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Beer_n_Tabs 15th May 2008 17:48

Been and gone
Left about 0400 this morning..... noisy old bugger that Stage II
Love it :ok:

Mr Angry from Purley 15th May 2008 17:58

yeah woke me up, then again by MD11 or was it the other way round.
Can't wait for the 777's to come and replace the MD11

heavychox 15th May 2008 19:52

Axing of staff bus at EMA
In their infinite wisdom the management at EMA have decided, in the interests of the environment, that all contract staff will use the same bus as pax , at the first wave there is a struggle to find one that is not full!
Failing that, its a walk to the terminal rain or shine.
Has anyone thought of the personal safety of our female colleagues, some
who start at 2 or 3am?
Why do EMA staff get to park next to the terminal and pax across the road from them?
Methinks the new car park nr DHL is destined for us!! think of those aching calves, ouch!!

Binder 15th May 2008 20:55

There is an acceptance in our Industry that crew are not put at risk of intimidation from passengers either pre or post flight.

The Airport and the employers have a duty of care to ensure safe passage.

Moreover has this airport carried out a proper risk assessment of this change? If so they should make it available to those affected.

I think the DfT would have something to say about passengers and crew sharing busses. EMA are providing an open goal to 'activist' groups and so they should review this policy with some concern and urgency.


JulietNovemberPapa 16th May 2008 12:17

I'll be starting an Air Transport Management degree at Loughborough this year. (I'll be 26 when I begin!) I wish to have a part-time job to supplement my financial entitlement. It would, of course, be brilliant and more appropriate if it were aviation-related. Does anyone here know whether EMA itself, an airline or any business (whatever it might be) based at EMA, hire part-time students? How would you recommend I proceed? Just contact those of particular interest as I would for non-aviation positions? My primary interest is discount airlines, so it's be especially excellent if I could work at Ryanair, easyJet or bmibaby (I realise that Ryanair, for example, outsource most of their functions). Thanks for your suggestions and assistance. :-)

NJTCF 16th May 2008 13:29

IOM Service.
Heard that this flight was operated by a Do228 today German reg. Does anyone know if the loads are good on the IOM flights, As ive heard theres only 4-6 on each flight. Thanks.

Readability 5 16th May 2008 15:38

Staff bus
The suspension of the staff bus has less to do with the environment, and more to do with saving money. A study was done, and it was found - not surprisingly - that usage during most of the day was low, with just a few people on the bus at any one time. However, I doubt very much if anyone bothered to log the numbers using it between 5am and 7am, which of course is also the peak time for the passenger buses.:ugh: A more sensible compromise would be to have the staff bus running only at peak times, making life easier for everyone.

By the way, it's not just EMA employees who use the car park next to the terminal, some senior managers of handling agents etc, use it too.


NJTCF 16th May 2008 18:57

Baby Gdansk + Malaga Flights.
Baby last flight to Gdansk is on the 31st of May.
Baby are also operating 3 flights a day to AGP from 13th of Sep to 25th of Oct the later two flights Departing EMA 40 mins apart. It amazers me why they dont do more flights at the end of May bank holiday weekend/halfterm they could do 3 or 4 flights on the Saturday and fill them. Quoting Return EMA-AGP Out 24th May Back 31st May 468. That to me sounds like business class and you still have to pay for a seat and you hold luggage on top of that:). Business Class with BD Used to be cheeper than that before baby was born and you used to get free drinks and a meal and your bags put in the hold with the price and a seat at the front of the aircraft with a curtain back at aisle 4 or 5 cutting you of from the Economy Passengers. :ok:Well good luck to them if people will pay that sort of money to go to AGP.

Mr Angry from Purley 16th May 2008 19:50

Check the East Midlands Airport site and there is a link to to a job site which has the airport jobs on amongst others. There is every chance you might be able to get a part time job shelf stacking but unlikely that the handling agents for FR/WW/EZ etc will take you on (part time). Failing that you might be able to get a job as a bag handler or try DHL as they might have something that might suit you during the hours of dark, they certainly employ a lot of temps i think :\

chris647 19th May 2008 19:57

staff bus
Dear all.

Just to let you know there is now a staff bus up and running from 03:00 to 06:00 during the peak times only .

