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PBO 19th Sep 2012 20:34

Spitfirealex, what bmibaby items have gone to the Aeropark? Hopefully the Despatch minibus!

Balair 20th Sep 2012 09:15

Terminal Development
It seems that there are plans in hand to significantly develop the terminal.

A recently submitted planning application for the re-structuring of the short stay car park and associated roads, includes a plan which shows the outline of a substantial extension to the terminal, with the notation "Terminal Security Area Development". This indicates a large extension across the whole land-side frontage of the existing terminal towards the short-stay car park.
Above the outline of the present terminal on the plan there is also the notation "Proposed Terminal", which may indicate the re-development of the upper floor level previously alluded to; the overall project title given is "Terminal Masterplan".
When funds may be released by MAG for such a project is debatable, but at least it must be under serious consideration.

sunday8pm 20th Sep 2012 10:46

I can see the application on the LA website but the documents don't load, do you have any links?

Balair 20th Sep 2012 11:07


On the NWLDC website under A-Z open "Planning Applications - District", then "view applications", type in East Midlands Airport under property, then open up application Ref. No. 12/00792/AIR. All the 9 associated documents should then be available to view.


ematom1 20th Sep 2012 11:25

Ive heard a rumour that the BMI Regional route from East Midlands to Brussels will be closing on December 21st, however the Frankfurt route remains in operation.
Can anyone confirm this?

spitfirealex 20th Sep 2012 17:56

Spitfirealex, what bmibaby items have gone to the Aeropark? Hopefully the Despatch minibus!
There was a lot of posters from the start to the end, models, seats, and a few other bits and pieces. I overheard someone saying they were recieving some more stuff but what that is i don't know !

sunday8pm 4th Oct 2012 09:08

A planning application was submitted on Friday 14th September for improvements to the terminal including construction of a new improved security hall. Related documents can be viewed on the NWLDC website.

handsfree 4th Oct 2012 13:13

This link takes you to the planning page. You have to tick the "I have read etc" box before you can continue further as per Balair's post above

View Planning Applications - North West Leicestershire District Council

From the Planning Statement

The Airport needs to develop its security search facilities in order that new
equipment that complies with modern standards can be installed. This will
improve the overall efficiency of the security search process and improve the
speed that passengers can be processed. This scheme does not increase the
overall capacity of the passenger terminal it provides an improvement to the
passenger experience.

sunday8pm 4th Oct 2012 13:53

From what I can see the plans show a comprehensive redevelopment of the terminal building and IMO represent a significant improvement on the current design.

ematom1 4th Oct 2012 15:55

Does anyone know what happend with the plans to extend the western cargo apron "Construction of extension to existing cargo west apron, re-posting (Land Re-modelling) adjacent to extension, re profiling and re-engineering works to existing apron link road and installation of apron lighting" Leicstershire district council had no objections to the proposals, but i thought there was a problem with the ground with archaeological interest?

J-Guy 5th Oct 2012 07:51

Small bit of news...Flybe Jersey route goes daily for S13, which was probably expected. Aircraft appears to be East Midlands based but will be used on a 'W' pattern to operate one other Jersey flight a day - Bristol, Luton, etc.

ematom1 5th Oct 2012 13:47

what will flybe base for summer 13 2 dash8's or emb175's ?

FRatSTN 5th Oct 2012 16:07

They said Embraer 175's for EMA but also said AMS would increase to twice daily. The aircraft which will do the JER rotation with a W route inbetween is the same aircraft which will operate the twice daily CDG flights. The second aircraft currently only has a 14:30 AMS rotation:eek:

This could be a sign for a new route! I think that this 14:30 departure to AMS will be removed and they will offer a twice daily, morning and evening rotation to AMS instead. If this were to be the case, unless it did W roations in AMS (which I very much doubt), then there is space for a new flight or route! I hope they do daily flight to IOM but maybe NQY could be one, since WW offered that route!

The BHD, EDI and GLA routes are all operated by aircraft based at those airports. What aircraftv will those be operated by. Are they Dash 8's??

ematom1 5th Oct 2012 17:46

The Glasgow Edinburgh and Belfast routes are operated by dash 8's :)

FRatSTN 5th Oct 2012 18:10

That's quite good actually! I hope it stays that way along with the Embraer 175's that will be based there. Brings a bit more variety to EMA!

spitfirealex 5th Oct 2012 22:20

What's stopping the likes of Flybe and bmi regional from opening up routes to scandanavia from ema ? From my understanding there are very few flights from the airport to the area ? Also why are there no flights to eastern Europe or Asia from the airport ? The east midlands has a large population of Asian and eastern Europeans ?

FRatSTN 5th Oct 2012 22:39

Theres a good range of Polish destinations served by Ryanair but I've always thought Wizzair would do well with some East Midlands services. As for Scandinavia, I agree. Would be great to get somethinf like Ryanair to Oslo-Torp/Rygge or Bmi Regional to Copenhagen!

OltonPete 5th Oct 2012 23:28

flybe indicated that 175's were to be used but there apears to be further delays/deferments of deliveries per some fleet websites and this is probably why the Q400 is listed. The summer schedule seems to indicate that it is only a matter of time that Amsterdam will go double daily with either a new route filling the gap in between or one of the BHD, GLA or EDI rotaions changing to a EMA based aircraft.


I think a reality check is need here, remember Sterling and the absolutely terrible figures produced and you could say that they were no Ryanair but BHX has hardly set the Midlands alight to this area of the world. Ryanair Torp awful figures on cheap fares, NYO was much better in terms of numbers but fares were soft and Copenhagen is still just double daily Monday to Friday with Stockholm about to start later this month.

No doubt FR would get the numbers to NYO or Rygge but profitable?


I believe there is a sizable Indian ex pat community but look at the number of Indian operators outside of London - nil. Even BHX has to rely one-stop operators despite despite ex-pat Sikh communities in areas of Birmingham, The Black Country, Coventry and Leamington Spa.

As for Pakistan I have little knowledge of how this compares to the ex pat communities of the North West, Yorkshire and Birmingham but with Air Blue and possibly Shaheen expanding Internationally I have seen few if any mention of East Mids as on their radar and this one could be a tough nut to crack.

What I would not rule out in the future is Turkish Airlines. This might sound daft with BHX & MAN services increasing and doing well but they are expanding agressively and although there is no evidence in the UK as yet (outside of London) of opening up services at nearby airports I think there is in Italy and Spain and maybe the same will happen here with Glasgow and EMA eventually (No doubt BRS and NCL will also be hoping eventually to get the nod as well). Another problem here is IST coping with the expansion and the dragging of feet about a new Istanbul airport (sounds familiar?)


spitfirealex 6th Oct 2012 21:54

I didn't realize the unpopularity of Scandinavia, I would have though a route with Bmi regional to parts of Scandinavia would appeal to businessmen and women ! On another note is it a matter of time before flybe expanding at the airport ? Or does the fact birmingham is so close put that off ?

ematom1 24th Oct 2012 17:31

Based A/C S13??
Please correct if wrong:

TCX - 2 A321
TOM - 1 757, 2 737-800
LS - 1 757, 1 737-800, 2 737-300
MON - 2 A321
FR- 7 737-800
T3 - 1 J41
BD - 1 Emb-145, 1 Emb 135
BE - 2 Emb 175

If anyone knows anymore please correct :)

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