th Jun 2010 12:50

Stands yes, but none that meet ryanairs needs. And to be honest i couldnt care less what jet2 does.
Well there's a good thing. Its about time the airport redisigned the rest of the stands then, so that they don't meet Ryanair's needs either - and drive out the infestation completely :ok: Would leave more room for "Friendly Low Fares" to expand! :p

OliWW 19th Jun 2010 14:33

The TCX - DLM flight didn't depart until 8am this morning, and the PMI flight was Canx... so when will this operate now? What was the cause for the big delay?

MarkBHX 19th Jun 2010 15:50

Can't be sure as I haven't been in today but it looks like the TCX 118 EMA-PMI operated on the TCX YYZ a/c that arrived at BHX this morning, as the A320 for the PMI was operating the DLM as it was tech last night?

OliWW 20th Jun 2010 10:26

How are the new Jet2 routes doing? Are Menzies coping alright handling them? as the flights don't seem to run on time :ugh:

0523 cov man 20th Jun 2010 14:03

jet two doing ok . 0523 covman.

Banzai Eagle 20th Jun 2010 18:52


From what i've seen Jet 2 doing well with on time perf. Yes with only 1 aircraft your vulnerable but TC had the delay as previous and Thom had a big delay last week, Baby fairly regular delays.
You also have to appreciate that low co's including cov man's beloved Ryanair cancel at the drop of the hat, i.e. who cancelled when the puddle jumper got stuck on the runway last week?. Makes their OTP stats look fantastic...

757 Speedbrakes 23rd Jun 2010 17:03

How are the new Jet2 routes doing?
Good pax numbers as well from what I've seen :ok:

From the pax I've spoken to all seemed very happy with service, scheduled flight times, baggage allowence etc. Not an advert I promise! :oh:

[email protected] 29th Jun 2010 13:50

Jet2 managemnt are very happy with the performance and passenger figures at EMA. They are also looking infor at least another 3 potential routes for Summer 2011.

Also another positive is AeroLogic From 02 Aug will operae more flights from EMA.

3S550 02AUG25OCT 1000000 BOX 777 FRA1715 EMA1910
3S550 03AUG28OCT 0234000 BOX 777 LEJ2000 EMA2200
3S550 03AUG29OCT 0234500 BOX 777 EMA0030 BAH0700
I believe these are in addition to the current BOX110 flight

On the negative side. looks like FR will be down to poss 4 based units this winter.

FR- 29th Jun 2010 14:47

FR will be 7 based a/c for the winter, but only 4/5 actually flying. the others will be for base trainning and the others just parked up.

LPFR 29th Jun 2010 15:44

Heard that Jet2 will be opening more routes next summer. Will they base another 757 or a 737, anyone knows?

OliWW 29th Jun 2010 17:13

It should be another B752, but the B733 does look likely, especially with the amount of ALC and PMI flights, I wouldn't have thought they would be able to totally fill a B752

LPFR 29th Jun 2010 21:56

Yeah, exactly what I thought..757 makes sence on the routes they are operating now, but not on FAO/ALC/PMI with lots of competition, not for a start at least.. Plus they don't have that many 757's to base two alone at EMA, I guess they'll want to keep most at their main bases.

aidoair 30th Jun 2010 00:03

I'm not sure of its actual schedule, but couldn't Jet2 make use of the 733QC I have regularly seen based/parked up at EMA operating on night time freight/mail flights and have it ready to be able to operate the new routes to Spain etc through the day?

LPFR 30th Jun 2010 00:45

Didn't thought about that, but yes, makes perfect sence. They do it from Edinburgh.

4Screwaircrew 30th Jun 2010 09:10

No QC machines at EMA, they operate to and from EMA.

Mr Angry from Purley 30th Jun 2010 21:16

[email protected]

Can you find out what crew rest facilities are on the brand new 767's that UPS rotate through EMA occasionally. i.e. do they have anything apart from what you have on the older 76's as previously advised
Cheers Mr A :\

[email protected] 1st Jul 2010 07:12

Mr Angry,

They only have 2 crew seats in, similar to the older one.

Hope this helps.

Kindest Regards

PlymSpotter 10th Jul 2010 10:42

Is there any truth to the Wikipedia article suggesting that African Safari Airways will operate a number of charter flights this summer from EMA to summer sun destinations?

Not heard anything about it myself, but sounds like a more interesting way to reach Spain than a 738.


Dan :)

sam1993 10th Jul 2010 11:22

No - these are the flights being operated by TravelService Airlines this summer. They are often listed as being operated by African Safari Airways on various websites though! :ok:

ematom1 10th Jul 2010 17:13

Yes i seen this aswell african safari airways flying to may routes this summer :suspect:

PlymSpotter 10th Jul 2010 18:39

No - these are the flights being operated by TravelService Airlines this summer. They are often listed as being operated by African Safari Airways on various websites though! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
Thank you. A travel service 738 probably isn't worth it, unless I can get a really good fare.

Dan :)

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