I would just like to make a point to all ema staff (servisair/menzie ) PLEASE do not have a go at the bus driver if you have been waiting more then 5 mins i know you need to get to work but the service is every 10mins!!!
i have been on the staff bus a number of times now and to argue with the driver is unfair it is not the driver's fault!

[email protected] 20th May 2008 10:37

Just read on the Newcastle thread and the PIA thread that they are considering EMA and NCL. isnt EMA too close to BHX or is this a sign that they will transfer flights from BHX to EMA???



p.s i cant see them coming to EMA tbh, but only asking

Mr Angry from Purley 20th May 2008 19:17

am pleased to advise that DHL Air will be getting 3 brand new 767-300F's, first due June 09, services to ILN,BOM and JFK :\

BusBoy 24th May 2008 00:00

any update to EZY plans for EMA, decisions made today regarding future of base??

OltonPete 24th May 2008 19:52

April Pax & provisional route analysis
Source:CAA for the pax figures and my estimates of the average load
per flight and the load factor using acarsd and timetables.

April 450391 up 7.9% - rolling year 5596871 up 11.4%

The monthly increases are slowing slightly but still very good overall.

Below is just a selection of routes: -

Most of the FR operate at 75-90% so I have only included the poor ones.

Copenhagen 2424 pax, avg 71 or 54% load factor (mainly 735's)
Nice 2384 pax avg 92 about 65%
Cologne 888 pax, avg 20 based on M-F or 17 Su-Fr (can't remember:ugh:)
Cork 7417 pax, 134 avg or 70%
Knock 3348 pax, avg 129 or 68%
Shannon 5038 pax, avg 97 or 57%
Barcelona 6312 pax 126 avg or 81%
Stockholm 1450 pax 56 avg or 35%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oslo 1545 pax avg 77 pax or 51%
Gdansk 1117 pax avg 70 about 50%
Warsaw 3235 pax or 108 avg or 75-80% - not a bad start.

The Stockholm was 1 x 735, 3 x 738 and 9 x MD80. I have had
to estimate the number of seats on the MD but 35% should be
the bottom end for the load factor.

Both the Belfast destinations were pretty bad with baby averaging
about 70 odd (I think FR were about 50-60% load factor as well).

I had Oslo down as three a week but only 10 inbound and 10
outbound showing on acarsd so this could have been worse.
All three NB flights are bookable this winter.

Alicante held up as well with the three operators (over 80% full).

Overall most of the routes are doing fine with just one or two
exceptions (well three or four or five or six!;))


EGAC_Ramper 25th May 2008 03:39

Admittedly yes the FR Belfast route aint completely successful specially with morning rotations. However with the usage of a/c BHD does take up 2.5hrs that could not be used on something more usefull in Europe. It both damages BMI Baby aswell as keeping an aircraft busy during that period.


OliWW 25th May 2008 23:19

Anybody no why tomorrows Ryanair - Carcassonne flight is going via Perpignan tomorrow morning?

And is it also true that PIA are to operate a 2x Weekly flight to Islamabad using a A310 from 5th November?

ATNotts 26th May 2008 11:39


From where did you glean that story?

Given PIA's existing operations in MAN and BHX it is extremely unlikely that they would add another central UK airport to the network, especially in these days of $ 130.00 oil.

Of course they could be tempted away from BHX by MAG but EMA in addition - dream on.

SAM-EMA 26th May 2008 11:46


This has actually been rumoured in the forum, and given a possible date it could seem promising. PIA are evaluating EMA anc NCL, and plan to serve one or the other, but now with this EMA does seem more likely.


Keyvon 26th May 2008 12:01

@ OliWW

All FR flights to Carcassonne will be re-routed to Perpignan today, due to an ongoing strike there.

ATNotts 26th May 2008 17:15


Many things have been rumoured in forums, both this (EMA) and others - but where's the substance?

Anyone can start a rumour based on wishfull thinking or conversations overheard in the pub - but has PIA said anything, and has there been any mention of EMA, or NCL in the Pakistani press - where it seems most rumours of substance start (and for that matter a few with no substance whatsoever!).

Sorry to sound negative, but I just can't see it, unless PIA ups-sticks from BHX, which is I suppose a possibility, given the longer runway length available at EMA, combined with, and probably more importantly, some financial sweeateners from MAG plc.

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