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nigel osborne 2nd Nov 2012 20:52


I understand the reasons but its getting ridiculous..the other day 25 flights apparently shown on the screen.Yet look closer only 7 arrivals, so many flippin codeshares showing..Id ban them lol !


cornishsimon 3rd Nov 2012 08:03

So any hints that an airline might take up the summer WW EMA-NQY route ?


FRatSTN 3rd Nov 2012 10:47

FlyBe have one aircraft doing EMA-CDG-EMA-JER-(W pattern to somewhere else)-JER-EMA-CDG-EMA. The other aircraft based at East Midlands only shows EMA-AMS-EMA, (which operates mid-afternoon/early evening). I think personally that flight will be changed so theres a morning and evening flight to AMS (exactly like they have to CDG) and another route or two will be added inbetween. I think NQY and IOM would be great additions and can see it happening to be honest!

spitfirealex 3rd Nov 2012 21:05

Would there be any likely-hood of KLM taking over the code-shared route to Amsterdam by flybe ? I recently flew MAN-AMS-STV and stavanger and other remote airports have much less demand the ema but still get served by both KLM and other operators ?

ATNotts 4th Nov 2012 09:49


Why should they? The benefit of the codeshare to KLM is the passengers connecting worldwide in Amsterdam, without having the risk and associated costs of setting up their own service from EMA.

At this stage I don't see the market is big enough for 2 operators, but in the long term, well, if you're an optimist I guess you wouldn't discount KLM, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting!

ATNotts 4th Nov 2012 09:52


You flew via Amsterdam to Surat, India? That's not a KL route I'm familiar with??

Burnie5204 4th Nov 2012 10:20

Full planning docs for EMA terminal extension and refurbishment are online at NWLDC planning portal including totally new internal layouts.

Though the planning application is not fully approved yet the airport clearly dont anticipate any problems and plan to start ASAP as all affected shops are completely clearing out all fixtures and fittings as I type this and we've been told to expect to see workmen from tomorrow initially setting up the site boundary and hoardings ready to commence.

From looking at the plans it looks very much a 'rip it all out and start again' job with the shops. Down in the main shopping area between security and Three shires food hall the only shops not affected are Boots and the Ritazza outlet in the east lounge.

Everyone will still walk through duty free (which is moving to where the current security search area is) but access to gates 1-5 will move round to gate 8 and be accessed by a covered walkway with full height glazing to give views onto the ramp round the back (rampside) of the current duty free area to enter the east lounge in the same place as where you currently enter the lounge after the police search area (which wont be there anymore)

spitfirealex 4th Nov 2012 12:00

ATNotts I flew to stavanger ! Got my codes wrong ! Ahh I see, is east midlands likely to see any scheduled airlines operating from here in the near future ?

ematom1 4th Nov 2012 14:19

The plans for the terminal sound great about time it had a change, hopefully will bring a few more passengers through and improve the experience for current flyers :)

spitfirealex 5th Nov 2012 16:35

Is the work an expansion allowing more shop space and seating or just a renovation of current shops to enhance the passenger experience ?

Burnie5204 5th Nov 2012 17:03

From the plans - New security area with body scanners which is being built from new on what is currently the paved area in front of the terminal, duty free moves to where security is currently with a fairly substantial rework of retail space layouts both downstairs and upstairs with the executive lounge moving from upstairs to where the runway bar is currently. Based on the size of the upstairs units I would suspect that these may be marketed for catering though the plans seem to suggest that 3 shires remains untouched with everything either side changing.

Jonty 9th Nov 2012 07:19

Apparently the A380s in today for an engine test, anyone got any details of what it's doing and when? My mum wants to go and see it.

LBIA 9th Nov 2012 07:39

Hope this is off use to you jonty.

F-WWOW A388 AIB27OW eta 0900 etd 1500

handsfree 9th Nov 2012 08:07

It's just landed on 27.

Interesting news about the terminal. Wonder if it'll turn out to be another bodge.

sunday8pm 9th Nov 2012 08:11

Is that a Qantas aircraft?

Jonty 9th Nov 2012 08:20

Thanks guys

Burnie5204 9th Nov 2012 08:40


No its the Airbus Industries Flying Test Bed with a Trent XWB engine in the number 2 engine position.

EDIT: Started counting from the wrong end....

sunday8pm 9th Nov 2012 11:17

Thanks, I did a quick google images of the reg no. on my phone and it came up with Airbus/Qantas livery so wasn't sure if it was the one they first launched in Oz a few years ago.

Balair 9th Nov 2012 11:57

"Interesting news about the terminal. Wonder if it'll turn out to be another bodge."


I don't know what in your view has been "bodged" before, but as has already been stated, the work on the terminal will entail yet another "bolt-on" structure which will house security.
Although this approach is far from ideal it must be accepted that this is the only way forward for the airport to expand. If you think there is any chance of demolishing what is already there and building a new terminal then think again, it isn't going to happen...!
What is more important is that the issue of passenger comfort is addressed asap, particularly the problem of transit between aircraft and terminal in bad weather, but I believe plans are in hand to address this?

One final dig regarding the airport's poor communication skills; AF6404 has been missing off the arrivals board ever since the code share flights were included......ahh they did try though, bless their little cotton socks!


Burnie5204 9th Nov 2012 12:25

Narp, not in this round of improvements.

This one covers security, retail and access to gates 1-5.

However I know the airport has previously stated that a long term ambition is development of more sheltered aircraft access/egress possibly in the form of Airbridges (again, long term ambition) though I know FR are vehemently against airbridges if it can be avoided as is prevents 2 door access/egress and thereby extends turnaround times.

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