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FR- 8th May 2010 08:39

Well I don't work in ops but still safety comes first as always. With regards to Baby, WW have cancelled a few flights. Might even pick up a few of FR pax.

While were on the subject of FR/WW has anyone looked into the pax loads on EMA-Belfast?

befree 8th May 2010 10:36

When a FR flight is cancelled the PAX have to mess around trying to get their money back. FR will make on those who cannot be bothered to go though the hoops. Those who rebook get counted again as new seats booked. This is how FR can claim to carry 17% more pax in April 2010 when the carried less. They are evil.

anna_list 8th May 2010 11:13

Ema-bfs / Bhd

EMA - Belfast is an interesting battle: To be honest, it doesn't look like much of a contest, but despite this, Baby seem to be refusing to give up.

According to the CAA:

Ryanair's market share on EMA - Belfast has grown from 51% in 2008, to 63% last year and then to a very dominant 74% for the first 3 months of this year.

In 2008, Ryanair carried an average of 101 passengers per flight on EMA-BHD, increasing to 106 last year and falling back to 91 in the first 3 months of this year (down by about 6 per flight compared to the same period last year).

Baby carried an average of 90 passengers per flight in 2007 before Ryanair entered the market. This fell to 77 passengers per flight in 2008, but increased to 78 per flight in 2009 (following a 23% reduction in capacity). In the first 3 months of this year, an average of 57 passengers flew on each bmiBaby flight on EMA-BFS, which gives an average flown LF of 39.5%.

Mike16 8th May 2010 11:44

Well how come other carriers are flying there still then, surely if it was so dangerous all flights would be stopped, something fishy i think, probably Fr cant afford to operate the flights !!!!!

FR- 8th May 2010 12:46

"probably Fr cant afford to operate the flights !!!!!" lol get a grip.

Runway 31 8th May 2010 14:34

See the Ryanair thread for details of closed airports. In addition there is disruption in some areas for overflying.

Centre cities 8th May 2010 16:40

Dropped pax at BHX this morning for the Ryanair Malage, cancelled, they re booked on the Baby flight leaving 3 hours later which seemed to have no problem. My guess is Baby extended routing, customer service, less profit, satisfied customers as opposed Ryanair the bottom line of the balance sheet stuff the passenger its going to cost us money..

In respect of refunds/re booking looks simple just click the link on thier site and wait 30 days.

Centre cities

Mike16 8th May 2010 18:11

just funny how other carriers are flying and Fr won't.......

Facelookbovvered 16th May 2010 10:00

All bmibaby flight from EMA SUSPENDED
I see the EMA website is showing all baby flights canx for the rest of today, most of the other operators appear to be operating normally, but other info says EMA closed from 13.00 UTFN

BHX seems normaly, i guess there has to be a line somewhere?

One has to ask who in their right mind would book an overseas holiday any time soon.

If e-clear hadn't finished off Globespan the ash would have, begs the question who is at risk from this ongoing situation, Airline margins are way too thin to take this on the chin week after week.

UPDATE 11.09

More canx from EMA with many mid PM Ryanair flights now canx, i guess the others are playing catch up


canx Flight from bmibaby website

Flight cancellations: Sunday 16th May 2010:
The following flights have been cancelled today due to the volcanic ash:

WW1021 Birmingham - Belfast International
WW1022 Belfast International - Birmingham
WW1023 Birmingham - Belfast International
WW1024 Belfast International - Birmingham
WW1091 Birmingham - Ireland West Knock
WW1092 Ireland West Knock - Birmingham

WW5601 East Midlands - Belfast International
WW5602 Belfast International - East Midlands
WW5475 East Midlands - Amsterdam
WW5476 Amsterdam - East Midlands
WW5477 East Midlands - Amsterdam
WW5478 Amsterdam - East Midlands
WW5429 East Midlands - Palma
WW5430 Palma - East Midlands
WW5251 East Midlands - Paris CDG
WW5252 Paris CDG - East Midlands
WW5329 East Midlands - Malaga
WW5330 Malaga - East Midlands
WW5541 East Midlands - Barcelona
WW5542 Barcelona - East Midlands
WW5911 East Midlands - Venice
WW5912 Venice - East Midlands
WW5191 East Midlands - Edinburgh
WW5192 Edinburgh - East Midlands
WW5193 East Midlands - Edinburgh
WW5194 Edinburgh - East Midlands
WW5371 East Midlands - Nice
WW5372 Nice - East Midlands
WW5821 East Midlands - Glasgow Intl
WW5822 Glasgow Intl - East Midlands

WW3501 Manchester - Belfast International
WW3502 Belfast International - Manchester
WW3901 Manchester - Ireland West Knock
WW3902 Ireland West Knock - Manchester
WW3905 Manchester - Jersey
WW3906 Jersey - Manchester
WW3573 Manchester - Prague
WW3574 Prague - Manchester
WW3755 Manchester - Newquay
WW3756 Newquay - Manchester
WW3227 Manchester - Toulouse
WW3228 Toulouse - Manchester

WW4549 Jersey - Bournemouth
WW4550 Bournemouth - Jersey

aidoair 16th May 2010 10:10

This must be something that has happened in the last 5 minutes as when i just checked all flights were operating except BFS and JER

Alvechurch 16th May 2010 10:57

Ryanair site says East Midlands closing at 1300hrs today.

SAM-EMA 18th May 2010 17:23

Jet2 EMA Launch Tomorrow
Apologies for the slightly spotter question, but with Jet2's launch from EMA tomorrow, anyone known if the based 757 has arrived? First flight out is LS655 to Paphos at 09.30.


paul atkins 18th May 2010 19:43

hey sam the flight leaves leeds/bradford at 2335 tonight

FR- 18th May 2010 20:53

EMA will have 4/5 based a/c this winter :hmm:

INKJET 18th May 2010 21:06

4/5 based winter?
Do you mean Jet2 aircraft or Ryanair aircraft?

FR- 18th May 2010 21:12

The title was FR. . . Yes its Fr bad times, im kind of shocked to be honest, I was expecting Fr to pick up some of the slack from easyJet.

INKJET 19th May 2010 00:09

Sorry for being thick didn't click the FR bit!!
It does seem rather low, but they may have got a better deal elsewhere to winter park aircraft? looks like further reductions in pax numbers for EMA next winter?

Also looks like the winds are going to the NW from Sunday= ash,,grrrrrrrrr

both are bad news for the Brookfield guys.....

[email protected] 19th May 2010 12:57

Jet2 have announced 5 new routes from EMA for summer 2011.

Alicante - 3 x week
Bodrum - 1 x week
Palma - 3 x week
Faro - 3 x week
Rhodes - 1 x week

A second based aircraft will be based.


OliWW 19th May 2010 15:00

Should be another B752 as well :ok:

OltonPete 19th May 2010 19:03

Can anybody offer any logical explanation for ALC, PMI and FAO?

Jet2 have been fairly smart offering destinations with little direct
competition but why take on Ryanair and BMI Baby's daily services
( in some instances)?

Even if they are sold through Jet2 holidays it seems a strange decision.


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